Lacuna Coil – 013 (Tilburg) 22/10/2016


Lacuna Coil – 013 (Tilburg) 22/10/2016

Op  22/10/2016 presenteerde 013 te Tilburg ons op een avondje Lacuna Coil.  De Italiaanse alternatieve metal band had die avond de concert zaal van 013 omgetoverd tot een zekere Halloween show,   podium stonden dan ook zeer Creepy poppen achter hekken, die er als geesten eruit zagen en een oogje int zijl hielden.

De band kwam dan ook hun nieuwe Delirium album voorstellen en verteld hun positieve en negatieve zowel qua werk als privé was ze de afgelopen periode hebben doorgemaakt,  waarbij we zeker de wissel in bandleden niet zullen vergeten, waarbij  Cristina Scabbia en Andrea Ferro en bassist Marco Coti Zelati het metal schip dan ook trouw bleven en Diego Cavallotti en Ryan Blake Folden vervolgens de band aansloten, waarbij ze wederom op volle kracht draaien.

Onze fotoreporter  John Jeffers was erbij en kwam met de volgend plaatjes terug naar onze Rock-Pix Tempel

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MANTAR confirmed for METAL ON THE HILL Festival!



MANTAR confirmed for METAL ON THE HILL Festival!

Is anybody surprised that a town bearing a name like Eisenerz (= iron ore) is home to an absolute metal giant like NAPALM RECORDS? Of course not! Even more baffling though is that the Austrian state of Styria – to which Eisenerz belongs – hasn`t seen a metal-only festival in ages! Luckily Napalm`s live department NAPALM EVENTS has stepped in to awaken all of Southern Austria out of its slumber…

It`s a given that NAPALM RECORDS will go big and international with its their very own METAL ON THE HILL open air festival: ARCH ENEMY, SATYRICON, LACUNA COIL, DEVILDRIVER and MOONSPELL will all play exclusive Austrian shows. Black metal pioneers SATYRICON will play an exclusive „Nemesis Divina“ anniversary set! National acts including DRESCHER and TUXEDOO are also part of the bill. And today Napalm Events confirms that MANTAR has now joined this stunning line-up!METAL ON THE HILL 10

Ever since their inception in early 2013, Northern Germany’s two-piece monster, MANTAR, has been recognized as one of the hardest working bands in the extreme metal underground. Melting the most sinister elements of black metal, doom and punk through an unfiltered lens of pure primal rage, MANTAR have quickly proven to be louder and more ferocious than most bands twice their size. Their first full length album “Death By Burning” was released to immense critical acclaim in early 2014 and appeared on numerous year-end best-of lists! 2016 will be an even busier year for the “Gruesome Twosome” as they release their highly anticipated new record „Ode To The Flame“ this April.

MANTAR will enthrall with their extremely intense, dynamic live shows and are on par to bring their scorching live assault to Metal On The Hill!

In cooperation with “Spielstätten Graz”, METAL ON THE HILL will have its baptism of fire in 2016 at the picturesque “Schloßberg”! Directly beneath the highest point of Styria`s capital – the plateau of the Schloßberg – lies Graz` most popular open air event location: the Schloßberg stage Kasematten. A stage plus a vast auditorium in the old fortress walls had was erected in the 1930s – an absolute trademark of the city! Especially during summer nights and open air events the place is brimming with darkly romantic atmosphere. A sliding roof protects the audience from any fitful weather.

In addition, the first festival day (attention: limited capacity!) will go down at the “Dom im Berg”
(= mountain cathedral). This venue is definitely Graz` most unique event location! In 1999, this multifunctional spot was carved out of the mountain and opened to the public at the 2000 state fair.
A more than stately and unforgettable backdrop that is fiercely guarded by the festival mascot – the Styrian Panther. Catch a glimpse of the locations here:

12.08.2016 Dom im Berg (DevilDriver, Drescher, Jinjer, Tuxedoo)
13.08.2016 Kasemattenbühne (Arch Enemy, Satyricon, Lacuna Coil, Moonspell, Mantar + 2 more TBC)

VIP tickets & weekend passes are already sold out! Get your day passes here and and be prepared for THE metal event in Graz 2016!

For More Info Visit:

NOVEMBER-7 and TEARS OF MARTYR announce tour together

Press Release November 7 and Tears Of Martyr

NOVEMBER-7 and TEARS OF MARTYR announce tour together

This is a tour that definitely shouldn’t be missed.

French Industrial Metal quartet NOVEMBER-7 and Spanish Goth Metal outfit TEARS OF MARTYR are two of Europe’s most powerful and upcoming bands in the Metal sphere and they will be embarking on a tour around Europe this May.

If ROB ZOMBIE and LACUNA COIL had all conceived a love child then

NOVEMBER-7 would be the this particular spawn of Satan. They hail from Neuchâtel, Switzerland;  they have certainly been given more than a wake up call with their dominant sound consisting of clear vocals, thumping beats and aggressive guitar work

[youtube id=”Co9tl9cfFmM”]

Based in the Canary Islands, Spain TEARS OF MARTYR prove that dark beauty can be found in the most unlikely places. Since the late nineties they have been showcasing a distinctive use of lead vocals and classical orchestra arrangements to create their songs. This band is recommended for those who love CORONATUS and THEATRE OF TRAGEDY. Having shared a stage with the likes of XANDRIA, THERION and EPICA, it’s clear they are ones not to miss!

[youtube id=”l7CydaMeVQU”]