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Live report – British Hard Rock band UFO at The Spirit of ‘66.


Live report – British Hard Rock band UFO at The Spirit of ‘66.

Since its formation in 1969, British rock band UFO has been entertaining audiences around the world with infectious hard rock songs. Over twenty albums later, and with only a few original members left, UFO is still continuing to rock audiences and create new music. The band’s most successful period was in the seventies when Michael Schenker was part of UFO. But since several years Schenker has returned to his solo career and has been replaced by the equally talented string wizard Vinnie Moore.

The Spirit of ‘66 was fully packed when UFO took the stage around 20h30. The sound in this little venue was perfect

the band played all classics including “Only You Can Rock Me”, “Lights Out”, “This Kids” and of course “Doctor Doct...

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Ted Nugent-Motor City Madman brengt nieuwe CD uit..


Legendarische rocker Ted Nugent is nog niet eens klaar met zijn nieuwste album , ” Shutup & Jam ! “ , of de Motor City Madman vertelde aan VH1 Radio Network’s Dave Basner dat hij al een follow – up heeft voor een komende CD  en vertelde Nuge wat hij van plan is voor deze komende CD.

“I’m already into 20 songs for my next record,” he said. “The next record will be called ‘Everything’ and the titles are ‘Sex Is Everything’, ‘Freedom Is Everything’, ‘Attitude Is Everything’, ‘Spirit Is Everything’, ‘My Dogs Are Everything’, ‘Guns Are Everything’, ‘Barbecue Is Everything’. Every song on the next record is going to be ‘Da-Da-Da is Everything.’ It’s a lot of bluesy type songs and I’m going to see if Steven Tyler and Kid Rock and will sing some with me.”


” Shutup & Jam ! “ is gepland voor d...

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