+ DEADITE + CD review and Mistakes were made vol.1


CD review and Mistakes were made vol.1

The Belgian Horror Punk band Deadite comes with their third album “Mistakes were made” these horror punk dudes released a very good first cd, named ”The Damned”, on their own label.

1) Salem

2) They Will Be There

3) Trail Of Blood

4) Killer

5) He She

6) Cemetary Girl

7 ) It Follow

8) Hurts like hell

9) Russel

10) Drag You To Hell

11) Usatiated

12) Gallows Road

13) Zombies From Sector 9

And now they send their second masterpiece towards the world, their sound has remained true to the late seventies and early eighties bands like The Misfits who sang about horror and science fiction themes and dressed themselves up as scary as possible.

CD starts immediately with the fast track “Salem” sounds very good and immediately sound very good and power full.
Track 2. “They will be there” very good up tempo melody and sound beautiful Horro Rock ’N Roll Rebels, cool.

Track 3. Trail of blood “is a short but strong and catchy song with good up tempo breaks with great vocals by singer Sam,

Track 4. “Killer” Is smoothy rock and roll song that reminded me a lot of the old Stray Cats..Top

Track 5. “He She” is a melodic up tempo punk song, nice guitar parts and very nice tuneful vocals lines.. one of my favorite songs.

Track 6. “ Cemetary Girl” a song of attractive dead girl with tough guitar riffs, HELL YEAH cool.

Track 7. “It Follows” again an up tempo number, smoothly song with the necessary guitar ascents.

Track 8. “ Hurts like Hell” starts with some threatening sounding guitars and soon turns into an up tempo song, very good transitions in rhythm, ice one.
Track 8. “Russel” one of my favorites on this album, straight ahead track.

Track 9. “Drag you to hell” and Track 10. “Unsatiated” This is another cool horror punk riff song , with nice cool howling vocals.

Track 12. “Gallows Road” very vivacious track with very good breaks.

Track 13. “ Zombies from sector 9”and also the last number of this very great and second album from Deadite,this song could easily be a soundtrack to a zombie movie or series. great ending.

Deadite proves with this secon release of “Mistakes were made” that they have a Class-Horror-Sound that could easily measure with the bigger names in the Horror Punk scene, Hell Yeah!!!

Because Rock-Pix Media supports great bands like Deadite, we are able to give away 5 CD’s from their new monstrous release ” Mistakes were made vol.1″ and this is only for our RPM Media likers….

So how can you qualify for this amazing cd to win:
Answer the following questions :

1– What was the names of the band members of Deadite?

2- DEADITE have 667 likes on their Facebook page, But how much will they have on 31 oktober the week of Halloween

Answers to : info@rock-pix.com
Beware : Contest runs until: 27 oktober  2019 00.01 u.
Review / Pics by Frank HSJ Janssens



HERETIC – The Black Masters of The lowlands 

Thomas Goat – Vocals/Guitar – Tony Hellfire – Bass/Vocals – Tom Auf Der Axe – Drums

HERETIC – The Black Masters of The lowlands 

On the 7th of february ’17, Heretic played an unforgettable show as support act for ”Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankensteinin the small hall at Dynamo Eindhoven (Netherlands)

Check interview with Doyle here

The band is known as a good-humored black metal gangthat plays fast metal/punk in the vein of Venom/Motörhead.

Heretic got great response from the crowd, as they blasted through their set of hard hitting songs. The band sounded very tight and nasty…

Make sure to check Heretic out if they play in your area and check our video at the bottom of this post.


Biography Heretic foto van Heretic.

Heretic is a league of their own for 20 years now:
no compromises, no pretentious bullshit, just pure filth!
This amount of sleaze even makes Venom want to put in their earplugs.‘Underdogs of the Underworld’ is Heretic’s 5th full-length album.
The band has been working hard last year, writing and recording songs.
The 10 songs of this album have stood the test: all killers, no fillers.The band managed to capture their live energy like never before.
This record makes you want to fuck, scream, punch and bang your head
like a maniac

Imagine this: Motörhead and the Misfits have an illegitimate son growing up
listening to Celtic Frost and Slayer.
This record sounds like that kid’s first garage band.

‘Underdogs of the Underworld’ is a wasteland full of creatures that will
haunt you until the end of days.
Black metal punk aficionados from around the world are getting ready to burn the

Upcoming Heretic shows

  • 18/03/17 Hasselt at De Witte Non
  • 19/04/17 Tilburg at Roadburn Festival
  • 22/04/17 Bielefeld at JZ Stricker
  • 25/05/17 Schijndel at Holy Cow
  • 25/05/17 Oss at Café Lollipop
Report/ Frank-HSJ
[youtube id=”ATiJHsVZFQ4″]

Up-date : Doyle ‘Wolfgang von Frankenstein’


Up-date : Doyle ‘Wolfgang von Frankenstein’

DoyleWolfgang von Frankenstein‘ (former Misfists guitarist) is coming to Europe for the first time.

following tour dates

02-01 @MAMA ROUX’S in Birmingham, UKdoyle-wolfgang-von-frankenstein
02-02 @THE LIVE ROOMS in Chester, UK
02-03 @AUDIO in Glasgow, UK
02-04 @02 ACADEMY in Newcastle, UK
02-05 @THE CRAUFURD ARMS in Milton Keynes, UK
02-07 @DYNAMO in Eindhoven, Netherlands
02-08 @HELVETE in Oberhausen, Germany
02-09 @WILD AT HEART in Berlin, Germany
02-10 @BAMBI GALORE in Hamburg, Germany
02-11 @CADILLAC in Oldenburg, Germany
02-12 @CLUB FROM HELL in Erfurt, Germany
02-14 @BARRAK CLUB in Ostrava, Czech Republic
02-15 @DURER KERT ROOM 041 in Budapest, Hungary
02-16 @VIPER ROOM in Vienna, Austria
02-17 @LEGEND CLUB in Milano, Italy
02-18 @ROCK PLANET in Pinarella Di Cervia, Italy
02-19 @TRAFFIC in Roma, Italy
02-21 @WERKK in Baden, Switzerland
02-23 @SALA LEMON in Madrid, Spain
02-24 @SALA BOVEDA in Barcelona, Spain
02-25 @LA CORDONNERIE in Romans-sur-Isère, France
02-26 @SECRET PLACE in Saint-Jean-de-Védas, France

BLOOD FEAST #6 – 2015.

BLOOD FEAST #6 – 2015

Op 12 September 2015 is het weeral zover dan gaat wederom het Underground Festival onder de naam “Blood Feast” door in  JH ’t Perron te Testelt.

Het jaarlijkse fest wordt stilaan een meerwaarde in Vlaamse Brabant en is dan ook weer aan zijn zesde editie toe, “Blood Feast” stelt zoals gewoonlijk max 4 bands voor die verschillende muziek stijlen brengen.

Dit jaar heeft de organisatie onder de leiding van Peter Laeremans (Pies) ook wel bekend als frontman zanger van Capital Scum de volgende bands in verschiet.

Als opener bekom je de band “Buzzkill Sultan”, vette garage punk uit de brokstukken van “The Red Light Rumors”.  Daarna komen ” Real Bad Quitters” met hun stevige hardcore-punk, want zoals ze zelfs zeggen kunnen ze er moeilijk mee stoppen. Als derde krijgen we “Moonward” vette Stoner rock uit het Diestse. En als afsluiter “Deadite” die ook vorig jaar de jeugdclub plat speelde met hun heerlijke en in België zeldzame horror-punk, deze band zal ook op 24 Oktober 2015 op ons eigen Rock-Pix Fest 2 spelen dat door gaat in JH De klinker te Aarschot.

En net zoals vorig jaar is de inkom gratis en het bier spotgoedkoop.

[youtube id=”B048iupht-4″]