+ DEADITE + CD review and Mistakes were made vol.1


CD review and Mistakes were made vol.1

The Belgian Horror Punk band Deadite comes with their third album “Mistakes were made” these horror punk dudes released a very good first cd, named ”The Damned”, on their own label.

1) Salem

2) They Will Be There

3) Trail Of Blood

4) Killer

5) He She

6) Cemetary Girl

7 ) It Follow

8) Hurts like hell

9) Russel

10) Drag You To Hell

11) Usatiated

12) Gallows Road

13) Zombies From Sector 9

And now they send their second masterpiece towards the world, their sound has remained true to the late seventies and early eighties bands like The Misfits who sang about horror and science fiction themes and dressed themselves up as scary as possible.

CD starts immediately with the fast track “Salem” sounds very good and immediately sound very good and power full.
Track 2. “They will be there” very good up tempo melody and sound beautiful Horro Rock ’N Roll Rebels, cool.

Track 3. Trail of blood “is a short but strong and catchy song with good up tempo breaks with great vocals by singer Sam,

Track 4. “Killer” Is smoothy rock and roll song that reminded me a lot of the old Stray Cats..Top

Track 5. “He She” is a melodic up tempo punk song, nice guitar parts and very nice tuneful vocals lines.. one of my favorite songs.

Track 6. “ Cemetary Girl” a song of attractive dead girl with tough guitar riffs, HELL YEAH cool.

Track 7. “It Follows” again an up tempo number, smoothly song with the necessary guitar ascents.

Track 8. “ Hurts like Hell” starts with some threatening sounding guitars and soon turns into an up tempo song, very good transitions in rhythm, ice one.
Track 8. “Russel” one of my favorites on this album, straight ahead track.

Track 9. “Drag you to hell” and Track 10. “Unsatiated” This is another cool horror punk riff song , with nice cool howling vocals.

Track 12. “Gallows Road” very vivacious track with very good breaks.

Track 13. “ Zombies from sector 9”and also the last number of this very great and second album from Deadite,this song could easily be a soundtrack to a zombie movie or series. great ending.

Deadite proves with this secon release of “Mistakes were made” that they have a Class-Horror-Sound that could easily measure with the bigger names in the Horror Punk scene, Hell Yeah!!!

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Review / Pics by Frank HSJ Janssens



Anglo-Iers gospel/bluesrock/country-trio Miraculous Mule rondt opnames 2e studio-album ‘Two Tonne Testimony’ af (release: oktober 2016)

Miraculous Mule

Michael J. Sheehy (zang, gitaar, songwriting)
Patrick McCarthy (bas, zang)
Ian Burns (drums)

Anglo-Iers gospel/bluesrock/country-trio Miraculous Mule rondt opnames 2e studio-album ‘Two Tonne Testimony’ af (release: oktober 2016)

Anglo-Iers. Gotisch-katholiek. Dostojevski’s schuld en boete. Muzikale duivelsuitdrijvingen. Robert Johnson’s crossroads. Visioenen van negro spirituals en een chain gang met gevangenen in zwart-wit gestreepte kloffies in het Amerika van lang geleden. The Excorcist meets O Brother, Where Art Thou?…
Maar ook: luisterpop, folk, country gothic, stoner/space rock, vaudeville, swamp/deltablues, folk, gospel, bluesrock, psychedelic soul, rock-‘n-roll, punk, garagerock, hillbilly, sixties, beat en funk. Al vergeleken met uiteenlopende bands en artiesten als Golden Gate Quartet, Rev. H.R. Tomlin’, Blind Willie Johnson, 16 Horse Power, The Black Keys, Primal Scream, Masters Of Reality. Eels, Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, North Mississippi Allstars, Captain Beefheart en Blind Willie Johnson.

We hebben het hier over het even eigenwijze als ongrijpbare trio Miraculous Mule rondom songwriter en zanger-gitarist Michael J. Sheehy. Tot nu toe vooral bekend en geliefd in muzikale elitekringen waar graag georeerd wordt over donkere blues en gospel. Bracht het debuutalbum Deep Fried (2013) en nog twee EP’s uit en deed een handvol shows in de Benelux en daarbuiten. Werkte intussen in alle stilte ongestoord aan zijn nieuwe (tweede) studio-album Two Tonne Testimony dat in oktober van dit jaar wordt uitgebracht via het Engelse Bronzerat Records dat ook Seasick Steve en Jon Spencer onderdak biedt. De eerste single daarvan, Sound Of The Summer, verschijnt 29 juli – volgende maand dus.

Miraculous Mule?
“Sheehy is a well-traversed talent but he remembers little of his journey having spent most of the 90s through to 2011 in a boozy London wilderness. His moment of salvation came when he had to be rescued from his burning flat, comatose, alone and shit-faced, a frying pan left on the stove. Sheehy has since cleaned up his act which has brought about a cool and steady focus which brings the bands nihilistic history in line with a resolute future.”

Lees de bio in de bijlage. Koop of luister het tot nu toe uitgebrachte werk op muzieksites als iTunes, Deezer of Spotify. Check de video’s Dangerous Blues, Deep Fried, Satisfied en het spookachtige Evil On My Mind. Of vooral de vaak (maar zelden zo aangrijpend mooi) gecoverde Amerikaanse gospelklassieker https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29SnbpnSd5Y

Online:  website, Facebook.

En dan?
Dat weet niemand. Want deze driemansband heeft geen meerjarenplan. Geen marketingstrategie. Noch een manager die met kreten als targets, sales en album charts strooit. Ian Burns en de broers Patrick McCarthy en Michael J. Sheehy willen muziek maken. In hun eentje – of samen, soms voor een handvol mensen. En om de zoveel tijd zetten ze een selectie van hun eigen nummers en van covers op een album zodat ze weer uitgenodigd worden op festivals, in kroegen en clubs waar ze hun bezwerende optredens doen. Omdat dat nu eenmaal is wat ze doen.

En nu? Afwachten. Tot de eerste single Sound Of The Summer uitgebracht wordt eind volgende maand, de aanloop naar het volledige nieuwe studio-album
Two Tonne Testimony dat in oktober uitkomt. En of ze voor die tijd -of daarna- weer zin hebben om optredens te doen.

Miraculous Mule2



The London based band Miraculous Mule developed their unique distinct sound by blending garage rock, dark blues, country, hillbilly, gospel and psychedelica into a hypnotising and often dark musical cocktail.

In 2011 Miraculous Mule released their first and self-titled six songs record on Stag-O-Lee. The official debut album, Deep Fried, was released in autumn 2013 at Bronzerat Records (Seasick Steve, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Gemma Ray). After that, another EP titled Blues Uzi was released in 2014. Early 2014 the band went on tour in western continental Europe (France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland). The band also released a few impressive videos such as Dangerous Blues, Deep Fried, Satisfied and the eerie Evil On My Mind.

This October sees the release of their second album Two Tonne Testimony which takes their blues and gospel driven rock ‘n’ roll sound to a new level as well as incorporating elements of psychedelic soul and stoner/space rock. The album is preceded by the single and video Sound of the Summer that will be released July 29th.

London trio Miraculous Mule deliver a slick and seemingly effortless, hard-blues driven brand of
rock ‘n’ roll, but it’s knife-edge stuff. We can explain. The slick and effortless part comes from
the fact that these boys have been cutting their teeth and earning their stripes over the years
with a devout immersion in gothic American roots music, before that particular bandwagon
arrived in town again, and again after it left. If that wagon is back, they don’t really care and neither
should you. Brothers Michael and Patrick were born into a rock ‘n’ roll home with Elvis and
Tammy as surrogate parents.

Michael J Sheehy has fronted 90s cult band Dream City Film Club and recorded five solo records
as well as fronting the short lived Saint Silas Intercession with his brother Patrick McCarthy at
his side for the most part. Witnesses to these previous outings and their current incarnation will
know that the soul and confrontation they project is real. They can play and they can sing. There
is no fucking about. The edge that they skirt comes in part from their school of hard knocks
north London council-estate, Irish Catholic upbringing. They have known drummer Ian Burns
since childhood and all grew up on Saint Silas council estate on Queens Cresent in Kentish
Town. For the lifelong friends, music provided a much needed escape from the culture of drugs
and violence that had depressed the area.

Sheehy is a well-traversed talent as detailed above but he remembers little of his journey having
spent most of the 90s through to 2011 in a boozy London wilderness. His moment of salvation
came when he had to be rescued from his burning flat, comatose, alone and shit-faced, a frying
pan left on the stove. Sheehy has since cleaned up his act which has brought about a cool and
steady focus which brings the bands nihilistic history in line with a resolute future.

Nothing comes from nowhere. The mule, the miracle plough-puller, the humble and mighty tiller of the earth, is blessed and cursed with a dubious origin. Likewise, though their nativity was in London in the latter half of the last century, these Anglo-Irish honkeys know that their souls were forged further back and farther west. Fallen into hell’s ditch, baptised in brimstone, reborn in the devotion of African-American Gospel, the pain of penitentiary work songs, the jittery stomp of hillbilly rock. Creeping with shovels to the lonesome resting places of traditional folk, delving deep into the treasures of song that lie beneath broken soil, loading a wagon under cover of night, they have electrified and reanimated those borrowed remains with a newfound urgency, melancholy, rage and beauty.

As a lost soul in chains once observed, even the ugliest train looks pretty through the cold bars of a cell. Rattling its way to redemption, with evil on its mind, the one-eyed machine follows an impossible route on ghost rails through a landscape of folk and country: Jackson, Mississippi. Memphis, Tennessee. New Orleans, Louisiana. Big Rock, Arkansas. Old Funk, Georgia. A legendary south of country preachers, forgotten jailhouses, jaded dreams of salvation. But always the irresistible, insidious, inevitable pulse of the dangerous blues. Wheels pounding the track. The guitar pick, the drum, the clap, the holler, the cry, the need never satisfied. The runaway monster roars into a tunnel, a smoke-choked furnace of devil cries and sulphur, then back into the night, screaming off the rails, blazing down into a canyon, to a final, raucous reckoning of steel and flame.

Dark night, cold ground. Wreckage sizzles. Buzz of crickets like a legion of derelict amps plugged into hell’s socket, gathered to wail their lament. Sad moonlight on the cornfields. Then, after a long moment that lasts for seconds or for centuries, aching gears grind again. Scorched to its bones, trailing its metal guts, three dozen iron wheels clawing the canyon wall, the ancient beast resurrects. The Miraculous Mule Train drives on, railroad or no, ploughing the black earth of night to the dawn that does not come. But this is mere prophecy. The train is only now leaving the station. Get on it.

Dates to follow soon – TBC by Jair of Sedate Bookings in 2016 and 2017.

Facebook = https://www.facebook.com/MiraculousMule
Website = http://www.miraculousmule.com/
Twitter = https://twitter.com/MIRACULOUSMULE

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