Out Now! Japan’s SABER TIGER’s New Album “Obscure Diversity” via Sliptrick Records

Out Now! Japan’s SABER TIGER’s New Album “Obscure Diversity” via Sliptrick Records

Saber Tiger are: Takenori Shimoyama – Vocal | Akihito Kinoshita – Guitar
Yasuharu Tanaka – Guitar | Yasuhiro Mizuno – Drums | hibiki – Bass

For fans of DIO, Rainbow , Symphony X, Kamelot

Japanese progressive power metal group Saber Tiger’s new album “Obscure Diversity” is now out as of October 10th, 2018 via Sliptrick Records. The album demonstrates a band that has no intention of slowing down more than three and a half decades after their formation. If anything, their trademark blend of classy melodicism and fierce intensity is in better balance than ever.

Tracks like speed monsters “The Crowbar Case” and “Permanent Rage” feature every aspect that fans have come to expect from Saber Tiger; from the whirlwind guitar work of Akihito Kinoshita and Yasuharu Tanaka to Takenori Shimoyama’s passionate vocals and the intricate rhythms of drummer Yasuhiro Mizuno and bassist hibiki. “Beat Of The War Drums” is heavy and modern, while more atmospheric tracks like “The Shade Of Holy Light” and “The Forever Throne” show a surprisingly introspective side of the band without sacrificing any of the band’s renowned heaviness. “Distant Signals”, hibiki’s first songwriting contribution to Saber Tiger’s body of work, even manages to take the band to surprisingly progressive territories. Saber Tiger pulls all of these musical directions off with equal class and conviction, truly accounting for the diversity that they have promised in the album’s title.
Unlike their previous release “Bystander Effect”, which was mixed and mastered by founder Kinoshita himself, Saber Tiger sought international assistance for the sonic representation of “Obscure Diversity”.

The band was looking for a certain degree of clarity and power and found exactly that when they enlisted the help of Simone Mularoni, guitarist of Italian progressive power metal band DGM and owner of the Domination Studio in San Marino.

“Obscure Diversity” is now available on Sliptrick Records here, iTunes, Spotify and on all other major music platforms.

Music Video – “Permanent Rage”

(Filmed primarily on Saber Tiger’s recent Baltic Tour, this new video features the band both on stage and backstage at various venues during that tour.)

Music Video – “The Worst Enemy”

Track Listing:
1. Daguerreotype Of Phineas Gage
2. The Crowbar Case
3. The Worst Enemy
4. Stain
5. Beat Of The War Drums
6. Distant Signals
7. The Shade Of Holy Light
8. Permanent Rage
9. Seize Your Moment
10. Divide To Deny
11. Paradigm And Parody
12. The Forever Throne
13. The Forever Throne (Acoustic Version) (Bonus Track)

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NULL’O’ZERO Release ‘Instructions To Dominate’ Lyric Video

Null’o’zero is: Geo Sinner (George Patsouris) – Vocals – Elias Andritsos – Guitars Aggelos Kokkorogiannis – Guitars George Del – Bass Lefteris Moros – Drums


Release ‘Instructions To Dominate’ Lyric Video

Greek heavy metal band, Null’o’zero, have released a new lyric video for ‘Instructions To Dominate’, it’s the title track of their new album ‘Instructions To Dominate’, due out on July 13th, via ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records. The lyric video was made by Mitsos Tsou at Brutus Studios. The video can be viewed here

‘Instructions To Dominate‘ is the 2nd Official album by Null’o’zero, an album that was written in a very difficult period for the band. This is the reason why the album is so aggressive and driven by emotion – anger, grief, pain, frustration – but it also gives hope to take courage to stand with our heads held high.
It’s a natural evolution of the first album ‘The Enemy Within‘, preserving the band’s unique character. Solid rhythm section, diverse riffs, outrageous solos and imposing vocals blend to an intriguing balance between melody and aggression.

Track listing:
1. Instructions To Dominate
2. The Last One
3. My Last Disguise
4. Imprisoned In The Dark
5. Decline The Legacy
6. Face Down The World
7. Better Off Dead
8. Until The End Of Life
9. Trapped In A Maze
10. Hate

The album can pre-ordered here

The album was engineerd, produced by Null’o’zero & Thimios Krikos (InnerWish, ex-Deviner), mixed by Thimios Krikos (InnerWish, ex-Deviner) & Nikos Iosifidis, engineerd by Fotis Benardo (SixforNine, ex-Septic Flesh), additional engineering by Nikos ‘HULK’ Iosifidis & Akis Pastras and mastered by Peter In de Betou at Tailor Made Production Sweden (Arch Enemy, Dark Tranquillity, Dimmu Borgir, Dream Evil, Firewind, Havok). The album artwork was made by Giannis Nakos – Remedy Art Design.
Guest Appearances by Thimios Krikos (Last Solo ‘Until the end of life’) and George Georgiou (Piano ‘Until the end of life’).

Null’o’zero, have recently released a music video for ‘The Last One‘:

Null’o’zero was formed in 2012 in Athens/Greece. The general idea was to play contemporary aggressive music but also with technical and melodical riffs, main influences are Megadeth, Death, Symphony X, Metallica, etc.


Greek prog metal/rock band NEED released a live rehearsal video video for ‘Tilikum‘,


NEED is: Jon V. – Vocals  Ravaya – Guitars  Anthony – Keyboards  Victor – Bass  Stelios – Drums

Greek prog metal/rock band NEED released a live rehearsal video video for ‘Tilikum‘, the song is taken from their forthcoming fourth album “Hegaiamas: a song for freedom”, due out on January 17, 2017. The video was shot and recorded live at Studio Π. by John Kaimakamis. The video can be viewed here

NEED recently released an animated music video for ‘Rememory‘ The video was created by Haris Kountouris – HK Visual Creations.

If you are looking for a progressive metal group that 100% justifies these two terms equally or for sophisticated metal music that will make you bang your head with pride, your search is over. Need is the band you were looking for. (Progarchives.com)


1. Rememory (6.59)
2. Alltribe (7.34)
3. Therianthrope (6.29)
4. Riverthane (7.24)
5. Tilikum (7.48)
6. I.O.T.A. (5.05)
7. Hegaiamas (21.52)

The album was produced by NEED and mixed/mastered by Hector.D at HD Studios. The cover artwork was made by Nick “Eyejacker” Panagiotopoulos.

NEED is a prog metal/rock band based in AthensGreece. Formed in 2004 they have 3 more albums and have toured Europe twice, having shared the stage with the likes of Jon Oliva’s PainSymphony XCandlemass and more while they’ve also performed the 15th edition of ProgPower USA in 2014, at Sonisphere Festival 2011 opening for Iron MaidenMastodonSlipknot and more. NEED to support Evergrey on their forthcoming North American tour in May 2017.


News from the camp of INFINITE SPECTRUM


News from the camp of INFINITE SPECTRUM

Now less than two weeks from release is the soaring second album by NYC-based progressive rock/metal outfit, INFINITE SPECTRUM. The band’s Sensory Records debut, Haunter Of The Dark is a full-length concept recording based on the short story by master of horror, H. P. Lovecraft.

Ahead of its release, famed horror portal, Bloody Disgusting has exclusively premiered the title track to Haunter Of The Dark alongside some detailed insight and commentary on the track by the band, which includes in part, “The band members in INFINITE SPECTRUM bring a lot of different musical influences to the mix, so listeners will discover a lot of variety on the new recording. Whether you’re a fan of heavier prog metal like Dream Theater/Symphony X or more of a classic prog fan of bands like Pink Floyd, you’ll find something to like. If you’re also a fan of Lovecraft’s work, it’s a perfect match!”

Tune in to Bloody Disgusting to hear INFINITE SPECTRUM’s “Haunter Of The Dark” at THIS LOCATION.

Laser’s Edge metal subdivision, Sensory Records, will release Haunter Of The Dark worldwide on June 24th. Preorders can be placed via Amazon HERE.


INFINITE SPECTRUM has booked a hometown record release show for Haunter Of The Dark, taking place on July 8th at Blackthorn 51 in Queens, with special guests to be announced.

Stand by for official videos from Haunter Of The Dark, additional tour dates, and more on INFINITE SPECTRUM to be issued shortly.

Closing a three-year gap since their 2013 debut album, Misguided, INFINITE SPECTRUM returns with their new epic Haunter Of The Dark. Here, the outfit brings H. P. Lovecraft’s short story to life through ambitious compositions featuring an abundance of dynamic, virtuosic playing, and powerful, melodic vocals. Re-teaming with Grammy award-winning engineer Chris Theis to capture their signature sound, with Haunter Of The Dark INFINITE SPECTRUM has created a remarkable sonic journey for fans of prog both old and new. Combining theatrical elements with the progressive metal genre, the band has crafted their own brand of musical storytelling, which includes elements of radio-style drama for a uniquely cinematic listening experience.

7/08/2016 Blackthorn 51 – Queens, NY w/ special guests [*record release show]

[youtube id=”udY6o7D68OU&spfreload=10″]

Bio: Infinite Spectrum, a NYC-based progressive metal band, go beyond their influences (Dream Theater, Symphony X, Neal Morse and more) by blending in the theatrical to tell full-length stories set to music. Their sound, eclectic and experimental in nature, pioneers a new prog-drama genre, an innovation in music and story-telling.

A band was born when bassist Alex Repetti met guitarist Alex Raykin at their college, discovering they shared a passion for musical exploration. Several years of playing (and writing) later, they laid down instrumental tracks with Grammy Award-winning audio engineer Chris Theis. Enter singer-songwriter Will Severin to contribute vocal tracks and co-produce, and the result was Infinite Spectrum’s debut album, Misguided, an 80-minute musical saga. Drummer Greg Schwab joined Infinite Spectrum as they prepared to write the next album, and keyboardist Katie Pachnos, the most recent addition, has joined as they get ready to tour.

zo 20 mrt ’16 Symphony X + Myrath + Melted Space


Symphony X is een constante factor in de wereld van de progressieve rock & metal. Sinds de oprichting in 1994 groeit de aanhang, bewondering en respect voor dit machtige rockinstituut. Niet in de laatste plaats door een negental lovend ontvangen albums waarvan ‘Underworld’ de meest recente is: een toonbeeld van creativiteit, agressie, bombast maar vooral ook melodie. Het album is losjes geïnspireerd door het werk van Dante Alighiery.

[youtube id=”6uY6MNuMdUU#action=share”]

De groep onder leiding van gitarist Michael Romeo maakte in de beginjaren elk jaar zowat een nieuwe plaat, maar daar zijn ze vanaf gestapt. Sinds ‘The Odyssey’ namen de Amerikanen nooit korter dan 4 jaar de tijd voordat er nieuw werk kwam. Het is een reactie van de groep tegenover een consumptiemaatschappij waar alles steeds sneller moet en de aandachtspanne van de luisteraar nog maar één nummer lang is. Nee, Symphony X maakt “album rock” zoals ze zelf zeggen. Doordachte prog, technisch hoogstaand, met een vernuftige opbouw van begin tot eind. Kortom, een band voor de échte muziekliefhebber!

Dat prog en powermetal niet alleen besteed is aan Europa en Amerika, bewijst het Tunesische Myrath. Vanzelfsprekend zijn er dan ook Arabische invloeden te vinden in hun sound. [youtube id=”LNdbz3SvcaM”]

Het Franse Melted Space is wat donkerder en doomier dan de andere twee bands. Maar dat ze op het gerespecteerde Seasons Of Mist label zitten, laat zien dat ook deze band van wanten weet!

[youtube id=”YhURam1uNRI”]

Symphony X + Myrath + Melted Space

Locatie: Biebob Vosselaar Datum: zo 20 Febru  ’16

Locatie: 013 Nederland  Jupiler Zaal- Datum: zo 20 mrt ’16
Locatie: Biebob Vosselaar Datum: zo 23 Febru  ’16
Entree: € 28 excl.
Zaal open: 19:00u
Aanvang: 20:00u
Genre: heavy, progrock

Max Pie band new Lyrics video “Promised Land” from Odd Memories Album.

New work, New Lyrics video from Max Pie band  called “Promised Land”  from Odd Memories Album.

The brand new album from the Metal Band from Belgium. This third album contains 10 epic songs and more than one hour of pure power and progressive heavy metal music !max pie cover_odd

For those that live for the robust compositions of progressive metal, Max Pie should spark some interest.  Their new album, Odd Memories, is about to hit store shelves and digital libraries. It leans a bit to the power metal side of the spectrum.  So, it is progressive metal that makes you feel good when you are done hearing it.  The good thing though, is that the album is a bit more diverse than just odd time signatures and power metal, sing along choruses.  Promised Land is a great example of a song that makes you want to sing with the band, and sing it in the shower at the top of your lungs, but Cyber Junkie has a lot more chunk and heavy metal riffing. 

While Love Hurts is more progressive, Hold On is more ballad-like.  Again, giving the album a bit more balance.  Sometimes listening to progressive music can wear a listener down due to its complexities, but Max Pie does a good job of easing up a bit here and there to let your brain relax.  Overall, Odd Memories is a well-produced, great sounding album.  Musically, Max Pie has taken the extra steps to ensure 62 minutes of music will reward you, not punish you. It’s a solid third effort from the band.

max pie band

[youtube id=”EEdchQRkXpk”]

[youtube id=”55&v=Qv-dQeK8bUM”]

Belgium based progressive power metal band MAX PIE will release their third album, “Odd Memories”


Max Pie 1MAX PIE are:

Tony Carlino – Vocals Damien Di Fresco – Guitars & Keyboard Sylvain Godenne – Drums Lucas Boudina – Bass Guitar

Founded in 2005 by vocalist Tony CarlinoMax Pie – like most other bands in their early stages – underwent a number of unavoidable line-up changes but kept on writing, rehearsing and step by step building a loyal following thanks to a rigorous touring schedule and impressive stage presence.

In 2012 they released “Initial Process” their debut, featuring special guests Emmanuelle Casali (DGM, Astra) on keyboards and guitarist extra-ordinaire Patrick Thayse. The album was both a critical and commercial success around Europe, both with the Prog-Rock crowd and hard and heavy Rock fans in general, allowing them to tour as support act for Jon Oliva’s Pain.

The follow-up “Eight Pieces – One World” features Simone Mularoni – the mastermind of Italian prog-metal-rock masters DGM and the cyber–thrash band Empyriosto.Mularoni, in addition a celebrated producer, also mixed and mastered the album. Once again critically acclaimed around the world, they performed excerpts from this second opus while performing at festivals around Europe and touring with acts such as Symphony X, Evergrey, Fates WarningAvantasia and Queensrÿche.

Now, in 2015Max Pie returns with their most inventive and ambitious album yet: “Odd Memories”. More progressive, more melodic, more powerful.

And once again – as was the case with their two previous albums – Max Pie called on Simone Mularoni to produce “Odd Memories” at his Domination Studio, located in the medieval-fashioned Republic of San Marino. Finally, last but not least, Didier Scohier created the stunning artwork.


Belgium based progressive power metal band MAX PIE will release their third album, “Odd Memories” on June 19 via Mausoleum RecordsMAX PIE are powerful, melodramatic with heroic choruses, soaring vocals, and mind-blowing instrumentation.

MAX PIE will appeal to fans of Dream TheaterRhapsodyKamelotSymphony X and Circus Maximus.”Odd Memories“, the most inventive and ambitious one yet featuring special guest Julien Spreutels (EpysodeEthernity) on keyboards.

Track listing:Max Pie 2

  1.  Odd Memories Opening
    02. Age of Slavery
    03. Odd Future
    04. Promised Land
    05. Love Hurts
    06. Don’t Call My Name
    07. Hold On
    08. Unchain Me
    09. Cyber Junkie
    10. The Fountain Of Youth

Odd Memories“; 10 epic original and captivating progressive metal anthems!