Hautajaisyö is a fast and aggressive…

Line-up: Janne Partanen – Vocals – Sami Lustig – Guitar – Simo Pesonen – Bass -Teemu Roth – Drums

New single by Hautajaisyö is a fast and aggressive song about depression and anxiety

Hautajaisyö released a new single Ennen kuolemaa (Before the death) today August 28th 2019 via Inverse Records.

It is time to step deeper in to darkness, deeper in to anxiety and deeper in to roots of depression. It is time to accept inevitable death and embrace it with both hands. It is time to let emptiness in and agree ”All of this is pointless, just killing time before death”.

Hautajaisyö (Funeral Night) is a quartet from Finland, that blends death metal and thrash metal in their music. Band has been active from 2014 and are working on their third album. New material is more heavier and uglier than ever before. ”Ennen Kuolemaa” is a good example what the new album will give you. It is a fast and aggressive song about depression and anxiety. They are the main themes of the upcoming album.



Inferitvm – The Grimoires Digital Promo – Stream/Download


Inferitvm – The Grimoires
Digital Promo – Stream/Download

Line-up: Sorcerer V. – Vocals /Guitar – Lord Insekkton – Guitar – Aghanazzar – Bass – Bârg – Drums

Release: Inferitvm – The Grimoires
Format: CD/Digital
Release Date: January 25th 2019
Record label: Inverse Records
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Spain

Spanish black metal band Inferitvm is set to release their second album ‘The Grimoires’ on January 25th 2019 via Finnish record label Inverse Records. Music video is done for the first single ‘Clavicula Salomonis’

WATCH it here:

Inferitvm – The Grimoires Digital Promo – Stream/Download

Between forests and remains of ancient civilizations, Inferitvm was born as an atypical band in a sunny and warm island like Majorca. In 2014 they begin by demonstrating that darkness can be born in the most unexpected places. The sound of Inferitvm is fast and raw, full of details and reminiscences to bands like Emperor or Immortal, and references to the classics of most talented bands from Norway, Sweden or Finland, northern countries where the band has always found inspiration. Sorcerer V. and his trademark raw broken voice and ‘avantgarde’ way of conceiving guitar, the characteristically fast blastbeasts drums from Bärg, ‘low pulse devastation’ bass from Aghanazzar, and Lord Insekkton as Guitar ‘flamifer’ conform the squad that will try to unveil your nights with a new wave of evil metal..

Track list:
1. Trithemius
2. Codex Gigas
3. Clavicula Salomonis
4. Malleus Maleficarum
5. Goetia of Shadows
6. Galdrabök
7. Liber Lux Tenebris
8. De Occulta Philosophia
9. La Poule Noire
10. De Praestigiis Daemonum
11. De Umbrarum Regni

PRE-SAVE ‘The Grimoires’ album on Spotify: https://save-it.cc/imusician/Inferitvm-TheGrimoires



Mors Subita release MMA-themed music video ‘I, God’ from their upcoming third album!

Mors Subita

release ‘I, God’ single from their upcoming third album!

Line-up: Eemeli Bodde – Vocals  – Mika Lammassaari – Guitars & Backing vocals – Ville Miinala – Drums – Mika Junttila – Bass

Finnish modern melodic death metal band MORS SUBITA release third single “I, God” from their anticipated ‘Into the Pitch Black’ album due to be released in April 6th 2018 by Inverse Records.

Watch I, GOD music video on Youtube:

Vocalist Eemeli Bodde comments:
“I, God” is probably the most aggressive track the whole album has to offer and we wanted to emphasize the atmosphere with a MMA themed music video. The song really makes you want to throw chairs out of the window and punch your fist through a wall and the actors really got into the mood. It’s been a while since I saw punches like that. On top of all the brutality I, god really has an important message for all of you guys out there to find out!”


The album was recorded at the legendary Tico Tico Studio in Kemi with Ahti Kortelainen (Kalmah, Impaled Nazarene, Sentenced) with additional arrangements recorded at the Demolition Center in Oulu by Mika Lammassaari. Mixing and mastering for the album was done at Illusia Productions by Stefan Pommerin.

Album cover by Heino Brand /Brandmerkk (free to publish)

Album track list:
01. Path To the Abyss
02. As Humanity Weeps
03. Dead Sun
04. Defeat
05. Into the Pitch Black
06. Alas
07. I, God
08. Vultures
09. Fear Is Just the Beginning
10. Shadows
11. The Void

Scars Of Solitude released a new single from their upcoming debut album!

Scars of Solitude is: Mikko Ruuska – Vocals – Tuomo Laulainen – Lead Guitar – Antti Kettunen – Rhythm Guitar – Lassi Pollari – Bass  – Niki Kuivakangas – Drums 


Scars Of Solitude released

a new single

from their upcoming debut album!

Scars Of Solitude released a first single ‘Enemy’ from their upcoming debut album ‘Deformation’. The album is released December 1st 2017 by Inverse Records. Lyric video available here:

[youtube id=”YS72HG04RYM&feature=youtu.be”]

Scars of Solitude is a melodic metal quintet from Äänekoski playing music rooted deep in the Finnish melancholy. The band was formed in January 2015 and has stood firmly and proud behind its music ever since. Their music sounds like autumn – it’s kinda dark, rainy and cold but still rich in both beauty and color despite all the despair.

Deformation track list:

1. I Remain Here
2. Drown
3. Enemy
4. Live to Regret
5. Fool
6. Emotional Graveyard
7. Dead Love Resurrection
8. The End of Me


Rekoma released a single from their upcoming debut album.

Line-up:  Jani Redkin, vocals – Samuli Maunula, solo guitar – Arttu Korpela, rhythm guitar –

Antti Maunula, bass – Juha Ilola, drums

Rekoma released a single from their upcoming debut album.

Finnish Rekoma is about to release their debut album “Eadem Errata” on October 6th 2017 via Inverse Records. The first single “Same Old Mistakes” is now available on Spotify  and lyric video can be seen on YouTube here


[youtube id=”6cbQF1-JjP4&feature=youtu.be”]

“Eadem Errata” is full of riff based heaviness that doesn’t leave you disappointed! Antti Maunula, Juha Ilola, Jani Redkin, Arttu Korpela and Samuli Maunula have outdone themselves again by creating beautiful music that will make you bang your head in the wall and leave you weeping in tears. With the warm guidance of Ville Palin “Eadem Errata” got its final shape; 40 minutes of pure hatred and joy.


Track list:
01. Intro
02. Dust Becomes My Name
03. Trial
04. Revolution
05. Misguided
06. Rise and Fall
07. Same Old Mistakes
08. Wasteland
09. Sleepwalker

Funeralglade – May The Funeral Begin

Funeralglade - May The Funeral Begin_pe

Members: Otto Mäkiniemi – Vocals – Kalle Roine – Drums – Aleksi Nieminen – Lead Guitar
Tony Ewart – Rhythm Guitar – Matias Kartemo – Bass Guitar 

Funeralglade – May The Funeral Begin

Funeralglade is a melodic death metal band from Turku, Finland, consisting of five young (from 16 to 18 year old) and passionate musicians. Funeralglade mixes influences from many different genres, such as Melodic Death Metal, Deathcore, Groove Metal and Black Metal. This combination provides the listener with mesmerizing lead guitars before plunging into a gruesome swirling havok of riff-insanity backed by intense vocal work and bludgeoning drums. The songs revolve around death in all of it’s forms, ranging from despair to power, from longing to hatred.

The band just released a single “Shadow Of Misery” and it is available on Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2sAD2qd 

Release: Funeralglade – May The Funeral Begin EP

Format: CD/Digital – Release Date: August 18th 2017 – Record label: Inverse Records

Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Country: Finland

EP Track List:funeralglade1
1. Shadow of Misery
2. Death (Only Way Out)
3. Hollow
4. Cadence of the Aching Breath
5. A Bedtime Story: Bloodlust
6. Paincauser





[youtube id=”Hs1yffZ9-qc&feature=youtu.be”]

Godhead Machinery – Ouroboros – Digital Promo – Stream/Download


Godhead Machinery – Ouroboros

Digital Promo – Stream/Download

Release: Godhead Machinery– Ouroboros 

Format: CD/Digital

Release Date: September 29th 2017

Record label: Inverse Records

Genre: Extreme Metal

Country: Sweden

The Swedish extreme metallers Godhead Machinery are going to release their debut album “Ouroboros“ on the 29th of September 2017 under the wings of Inverse Records.

Ouroboros is a dynamic piece of work with seven tracks that’s varying between aggressive and technical tones down to atmospheric harmonies with timeless groves. The bands main concept deals with the ongoing political and religious greed and corruption that swallows all that can be eaten in this world. Godhead Machinery has clearly been inspired by the early black metal era from the -90th but has adapted their sound and concept to match the present scene and madness with their songs. The album has been recorded, mixed and mastered by Magnus Jonsson at MILK studios who is known for his work with bands like Hate Script and Von Panzer. 

Beside the front man Robert Kail Karlsson (Misericordia, Wardenclyffe) on vocals and guitars, the band also consists of the guitarist Fredrik Blomqvist (Reduced to Ashes), the bassist Daniel Forsberg (Hate Script) and Marcus Somliga Andersson (Deviant Breed) on the drums.

 Godhead Machinery has recently already released their song “Praise the Flesh” from the album as a digital single and as a lyric video to give a hint of what to come. 


Ouroboros Track list:Godhead Machinery - Ouroboros

1. Ouroboros

2. The Plague

3. Tithe

4. A House Divided

5. Council of Nicaea

6. Revelation

7. Praise the Flesh

[youtube id=”soDS3r00PFM”]