Greek heavy/stoner rock band, BEGGARS, have signed with ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records

BEGGARS is: Yannis Passas – Vocals / Guitars – Chili– Bass – Petros Kotsidas – Drums

Greek heavy/stoner rock band, BEGGARS, have signed with ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records. The fifth studio album ‘The Day I Lost My Head’ includes 9 tracks, will be available as a digipack CD and black Vinly, to be out on August 10th, 2018.

Track listing:

1. Book Of Days
2. The Day I Lost My Head
3. Intersolar Traveller
4. Game
5. Medusa
6. Blind
7. You Break Me
8. Chief Commander (1945 – 2015)
9. Genesis


The album was produced by Nikos (Lizard) Chalkousis & Yannis Passas. Recorded and mixed by Nikos (Lizard) Chalkousis at Prova Music Studios, Athens Greece. Engineered by Nikos (Lizard) Chalkousis and mastered by Bill Lagos. Artwork design by SUGAHTANK. Photos by Danai Fokiou.

THE DAY I LOST MY HEAD is the 5th studio album for the athenian rockers BEGGARS. Their raw power, heavy guitar riffs and groovy rhythm section will reveal their taste of rock music, or how it should be supposed to be played nowadays. Yannis’ voice and lyrics will guide you through their trip since their beginning until now. This album is dedicated to our beloved Night Swift Crew. “The Day I Lost My Head”, is the story of what we’d been through the last few years and made us stronger.


‘Two Tonne Testimony’ ‘Shave ‘Em Dry’ van Miraculous Mule.

Miraculous Mule

Michael J. Sheehy (vocals, guitar, songwriting) – Patrick McCarthy (bass, vocals) Ian Burns (drums)

‘Two Tonne Testimony’ (albumrelease 24-3-2017) en single-video ‘Shave ‘Em Dry’ van Miraculous Mule (UK) nu online

Anglo-Irish honkeys play gospel, blues, hillbilly rock, psychedelia, stoner, garage.

The London based band Miraculous Mule developed their unique distinct sound by blending garage rock, dark blues, country, hillbilly, gospel and psychedelica into a hypnotising and often dark musical cocktail.

In 2011 Miraculous Mule released their first and self-titled six songs record on Stag-O-Lee. The official debut album, Deep Fried, was released in autumn 2013 at Bronzerat Records (Seasick Steve, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Gemma Ray). After that, another EP titled Blues Uzi was released in 2014. Early 2014 the band went on tour in western continental Europe (France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland). The band also released a few impressive videos such as Dangerous Blues, Deep Fried, Satisfied and the eerie Evil On My Mind.


This March sees the release of their second album Two Tonne Testimony which takes their blues and gospel driven rock ‘n’ roll sound to a new level as well as incorporating elements of psychedelic soul and stoner/space rock. The album is preceded by the single and video Where Monsters Lead (single release: January 24th 2017).

Two tonne Testimony Artwork BR50
Two tonne Testimony Artwork BR50


There is always hope. There is always beauty.

Remember that.

In bleak and desperate times, there is always light in the darkness. That is perhaps the undercurrent of Miraculous Mule.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Way ahead. Our story begins a hundred years ago with the birth of the blues on Beale Street, in Memphis, Tennessee. The legendary crossroads in Mississippi where Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil certainly figures largely in the tale. It includes snake handlers in Appalachia and the voodoo-infused swamps of New Orleans. It also takes in Detroit, with the MC5 and The Stooges.

None of that is true, of course. But what is true these days? If anything, the truth is ugly. The truth is a bleak council estate in Kentish Town, north London, and an Irish Catholic upbringing that instilled nothing but guilt and a deep mistrust of the church. The truth is a mournful genius named Michael J Sheehy, who was trying to drink himself to death.

In 1995, Sheehy formed a band called Dream City Film Club, named after a porno cinema in London that burned to the ground after an arson attack, killing eight people. Although the band was always magnificent, only a handful of people fully appreciated Dream City Film Club. The band released three records on Beggars Banquet, including In The Cold Light Of Morning, a darkly beautiful modern day classic. Dream City Film Club ultimately split up in 1999, because people are too damn stupid to search for great music. Like I said, the truth is ugly.

Sheehy went on to release five solo albums that you’ve probably never heard – even though you should. There were other bands, too: The Hired Mourners and Saint Silas Intercession, formed with Sheehy’s brother, Patrick McCarthy, on bass. A lot of musicians would have given up at this point, but only if their aims were fame and fortune. When the music comes from the soul, abandoning it would be akin to choosing not to breathe. Sheehy came face to face with his demons when an ambulance crew had to drag him drunk and unconscious from his burning flat. That night led him to clean up his act and try again.

Miraculous Mule was formed in 2011, with Michael on guitar, Patrick on bass and their childhood friend Ian Burns on drums. They play the blues. Or at least the blues is the bare bones on which they hang their rather dapper suits. Perhaps electric blues is more precise, which is evidenced on their excellent debut album, Deep Fried, released in 2013. But there are also shades of twisted gospel music – always the devil’s work, as Sheehy’s faith has not so much lapsed as expired. Other subtle and varied influences include Nick Cave, Zen Guerrilla, James Brown, PJ Harvey and Lee Hazelwood.

Miraculous Mule’s long-awaited new album, Two Tonne Testimony, continues down a dark path, but ends up on diversions through evil, post-industrial cities and valleys where things are not always what they seem. In the opening track, Holy Fever, an ass-shaking tale of religious hysteria, in which the protagonist is essentially cock-blocked by Christ himself, there are layers of psychedelic soul. In tracks like Daddy Grace, They Cut, We Bleed and the sublime Sound Of The Summer, cues are taken from sources as diverse as Monster Magnet and Hendrix to the Isley Brothers.

As ever with this stubborn musical animal, the lyrics pull no punches. Sound Of The Summer begins as a paean to long, joyous sunny days and hot, sticky nights. But the frustration of deferred dreams means those nights are lit by the flames of Molotov cocktails. The song Where Monsters Lead concerns the recent rise of far-right demagogues and the ubiquity of unsavoury characters shouting out their warped, hate-filled views. They Cut, We Bleed is an assessment of the blunt fiscal tools that are ruining the lives of society’s most vulnerable.

But did you forget so soon that there’s always hope? The band’s song The Fear reminds us that love can overcome even the most horrible of apprehensions, while the swaggering title track Two Tonne Testimony casts Sheehy as a gun-running, drug-peddling son of Satan – just for the hell of it. And who else was Satan but the bringer of light? For all of the band’s darkness, Miraculous Mule also sheds light – if only in cracks and slivers – through heartfelt sounds made by damaged souls living on borrowed time.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is beautiful.



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