FULL HOUSE BREW CREW Featuring ROTTING CHRIST Member Release ‘Hollow God’ Lyric Video

FULL HOUSE BREW CREW is: Vagelis Karzis – Vocals, Guitars (Rotting Christ)
Spiros Dafalias – Bass – George Tzatzakis – Guitars – Alex Keito – Drums

FULL HOUSE BREW CREW Featuring ROTTING CHRIST Member Release ‘Hollow God’ Lyric Video

Greek Power Groove Metallers FULL HOUSE BREW CREW featuring a ROTTING CHRIST member in their ranks, have released a new lyric video for ‘Hollow God’, the track is taken from their monstrous second album ‘Me Against You‘, out on November 16, 2018 via ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records. The video can be viewed here….

1. Cannot Be Judged
2. Me Against You
3. No One’s Safe
4. Hollow God
5. Bury Me
6. When I Crossed That Door!
7. Hard To Tell
8. Not Again
9. Bring The Chaos
10. Another Life
11. The Undisputed

The album can be pre-ordered here:

After many years of absence, because of Vagelis’ duties as the bass player of the legendary Rotting Christ, FULL HOUSE BREW CREW are coming back with a strong statement of an album.

“No Retreat” and “Black Empty Box” were the fan’s favourite songs from their debut album “Bet It All” and with those songs in mind, now they put out “Me Against You”, which maybe includes the heaviest power grooves ever written from a European artist.

“Me Against You” influences came from bands like Slipknot, Five Finger Death Punch, Pantera, Metallica (Black Album era) and Black Label Society. This made the album more diverse on vocal perspective and more mature compositions!

FULL HOUSE BREW CREW keep on making headbang-worthy records, with melodies that stick to your brain!

FULL HOUSE BREW CREW was founded during 2009 by Vagelis “Van” Karzis, member of Rotting Christ for the last 6 years. Vagelis is the lead singer, lead guitar player and the main songwriter of the band. In 2009 he wrote 10 Heavy Groove songs influenced from bands like Pantera, Black Label Society, Five Finger Death Punch, Godsmack, Metallica and on 2011 having Spiros (bass) and Sakis (drums) on his side they recorded and self-released their first full-length album called Bet It All! Being active all these years by touring and opening for some big bands and festivals in Greece! Spiritual Beggars, Corrosion Of Conformity, 1000Mods and Planet Of Zeus just to name a few!
Having their own style for the Groove rhythms, they combine with aggressiveness and catchy melodies! And just like a thunderbolt charging straight from the top of Mount Olympus, these heavy-riffing monsters are ready to become the next name of “World’s Rock Gods” as been written at Spirit Of Metal!

FULL HOUSE BREW CREW states: “Our first focus is to create GOOD music, then promote it to people, create loyal fan base and tour as much as possible”


NULL’O’ZERO Release ‘Instructions To Dominate’ Lyric Video

Null’o’zero is: Geo Sinner (George Patsouris) – Vocals – Elias Andritsos – Guitars Aggelos Kokkorogiannis – Guitars George Del – Bass Lefteris Moros – Drums


Release ‘Instructions To Dominate’ Lyric Video

Greek heavy metal band, Null’o’zero, have released a new lyric video for ‘Instructions To Dominate’, it’s the title track of their new album ‘Instructions To Dominate’, due out on July 13th, via ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records. The lyric video was made by Mitsos Tsou at Brutus Studios. The video can be viewed here

‘Instructions To Dominate‘ is the 2nd Official album by Null’o’zero, an album that was written in a very difficult period for the band. This is the reason why the album is so aggressive and driven by emotion – anger, grief, pain, frustration – but it also gives hope to take courage to stand with our heads held high.
It’s a natural evolution of the first album ‘The Enemy Within‘, preserving the band’s unique character. Solid rhythm section, diverse riffs, outrageous solos and imposing vocals blend to an intriguing balance between melody and aggression.

Track listing:
1. Instructions To Dominate
2. The Last One
3. My Last Disguise
4. Imprisoned In The Dark
5. Decline The Legacy
6. Face Down The World
7. Better Off Dead
8. Until The End Of Life
9. Trapped In A Maze
10. Hate

The album can pre-ordered here

The album was engineerd, produced by Null’o’zero & Thimios Krikos (InnerWish, ex-Deviner), mixed by Thimios Krikos (InnerWish, ex-Deviner) & Nikos Iosifidis, engineerd by Fotis Benardo (SixforNine, ex-Septic Flesh), additional engineering by Nikos ‘HULK’ Iosifidis & Akis Pastras and mastered by Peter In de Betou at Tailor Made Production Sweden (Arch Enemy, Dark Tranquillity, Dimmu Borgir, Dream Evil, Firewind, Havok). The album artwork was made by Giannis Nakos – Remedy Art Design.
Guest Appearances by Thimios Krikos (Last Solo ‘Until the end of life’) and George Georgiou (Piano ‘Until the end of life’).

Null’o’zero, have recently released a music video for ‘The Last One‘:

Null’o’zero was formed in 2012 in Athens/Greece. The general idea was to play contemporary aggressive music but also with technical and melodical riffs, main influences are Megadeth, Death, Symphony X, Metallica, etc.


Canadian Thrashers TYMO Announce Alberta Show Dates Album “Purge & Reset” Out Now!

L-R – Harlen Jacobs (Bass & Screams) | Tim Tymo (Vocals & Guitar) | Nick Schwartz (Guitar) | Marc Durie (Drums) – Photo Credit – Dana Zuk

Canadian Thrashers TYMO Announce Alberta Show Dates; Album “Purge & Reset” Out Now!

For fans of Megadeth, Metallica, Municpal Waste, Evile
Canadian Thrashers TYMO Announce Alberta Show Dates

Edmonton thrashers TYMO announce they will be performing Alberta show dates this summer in support of their latest album “Purge & Reset” released during August of last year.

On a serious mission to entertain fans the band comments:
“We like to look at our live shows as something to keep everyone entertained, such as having something unique happen during each song. We will have our mascot run out and mosh, cover ourselves in blood, just little changes throughout each song to keep the set memorable!”

Show Dates:
June 8 – Red Deer, AB – The Krossing w/ Ninjaspy, Liandra – info
July 6 – Calgary, AB – Distortion
July 13 – Edmonton, AB – Rendezvous

Inspired by Municipal Waste, Megadeth, Slayer, Bonded by Blood, and Metallica, ‘In Thrash We Trust’ could be the mantra of these modern thrashers, a band whose attitude lives up the title of their second and current full-length album. Entitled “Purge & Reset” to follow their 2015 debut album “The Lone Wolf”, founding guitarist Tim Tymo explains the origin of a title that is more than words; it is a statement of metallic intent!

“Let’s just say we have a creator or superior being. If this being gave us everything we needed to flourish humanely and returned to see all the wars and corruption…this being would want to wipe the slate clean and start over. Hence…PURGE AND RESET!”
TYMO was formed in Edmonton in 2015 and is Tim Tymo on vocals/guitar, Nick Schwartz on guitar, Harlen Jacobs on bass, and Marc Durie on drums.

Music Video – “Killer Krom”

Track Listing:
1.All Looks Alive…In The Dark! (3:41)
2.Killer Krom (3:04)
3.Purge & Reset (4:14)
4.Flames To Frost (Instrumental) (4:22)
5.Evolved From You (2:41)
6.Intent Comes To Shove (3:39)
7.We The Pawns (3:22)
8.Above This Storm (3:34)
Album Length: 28:41


Album / Live Band Line Up:
Tim Tymo (Vocals & Guitar)
Nick Schwartz (Guitar)
Harlen Jacobs (Bass & Screams)
Marc Durie (Drums)

VARDIS Classics “100 MHP”, “The World’s Insane”, “Quo Vardis” Remastered & Re-Released on CD & Vinyl


VARDIS Classics

100 MHP”, “The World’s Insane”, “Quo Vardis” Remastered & Re-Released on CD & Vinyl

Hard Rock/NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal) band VARDIS will have the classics albums “100 MHP“, “The World’s Insane“, and “Quo Vardis” remastered & re-released on CD & Vinyl via Dissonance Productions and Back On Black Records. The CD digipaks featuring exclusive bonus tracks, to be realeased on September 22nd and Vinyl on October 20th 2017.

Hard Rock/NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal) band VARDIS will have the classics albums “100 MHP“, “The World’s Insane“, and “Quo Vardis” remastered & re-released on CD & Vinyl via Dissonance Productions and Back On Black Records. The CD digipaks featuring exclusive bonus tracks, to be realeased on September 22nd and Vinyl on October 20th 2017.

vardis4 vardis3 vardis5


The VARDIS comeback album, “Red Eye“, was released in 2016 via SPV/Steamhammer.

VARDIS was forged out of glam, punk, heavy metal, blues and rock ‘n’ roll in the crucible of 1970s northern England. They are a product of rock music across three generations: inspired by the great rockers and electric bluesmen of the ’50s and ’60s, learning their trade rubbing shoulders with the young guns of hard rock and punk in the ’70s, and achieving prominence in the ’80s as part of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. The hard, ferocious attack of their sound directly influenced the development of thrash and speed metal across North America and Europe, cited by metal giants such as METALLICA and MEGADETH. Never losing sight of the melodic, boogie sensibilities of their earliest influences, the VARDIS brand of hard rock retains a unique heavy groove, and has endured as truly original.


Steve Zodiac
Joe Clancy
Martin Connolly


[youtube id=”eTc8vAtevZQ”]

“Out Of The Way” recorded “live” at De Verlichte Geest, Roeselare, Belgium april. 10th, 2016. Original version on the first Vardis album 100 m.p.h. (1980)

New Noise Mag Premiere Ottawa’s TRIGON ‘Nightmare’, A Tribute To Freddy Krueger

New Noise Mag Premiere Ottawa’s TRIGON  ‘Nightmare’, A Tribute To Freddy Krueger

Debut Album ‘Fed Up’ Out March 24th

Ottawa, ON’s TRIGON will be releasing their 11 track debut album ‘Fed Up’ produced by the band with Anders Drerup and due out on March 24th. The band is inspired by artists as diverse as Volbeat, Crobot, David Wilcox, System of A Down, Nirvana, Megadeth, Black Sabbath and Slayer, yet already they have forged their own unique sound.

Their first single ‘Talk To Me’ was released this past February and now the band has another for fans, especially those who are fans of horror and the ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street’ movies.

Teaming up with New Noise Magazine, TRIGON are premiering their frightening single ‘Nightmare’ in tribute to the haunting talents of Freddy Kreuger.

“One night while we were having practice, Gus the guitarist came up with this crazy riff that actually sounded like a nightmare. If you were alive in the 80s, there was this one crazy movie that was terrifying everyone… that’s right Nightmare on Elm Street. So Trigon dedicated this song to the legend Freddy Krueger and his debauchery on Elm Street. Listen carefully as we perform a short bio about Frederick Charles Krueger!  Sweet dreams!” says vocalist / bassist Emanuel Viau.

Let your ‘Nightmare’ begin at the following link: http://newnoisemagazine.com/song-premiere-trigon-nightmare/

TRIGON’s debut album ‘Fed Up’ will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp and all major online retailers.

Show Dates:
March 25 – Le Labyrinthe – Ottawa, ON – info (CD Release show)

1. Intro (0:20)
2. Talk To Me (4:17)
3. Addiction (5:37)
4. Weak Mistake (3:46)
5. Jaded (4:38)
6. Obsessed (4:58)
7. Apocalypse (3:33)
8. Mother (4:55)
9. Your Life (4:43)
10. Seven (5:17)
11. Nightmare (5:41)
Album Length: 47:49

ENIME’s New Video ‘Selling Fear’


ENIME’s New Video ‘Selling Fear’

For fans of Anthrax, Megadeth, Metallica

Influenced by 80’s thrash giants like Exodus, Anthrax and Metallica plus later-day heroes like Killswitch Engage, ENIME’s music is ‘heavy articulate, clean, thrashy, and also melodic.’ ENIME are a band not afraid to gaze into the abyss and to take musical and lyrical inspiration from it. But no inspirations from mythical gods and monsters, rather ENIME are inspired by the world around us.

Unleashing their debut album ‘Demon Inside’ during July 2016, the Montreal based metallers have teamed up with Metal-Rules.com for the premiere of their new lyric video ‘Selling Fear‘, a track off the release about how the government and media use fear as a scare tactic to keep the general population in check.

ENIME’s debut album ‘Demon Inside’ is now available on the band’s online store hereiTunesAmazonSpotify and all major online retailers.

1. Demon Inside (4:21)enime1
2. Break The World (3:22)
3. Pretty Place (5:07)
4. Selling Fear (4:40)
5. Lies (2:31)
6. The Darker Side Of Me (4:09)
7. Choose a God (2:08)
8. Dead Ended (4:43)
9. Claiming Justice (4:34)
10. Can’t Rewind (4:10)
11. You Won’t Drag Me Down (2:36)
12. Become One (3:41)
Album Length: 46:08

Fucking Heavy Metal T-shirts Trends….


Fucking T-shirts Trends….

Onder het moto “Wat weet jij van de band die op je T-shirt staat?”

De mode houdt van metal en metalmuzikanten flirten met ontwerpers. Metalfans hopen dat de hype snel overwaait.

Er was een tijd dat je voor een shirt van je favoriete band moest wachten tot ze in de buurt kwamen spelen. Dan kon je ’m na het concert rechtstreeks van de bassist of de vriendin van de zanger kopen. Monochrome shirts met stekelige, onleesbare logo’s die voorheen een garantie waren voor een hoekje in de trein, waar medereizigers liever uit de buurt bleven. Nu hangen metalshirts gewoon bij H&M. Is dat metal? Eerder een dun laagje chroom.

De esthetiek van heavy metal is de laatste jaren uit het vieze hoekje gekomen en een internationale modetrend geworden. Van Kanye West tot Miley Cyrus en van David Beckham tot de zangeres met de veelzeggende naam Ke$ha – allemaal lopen ze met shirts van Iron Maiden, Metallica, Slayer en Megadeth. En voor 19,99 euro heb je bij H&M ‘een shirt van katoenen tricot met een print’ van Metallica. Dat shirt heeft voor de zekerheid twee gaten. Alsof het in de loop der jaren is versleten nadat je het bij een echt concert hebt gekocht. Er staat een schedel op en ‘Damage Inc.’. Dat is een nummer van Metallica uit 1986 over een meedogenloos bedrijf dat de bevolking tot slaaf heeft gemaakt. Een ander shirt van H&M verwijst naar ‘…And Justice for All’, over hoe sommige mensen over lijken gaan om geld te verdienen.maiden


De ironie ligt er zo dik bovenop dat je er tegenaan kunt leunen. Heavy metal is een wereld waarin hondstrouwe fans en muzikanten elkaar vanuit de schaduwen steunen, zonder al te veel perverse, commerciële prikkels. De wereld van H&M, van snel vervliegende trends en inwisselbare rages, kan daar niet verder van verwijderd zijn.

We weten niet of de dragers van die nieuwe metalmerchandise meer dan twee nummers van de band op hun shirt kennen, maar tekenend is het filmpje dat de zanger van de Belgische gimmickband Fleddy Melculy – bekend van het nummer ‘T-shirt van Metallica’ – onlangs maakte voor Studio Brussel: op festival Pukkelpop vroeg hij mensen met bandshirts of ze wisten waar ze mee liepen. Het meisje met de Slipknot-trui kent geen enkele albumtitel van die band. Het meisje met het shirt van de Rolling Stones kent hit Satisfaction niet. Zelfs de jongen met het shirt van The Beatles kan geen twee nummers van die band noemen. Zijn suggestie ‘With or Without You’ (van U2) telt niet. Alleen de langharige metalhead met het Soulfly-shirt kan die muziek woordelijk meezingen.

Fleddy Melculy – T-shirt van Metallica


De Amerikaanse metaljournalist Kim Kelly werd zo kwaad dat ze er twee pislinke stukken over schreef. Eerst in The Guardian en daarna bij muzieksite Noisey. Zij schrijft over bedrijven als H&M en Urban Outfitters: „Je kan van vrijwel elke metalband rechtstreeks een cool T-shirt kopen voor minder dan twintig piek, en tegelijk hun bankrekening spekken. Maar in plaats daarvan vragen die bedrijven honderden dollars voor lelijke, halfbakken ‘edgy’ troep.”

Want het gaat verder dan oude ontwerpen herdrukken. Kanye West heeft een hele merchandiselijn met zijn bijnaam Yeezus, in de typografie van Metallica. Justin Bieber deed dat met de letters van Pentagram. Beyoncé verkoopt buttons met ‘Slayoncé’, in het lettertype van Slayer. Modemerk Balenciaga deed het met Iron Maiden, en het superhippe Vetements uit Frankrijk met het beeldmerk van de legendarische blackmetalband Immortal – waarin Kanye West zich dan weer laat fotograferen.

Metalbands zelf doen zelf mee aan het ‘vermainstreamen’ van het genre. Metallica laat zich kleden door pakkenmerk Brioni. Deafheaven werkt samen met zonnebrillenmerk Ray-Ban, en Marilyn Manson doet modellenwerk bij Marc Jacobs. Er moeten natuurlijk rekeningen worden betaald, maar hun mode-uitstapjes voelen toch als vreemdgaan.

Overigens liggen die metalshirts bij H&M er ook alleen maar omdat die bands er de licenties voor hebben verkocht. Daar is een term voor: sell-outs.

Inspiratie en imitatiethrash-metal-t-shirt-dead-slayer-kendall

Maar dan ben je er nog niet, want niet alleen bandshirts maken steeds meer deel uit van het straatbeeld. De complete metallook – zwarte motorjassen, studs, patches etc. – is op dit moment gemeengoed. Daar is op zich niks mis mee. Maar, zoals Kelly schreef, „er is wel een verschil tussen inspiratie en imitatie”. Noem het culturele appropriatie: het adopteren van elementen uit een (sub)cultuur en die reduceren tot simpel stereotype. Denk aan het dragen van verentooien van Noord-Amerikaanse Indianen. Zonder geschiedenis of context wordt een deel van de identiteit van die groep ineens inwisselbaar. Cultuur als kostuum.

Metalheads vormen natuurlijk geen onderdrukte minderheid, laten we niet overdrijven. Maar beledigen kun je ze wel. Het is pijnlijk dat het uiterlijke bewijs van het hondstrouw volgen van hun favoriete bands ineens een oppervlakkig modedingetje is geworden. Dat hun ‘uniformen’, waarvoor ze voorheen vaak door de buitenwereld zijn beschimpt en bespuugd, nu een accessoire zijn voor hippe chicks en dudes.

Meghan MacRae, een van de oprichters van underground metalcultuur website Cvlt Nation, zei het tegen Noisey laatst zo: „Metal en punk zijn gewoon geen modetrends. Het zijn culturen waarbij een bepaalde manier van leven en wereldbeeld past. Als je die indikt tot een stereotype ‘look’ voor een paar seizoenen, dan is dat beledigend voor mensen die hun leven hebben gewijd aan die culturen.”

Wat kan een metalhead er nog tegenin brengen? Muziek natuurlijk, om te beginnen. Er is natuurlijk helemaal geen dresscode in zo’n vrije cultuur als metal. De muziek is veel belangrijker en aangezien metal nogal een acquired taste is, houden de fans hierop voorlopig nog wel even het alleenrecht.

Verder is het een kwestie van een lange adem. Trends komen en gaan, en heavy metal als moderage gaat wel weer voorbij. Als de pubers van nu uit hun imitatieleren bikerjacks zijn gegroeid, blijven de harde rockers over. Een echte metalhead heeft geen hair extensions nodig, en een echte tatoeage blijft ook na dat avondje rode loper zitten.

En luister anders eens naar Metallica’s ‘Damage Inc.’, dan begrijp je misschien beter wat het betekent om zo’n shirt aan te trekken. „Living on your knees, conformity / Or dying on your feet for honesty / Inbred, our bodies work as one / Bloody, but never

Verslag: Peter van der Ploeg

Foto Hollandse Hoogte




MEDEVIL Unleash ‘Machination Factory’ Off Upcoming Debut ‘Conductor of Storms’ Out Aug 26th


Photo Credit - Kevin Eisenlord

L-R – Eric Wesa (Bass/Backup Vocals), Ross Collingwood (Drums), Liam Collingwood (Vocals), Gary Cordsen (Lead Guitar), Brett Gibbs (Rhythm Guitar)

MEDEVIL Unleash ‘Machination Factory’ Off Upcoming Debut ‘Conductor of Storms’ Out Aug 26th

For fans of Megadeth, Metallica, Accept, Metal Church

Chilliwack, BC’s heavy metallers MEDEVIL will be unleashing their debut album ‘Conductor of Storms’ on August 26th with much anticipation from the Canadian scene after placing as a national finalist (top 6) during the 2015 Wacken Metal Battle Canada. With influences from legends such as Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Accept and Metal Church, MEDEVIL have taken their self described ‘power thrash’ full of blistering fast riffs, strong choruses and vocalist Liam Colingwood’s impressive vocals (you can swear is Udo Dirkschneider from a distance) to present a debut of eight anthem chanting tracks.

1. Nightwalk (5:11)medevil_-_conductor_of_storms_2016_-_webv2
2. Machination Factory (4:37)
3. An Empty Glass (4:03)
4. In The Distance (2:50)
5. The Angel of Rain (7:40)
6. A Sacrifice (5:04)
7. Escape (4:20)
8. The Fabled Uxoricide (12:02)
Album Length: 45:51

For more info, please visit: www.medevilmusic.com.

The band’s first single ‘Machination Factory’ is now streaming here..

[youtube id=”lF6_AE7UCg4″]


It is one of the most magical moments in a band’s life when they release their debut album. We can only imagine what Kerry King and Tom Araya felt like on the eve of ‘Show No Mercy’ being unleashed on the world, or the excitement that must have coursed through Steve Harris and Dave Murray as their self-titled debut was about to escape into an unsuspecting and never to be the same again world.

Well, Medevil don’t just imagine it…their debut album ‘Conductor of Storms’ is about to explode in a blast of metallic thunder and lightning upon the earth.

Hailing from Chiliwack, BC, Medevil are a hard-working progressive band, constantly striving to improve their songs, a fact not missed by Wacken Metal Battle Canada, where Medevil made the top 6!

Band vocalist Liam Collingwood explains the band’s memorable moniker. ‘The band name was thought up by Eric and fits our style of music perfectly.’

Liam is very serious about the bands modus operandi. ‘Medevil formed as a creative outlet for each member. The goal of our band is to satisfy our creative desires, while maintaining our standard of quality and to expand our knowledge of music as a whole. In five words, I’d sum up our music as power/thrash/prog/heavy metal.’

Liam says if he had to pick one Medevil track to represent the band it would be ‘the song ‘Machination Factory’ as it is one of the heavier songs on the album and it’s also the newest song that we wrote so it’s fresher in our heads. We wanted to release something first that would be a good start at representing our band even though future songs may.’

Liam reveals that song-writing is very much a collaborative effort. ‘We normally have a bunch of riff ideas ourselves and then we all come together to complete our vision…We all take part in the writing. All the songs have some sort of collaboration going on, even though some may be very minor alterations. We try to collaborate on projects as much as possible without destroying the original vision.’

While the band collaborates strongly on the music, the lyrics are Liam’s department, as you’d expect. ‘Lyrics are normally written based on an emotion or a story I am thinking of at the time that I want to project. Although sometimes I have some melodies in my head that I really like which I try to put into my lyrics. Some songs are more about a story I am telling whether fictional or somewhat true. Others are about a feeling or emotion I am feeling at the time and can be hidden beneath metaphors.’

Liam is proud that Medevil have a high level of quality control when it comes to their music. ‘In total we probably scrapped eight songs in favour of the ones included on the album. Our early sound, from 2011-2014, was mostly a rock-esque type of metal. ‘In The Distance’, ‘The Angel of Rain’ and ‘A Sacrifice’ are all from the early days of the band. When we included Brett and Gary in the band in 2014, we started leaning towards a much faster and more progressive style.’

A similar level of thought went into the track listing. ‘The track listing was a long task, it was most decided based on what we thought was the best listening experience for our fans and for how we like to set up our live shows with some changes. Fans can expect new material in the coming years and regular tours once or twice a year.’

Liam rates the bands live show highly. ‘People can expect a refined sound from us as well as a powerful energy, and a good connection between the band members. Fans can tell we are a band of friends!’

Liam reveals that the letter ‘M’ is very significant in Medevil’s top five influences, which are ‘Metalica, Megadeth, Mastodon, Metal Church, and Iron Maiden!’

And now we can add Medevil to that proud list of bands beginning with M who all released powerful a debut album.


[youtube id=”lF6_AE7UCg4″]

Megadeth at Forta Rock 2016.

mega07 (1 van 1)_pe

Megadeth at Forta Rock 2016.

Megadeth band behoord nog steeds tot de Big Four in de metal zine zoals Anthrax, Slayer en Metallica, Dave Mustaine staat dan ook gerand voor hoogwaardige riff en solo’s waar elke gitaar tokkelaar maar kan van dromen en zijn duimen kan vanaf likken. Dave Mustaine intussen ook al 53 jaar weet het publiek nog altijd te bekoren hoor, ook al ziet hij er echt niet overweldigend enthousiast eruit op het podium maar dit is volgens mij gewoon schijn, en dat weten de echte fans van Megadeth ook wel.

Gouden klassiekers als Hangar 18, Symphony of Destruction en Peace Sells, Holy Wars passeerde de revue, uit hun recente CD “Dystopia” ramde Dave & Co o.a.. The Threat Is Real en Fatal Illusion in hun vertrouwde stijl door de boxen van Forta Rock.

Megadeth beheerst dan ook een eigen style van muziek maken waar je enkel maar respect kan voor hebben, Top show

*Stay tuned for the next review! Amon Amarth.

Gemiddelde beoordeling  1 2 3 4 5fJe moet inloggen om te stemmen
mega0011 (1 van 1)_pe.jpg
mega0012 (1 van 1)_pe.jpg
mega0013 (1 van 1)_pe.jpg
mega0014 (1 van 1)_pe.jpg
mega0015 (1 van 1)_pe.jpg
mega002 (1 van 1)_pe.jpg
mega02 (1 van 1)_pe.jpg
mega003 (1 van 1)_pe.jpg
mega03 (1 van 1)_pe.jpg
mega004 (1 van 1)_pe.jpg

INIRE Unleash New Music Video ‘Endless’; New Album ‘Cauchemar’ Out May 20th


L-R – John Laflamme (Guitar) – Fred B. Simard (Bass) – Dre Versailles (Vocals) – Dim Gervais (Guitar) – Chris Bonavia (Drums)
(Photo Credit: Edwin Arsiny Moran)

INIRE Unleash New Music Video ‘Endless’; New Album ‘Cauchemar’ Out May 20th

For fans of Lamb of God, Pantera, Hatebreed, Metallica, Tool, Alice in Chains

Aylmer, QC’s heavy hitting southern riffing speed demons INIRE are proud to unleash their new video ‘Endless’ in support of their upcoming album ‘Cauchemar’ due out May 20th (album artwork and track listing to be revealed at a later date) and produced by Chris Bonavia to follow up their 2009 debut album ‘Born The Wicked, The Fallen, The Damned’.

After so much hard work, there are no words to describe how excited we are to finally present ‘Endless’ the first glimpse into our upcoming sophomore release.” comments vocalist Dre Versailles.

To watch ‘Endless’, please visit the following link

[youtube id=”wX00aBRq7LI”]

Establishing themselves on the Quebec and Ontario metal scenes in 2007 with their blend of southern groove and stoner metal with a tinge of hardcore energy, INIRE released their debut self-titled EP with great praise. Following the EP’s release, INIRE went back in studio to record their 2009 debut album ‘Born The Wicked, The Fallen, The Damned’, which garnered them great praise once again in the Ottawa area and opening the flood gates to tour across Canada, headline a Fete Nationale show in Gatineau, QC and perform on of one Canada’s biggest outdoor fest Amnesia Rockfest. 2016 see the band’s return with their new album ‘Cauchemar’ set for release on May 20th.
For more info, please visit: http://www.facebook.com/inireqc.