Bloodclot, Up In Arms – Best old school Hard-Core album in 2017.

Bloodclot line-up: John Joseph (Cro-Mags) – Vocals – Todd Youth (ex-Danzig) – Guitars – Nick Oliveri (ex-Queens of the Stone Age) – Bass -Joey Castillo (ex-Queens of the Stone Age, ex-Danzig) – Drums

Bloodclot, Up In Arms

Best old school Hard-Core album in 2017.

Bloodclot is a project featuring true hardcore pioneers: John Joseph of the Cro-Mags, plus former members of Queens of the Stone Age (Joey Castillo, drums; Nick Oliveri, bass), and Danzig (Todd Youth, guitar).

While being the leader of one of the most influential hardcore bands of all time – the Cro-Mags – John Joseph is also an author, an outspoken advocate of plant-based nutrition, and a competitive Ironman tri-athlete. Todd Youth – who played in Agnostic Front at the age of 12 – has played guitar with a myriad of artists, including Danzig, Glen Campbell, Motorhead, Ace Frehley, and many more. Additionally, Nick Oliveri has played bass in Queens of the Stone Age, alongside one of the most sought-after drummers in the scene, Joey Castillo – who has also sat behind the kit for Danzig and Eagles Of Death Metal.

These four renowned musicians came together when Cro-Mags guitarist AJ Novello was unable to play a show, and John Joseph called Todd Youth to fill-in for him. The two rekindled their friendship and enjoyed playing together so much that a decision was made to re-form Bloodclot (whose origins date back to a 1981 Bad Brains tour).

Todd began the songwriting process, and soon after, Joey Castillo and Nick Oliveri were recruited to join the band. With the new line-up in place, and songs to record, Metal Blade Records CEO Brian Slagel offered Bloodclot a worldwide deal.

In regards to the signing, Brian Slagel comments: “Super excited to be working with these legends! The material is fresh and what you would expect from such an amazing group! Thanks to Tal Ronnen of Crossroads Kitchen for his help on this too!”
Michael Alago – a former record label A&R executive and talent scout for over 24 years – also helped facilitate this new partnership, as Bloodclot‘s manager. Having earned the respect of the industry for his expertise in a wide variety of musical genres, Alago was responsible for signing Metallica, White Zombie, Alan Vega, Johnny Rotten (with his band Public Image, Ltd.), Cyndi Lauper, Nina Simone (for whom he also acted as Executive Producer on the acclaimed album, A Single Woman), among many other artists. Now, Bloodclot joins that repertoire, as his latest celebrated signing.

Bloodclot new release album, Up In Arms, with worldwide touring to follow. chech it out !!!

Track List:
1. Up in Arms
2. Fire
3. Manic
4. Kill the Beast
5. Prayer
6. Siva / Rudra
7. Soldiers of the New Babylon
8. Kali
9. Slow Kill Genocide
10. Slipping into Darkness
11. Life As One
12. You’ll Be the Death of Me


Bloodclot online:


[youtube id=”iIHihIuNBmY”]



HERETIC – The Black Masters of The lowlands 

Thomas Goat – Vocals/Guitar – Tony Hellfire – Bass/Vocals – Tom Auf Der Axe – Drums

HERETIC – The Black Masters of The lowlands 

On the 7th of february ’17, Heretic played an unforgettable show as support act for ”Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankensteinin the small hall at Dynamo Eindhoven (Netherlands)

Check interview with Doyle here

The band is known as a good-humored black metal gangthat plays fast metal/punk in the vein of Venom/Motörhead.

Heretic got great response from the crowd, as they blasted through their set of hard hitting songs. The band sounded very tight and nasty…

Make sure to check Heretic out if they play in your area and check our video at the bottom of this post.


Biography Heretic foto van Heretic.

Heretic is a league of their own for 20 years now:
no compromises, no pretentious bullshit, just pure filth!
This amount of sleaze even makes Venom want to put in their earplugs.‘Underdogs of the Underworld’ is Heretic’s 5th full-length album.
The band has been working hard last year, writing and recording songs.
The 10 songs of this album have stood the test: all killers, no fillers.The band managed to capture their live energy like never before.
This record makes you want to fuck, scream, punch and bang your head
like a maniac

Imagine this: Motörhead and the Misfits have an illegitimate son growing up
listening to Celtic Frost and Slayer.
This record sounds like that kid’s first garage band.

‘Underdogs of the Underworld’ is a wasteland full of creatures that will
haunt you until the end of days.
Black metal punk aficionados from around the world are getting ready to burn the

Upcoming Heretic shows

  • 18/03/17 Hasselt at De Witte Non
  • 19/04/17 Tilburg at Roadburn Festival
  • 22/04/17 Bielefeld at JZ Stricker
  • 25/05/17 Schijndel at Holy Cow
  • 25/05/17 Oss at Café Lollipop
Report/ Frank-HSJ
[youtube id=”ATiJHsVZFQ4″]

Update – Scumbash #4. 2017

ScumBash #4

Update – Scumbash #4. 2017

ScumBash strikt rootsrockers T-99 (NL) en horrorbilly-legende Nekromantix (USA)

Afscheidsshow Backfire! op Scumbash #4 Zaterdag 4 maart 2017 RDM Loods Rotterdam

         – one day of pure goddamn rock ’n roll –   

Goed nieuws en slecht-nieuws-met-een-goed-randje. Eerst het goede: ’s lands beste rootsrockers T-99 én de Amerikaanse horrorbilly-legende Nekromantix komen op zaterdag 4 maart naar de RDM Onderzeebootloods in de Rotterdamse haven. Ook Backfire! zal daar voor flink wat mosh- en circlepits gaan zorgen. Maar wel voor het laatst want deze furieuze hardcoreband stopt ermee en geeft zijn allerlaatste Nederlandse show.

De line-up tot nu toe: Accelerators (NL), Backfire! (NL), Batmobile (NL), Death Alley (NL), Fleddy Melculy (BE), Kadavar (D), Legion Of The Damned (NL),

The Monsters (CH), Nekromantix (USA), The Polecats (UK-USA), Scumbag Millionaire (SE), T-99 (NL), Zeke (USA). Meer acts volgen spoedig

T-99 ©Sasha Ivantic

Robert van Schorem, mede-organisator van ScumBash: “Droevig nieuws van Backfire! natuurlijk. Maar wel erg tof dat ze dan uitgerekend op óns feestje afscheid nemen. Dat wordt een brok in de keel, vuist in de lucht en het hoofd fier omhoog. Stilstaan wás dus al geen optie maar nu T-99 en Nekromantix ook bevestigd zijn, gaan we nog eens goed checken of het dak van de RDM Onderzeeloods wel stevig genoeg vast zit.

Deze twee trio’s belichamen hoogstpersoonlijk de gedachte achter ScumBash: one day of pure goddamn rock ’n roll. T-99 is ook in het buitenland een grootheid en deelde eerder al podia met Chuck Berry, Dr. John, Los Lobos en Little Feat.”



“Nee, Nekromantix dan. Eén van de meest opwindende en rock-‘n’-rebelse psychobillybands ter wereld. Ik kan niet wachten tot dit monsterlijke zombietrio onder leiding van frontman Nekroman met zijn iconische staande bas in de vorm van een doodskist klassiekers als ‘Who Killed the Cheerleader’, ‘Bats In My Pants’ en ‘What Happens In Hell, Stays In Hell’ gaat spelen. Dan danst iedereen in de pit en gaat alles kapot.”

RDM Onderzeebootloods Rotterdam

De komende editie wordt ScumBash voor het eerst in de RDM Onderzeebootloods te Rotterdam (adres: RDM-straat 1) gehouden, een bijzondere festivalplek die één op één bij het stoere en sfeervolle karakter van ScumBash past. De imposante loods is bereikbaar via de weg (fiets, openbaar vervoer, auto, te voet) maar ook via het water (watertaxi en waterbus).


Tickets a €45,- (exclusief servicekosten) zijn online verkrijgbaar via de website.

ScumBash 2014-2016

De eerste drie zeer geslaagde edities van ScumBash trokken duizenden liefhebbers van psychobilly, punkrock, hardcore, surf, ska, hardrock, country, roots en verwante muziekstijlen -maar vooral ook van een rock-‘n’-roll levensstijl– naar ScumBash in Rotterdam om een mooi feestje te vieren dat een geheel eigen plek in de festivalwereld inneemt.

Website & Social Media

* ScumBash website en tickets

* ScumBash Facebook

* Schorem Haarsnijder en Barbier website

* Schorem Haarsnijder en Barbier Facebook (bijna 1.000.000 fans)

* RDM Onderzeebootloods en video





Vicious metal-edged hardcore band First Blood have officially joined Pure Noise Records and will release a new album Rules, on February 10th. Fans can now pre-order the record here.
First Blood’s union with Pure Noise Records marks a new chapter for the band as they join the label’s eclectic roster, which includes fellow hardcore acts like Terror, Knocked Loose, Senses Fail and more. “Not only has Jake (Round) at Pure Noise been there and seen us during our earlier days back in the San Francisco Bay Area, but he has worked hard and created a tremendous record label that continues to make a huge impact in the underground music scene worldwide” says vocalist Carl Schwartz “We are proud to join the Pure Noise roster, excited to share our newest album with the world, and thankful for the new life. FIRST BLOOD RULES 2017“.

Watch the video for the new song “Rules of Life” by clicking on the image below.


On their first album in 7 years, First Blood has come out swinging with a savage 3rd full-length record, Rules. Produced by recording mastermind Will Putney at Graphic Nature Studios (formerly known as The Machine Shop) in Belleville, NJ, Rules features 12 tracks of the band’s hardest, yet most inward-looking material to date. Elaborating on the album title, Schwartz adds “Rules are everywhere. Explicit rules. Unwritten rules. Unspoken rules. The rule of law. Some rules we accept. Others we hate or choose to ignore. Frequently, those who set the rules are found guilty of breaking those rules. Many have become victims of the rules they live by, either by conquest or consent. I hope that, after listening to this album and reading the lyrics, we can revisit and remind ourselves of the very essence of the underground music scene: Living our own lives by our own rules”.

That rebellious sentiment can be felt throughout the band’s torrential new song “Rules of Life,” which pushes back against society’s norms and puts a fist in the air for individuality and freedom of thought. “We are often the product of the rules we are taught to live by” Schwartz adds “Growing up, someone I looked-up to once told me, “You wake up everyday. You go to a job you hate. You come home miserable. Then you go to bed. And then you do it again. And again. And again. And then you die. That’s life” For a while, I believed this was true. Now that I am older and have a son of my own, I wish for him to see things differently–to live differently. To him, I say “Have courage to stand on your own. Follow what you believe even when you’re alone. Be strong. Be proud. Be brave. Be a fucking rebel instead of a slave. See the world and follow your dreams. Wolfgang, this is for you. That’s life”.   First Blood will tour

Europe with Deez Nuts and Comeback Kid in February.

Tracklisting: first-blood3













review In Clear Sight – Dance Of The Horae

Band: In Clear Sight

Album: Dance Of The Horae

Release: December 2016

Genre: hardcore/metalcore

Line-up:Glenn Wouters (guitar), Dave De Meyer (drums), Yannick Van De Venne (bass), Wouter Borgmans (guitar & vocals), Ghil Stroobants (vocals)

Fans die al iets langer in de hardcore/metalcore scene zitten zullen ongetwijfeld In Clear Sight nog kennen. In 2011 brachten ze via Clenched Fist Records hun eerste album ‘Fuck Fairy-tales, this is Reality!’ uit. Na een pauze van 2 jaar weet de band de stilte te doorbreken. Dit met een nieuwe line-up en nieuwe EP genaamd ‘Dance Of The Horae’.

de EP begint met een intro sample die gemaakt is door Stef Neyens (SoldOutDJ). Eens de intro sample gedaan is krijg je een stevige mix van hardcore en metalcore om je oren. Fans die de band al langer kennen kunnen tevreden zijn want de brutaliteit van hun voorganger ‘Fuck Fairy-tales, this is Reality!’ is nog steeds aanwezig met een vernieuwende energie. De band heeft een melodische en energieke sound. Op vocaal gebied is er ook voldoende variatie door dat de vocals van zanger Ghil ondersteund worden met backing vocals van gitarist Wouter. De song ‘When Shadows Turn To Saviors’ is mijn persoonlijke favorite. Bij deze song duwen ze het gaspedaal iets harder in en komen de vocals iets krachtiger door.

Het grootste verschil is dat ze de pure hardcore ingeruild hebben voor melodieuze metalcore. De hardcore invloeden zijn nog goed aanwezig. de cd telt 5 songs en is goed voor een goeie 20 minuten luisterplezier. Met deze EP onder de arm hopen we dat ze binnenkort aan hun tweede full cd beginnen!



  1. Dance Of The Horao
  2. Soulstealer
  3. Homecoming
  4. When Shadows Turn To Saviors
  5. Echoes

Persoonlijke score: 85/100

[youtube id=”90g_CU8JMCM”]




Bay Area independent label Pure Noise Records is proud to announce the signing of Orange County based hardcore band Stick To Your Guns. The band joins the company’s stellar roster of bands that includes Four Year Strong, Masked Intruder, Senses Fail, State Champs and The Story So Far among others.

“I can say with a straight face and whole heart that for the first time STYG now belongs to a label that not only we believe is one of the very few relevant labels in underground music, but a label that truly believes in us and what we do. We can talk about logical next steps for the band and we can talk about what an opportunity it is for us, but none of that really matters to me. What matters is that we work with someone who gets what we are trying to do and who will nurture and support those goals. Jake and Pure Noise have always done that. Even before we were part of the ‘PN Family’ he made us feel like we were. I guess it’s just official now. I’m very much looking forward to what we can accomplish together” – Jesse Barnett

Formed in 2003, Stick To Your Guns has become a juggernaut in the hardcore underground with seminal records like The Hope Division, Diamond, and their 2015 release: “Disobedient”. The band now enters the next chapter of their career with signing to Pure Noise Records and a highly-anticipated EP due later this year.

[youtube id=”YWAv_c-TiMo”]

Jera On Air, vrijdag 24 juni 2016

The Amity Affliction

Het festivalterrein is een grote modderpoel, maar dat houdt niemand tegen. Waar de tenten bij de eerste acts nog wat leeg blijven, staan ze halverwege de avond bomvol. Bij For I Am King is de tent nog niet helemaal vol, maar dat maakt de Nederlandse female fronted band helemaal niks uit. De band gaat er vol voor, en krijgt het publiek prima mee. De lange gitaarlijnen lopen mee met de agressieve screams waar de dame helemaal geen probleem mee heeft. Bij Bury Tomorrow, een Britse metalcore band, staat de zaal bijna helemaal vol. Er moet even gewacht worden op de mannen, want er zijn problemen met de elektriciteit. Het publiek is geduldig, en maak er zelf alvast een feestje van met gegil, geschreeuw en gezang.

Een half uur te laat stappen de mannen het podium op, met excuses voor het wachten. Zodra de mannen beginnen te spelen, is het publiek vergeten dat ze zo lang moesten wachten. Het gaat er hard aan toe, en het publiek gaat uit zijn dak. Daarna staan de Australische hardcore punk mannen van Deez Nuts op het programma.The Amity Affliction De mannen vliegen over het podium. Het publiek vliegt door de zaal. Er wordt volop gesprongen en gezongen. Na Deez Nuts is het tijd voor Thy Art Is Murder. De bandleden en het publiek beweegt hard mee op de breakdowns. Het publiek gaat helemaal uit zijn dak als de band “Reign of Darkness” speelt, het nummer dat werd aangevraagd door het publiek. De metal punk band Municipal Waste gooit het tempo flink omhoog.The Amity Affliction

De mannen barsten van de energie, en het publiek doet daar aan mee. Na een avond vol goede muziek, is het aan de Australische mannen van The Amity Afflicion om de avond knallend af te sluiten. Dit doen ze dan ook. De hele tent staat vol, en de mannen worden met luid gejuich ontvangen.

De gevoelige liedjes worden volop meegezongen. Deze liedjes worden afgewisseld met de hardere metalcore. En het publiek past zich daarop aan, circlepits en crowdsurfers vullen de zaal. Een zeer geslaagde eerste dag!

Report – Pic’s : Sophie van Schaijk


Wedstrijd * ALCATRAZ 2016 * WIN TICKETS

alcatraz wedstrijd 2016

Wedstrijd * ALCATRAZ 2016 * WIN TICKETS

ALCATRAZ Hard Rock & Metal Festival, dat op zaterdag 13 en zondag 14 augustus 2016 te Kortrijk zal doorgaan

 (Sport Campus Lange Munte Bad Godesberglaan 22 8500 Kortrijk)

Wederom als elk jaar slaagt de organisatie er in een geweldige affiche samen te stellen, en ook dit jaar slagen ze met namen rond je oren waar je alleen maar duizelig van wordt.

Dit jaar mogen we de volgende bands performen op de Alcatraz festival weide te Lange Munte.

Within Temptation –  Whitesnake –  Avantasia  

Airbourne – Triptykon  – Soulfly 

Kreator  – Ministry – Korpiklaani 

Lita Ford – Children of Bodom –  Avatar 

  Candlemass – Metal Church – Devildriver –  The Answer 

Flotsam and Jetsam  – Thundermother – Exodus


Gezien deze geweldige affiche mag Rock-Pix Media in samenwerking met de organisatie van ALCATRAZ zomaar 5x Duo-Tickets weggeven…

Zoals je weet bekom je bij RPM deze Duo-Tickets niet geheel gratis en moet je er wel wat voor doen. Zodoende maken we er weer eens een lekker wedstrijdje ervan voor onze pagina like’rs.

AANDACHT Only for Likers !!!
Zonder onze Rock-Pix en Alcatraz pagina te like kan je niet meedoen en wordt je insturen niet goedgekeurd.


Zo bedachten we de volgende vragen:

* Vraag 1, Op Alcatraz staat veiligheid hoog aangeschreven, maar welke schoen is dan ook veilig en comfortabel op zulk festival ?

* Vraag 2. Elk jaar komt er iemand langs die niet vies is van Hard Rock & Metal muziek waarbij hij zelf spontaan begint te headbangen, wie is die vrij        bekende persoon van Kortrijk zelf ?
* Schiftingsvraag. Volgens ALCATRAZ Facebook pagina zie link  Heeft de pagina zomaar 20.761 totaal-vind-ik-leuks,

Maar hoeveel like’s zal hun festival pagina hebben op 31 juli 2016?.


Deze wedstrijd loopt tot 31 juli om 00.00u.
E-mail wedstrijd:

De winnaars worden op 1 August 2016 via een alg post bekent gemaakt op ons media,  tickets zullen op naam van de winnaar per e-mail verstuurt worden door de organisatie van Alcatraz zelf. Over de uitslag / winnaar wordt niet gecorrespondeerd.

Voor Tickets en verder informatie kan je zeker terecht op de volgende link

Good luck,

Groezrock 2015 review


GROEZROCK traditionally marks the start of the Belgian festival season and gathers Punk and Hardcore enthusiast from around the world for a weekend of partying, drinking, stagediving, singing and making new friends. Last weekend the 24th instalment of GROEZROCK once again transformed Meerhout into one big playground and [Rock-Pix / Bajo Asfalto] luckilyhad the chance to capture this thrilling experience. In this festival report we describe our highlights of GROEZROCK 2015 and consciously strive to give more attention to the smaller and lesser known bands.



Since the festival is held the last weekend of April, long before summer officially commences, we caught ourselves neurotically checking the weather forecast in preparation for GROEZROCK. We expected to be cold and packed our thermal underwear. We expected to be wet and packed our ponchos. But like most people around us we never anticipated to be struck by a small hailstorm whilst heading for the camping ground. Unfortunately hauling litres of beer, kilos of food and a shitload of camping supplies isn’t an activity most enjoyed while being soaked. Luckily the weather cleared once we received our wristband and started hunting for a favourable location for our tent. We succeeded rising our giant ‘absolutely-longer-than-the-marketed-two-seconds’-tent and subsequently celebrated with a warm meal and a refreshing beer. This was Thursday and we were more than ready to start the weekend. After enjoying part of DJ MIKE ROCK’s set in the crowed breakfast tent we headed for the nearby pre-GROEZROCK show and witnessed the punk rockers from GINO’S EYEBALL performing all time classics from Bon Jovi, Beastie Boys, Blink 182, Greenday, Lustra and even Marco Borsato. The ridiculously cheap beer (3 for 5€) and sing-alongs proved to be a golden combination and made everyone party like there was no tomorrow.



That tomorrow unfortunately came and it came hard. By dawn, after having spent a short and intoxicated night in a literally frozen tent, most attendees looked like they had already been raising hell for days straight. The festival hadn’t officially started, but the tone was already set for the remainder of the weekend. After easily making our way through the main entrance of GROEZROCK we headed to the Revenge Stage for BEACH SLANG. The crowd quickly gathered to observe the trio’s first European show and loudly sang along with their catchy, mid-tempo mixture of fuzzy pop punk and indie. What appealed most to us about BEACH SLANG were the energy and the dark, almost British-sounding vocals of James Snyder. The band genuinely seemed to relish every second of their performance in front of a surprisingly full Revenge Stage and perfectly kick-started our first festival day.




Next in line was Belgium’s own BRUTUS. This three-piece for Leuven has an eclectic approach to writing music and brings an intriguing combination of shoegaze, noise rock and metal. Avoiding all musical standards and conventions BRUTUS achieves to deliver a unique and rhythm-oriented wall of sound, which feels powerful, yet intimate. While it is mainly Stefanie’s vocals and drum-work that draw attention to BRUTUS, it is the specific sonic combination with the eerie and cavernous guitar sound and the heavy, fuzzy bass, which drives the band forward. Watching and hearing BRUTUS perform at GROEZROCK was a welcome fresh wind of air between the other bands filling the bill.



TOXIC SHOCK, hailing from Antwerp City, is known for delivering a fast, loud and unrelenting crossover between early 80’s thrash metal and hardcore punk. Living up to their live reputation TOXIC SHOCK quickly turned the Back To Basics Stage into an old school gathering of stagediving, moshing and stomping. The stage presence and energy of the singer, Wally, makes their music even more powerful than it already is. Climbing up into the stage lightning, choking himself with the wire of his microphone, stagediving and screaming the lyrics to ‘The Survivalist’ – a song about his recent battle with cancer – with an unbelievable sincerity and force. TOXIC SHOCK’s set was a perfect warm-up for all the moshers who were counting down the hours for the first European show of IRON REAGAN.

Toxic Shock





STICK TO YOUR GUNS easily filled the Impericon Stage and initiated moshing and crowdsurfing from front to back. From beginning to end the whole tent easily sang along with their catchy and melodic metalcore, proving that the band has a loyal following all around the world.

Stick To Your Guns



ATREYU officially announced their reunion in 2014 and GROEZROCK was lucky enough to attract them to their festival. Just like STICK TO YOUR GUNS the band brings metalcore with a fair amount of catchy choruses and a convincing stage presence. They played all their classics, including their cover of Bon Jovi’s ‘You Give Love a Bad Name’. So what’s not to love?



IRON REAGAN shares two members with Municpal Waste and can be seen as the latter’s little, faster and more punk-oriented brother. With statements like ‘We are going to play 6 songs in under 3 minutes’, IRON REAGAN confirmed their punk attitude. The circle pits almost instantaneously covered The Back To Basics Stage with a giant cloud of dust, trapping the crowd into a category 5 hurricane of thrash metal riffs. Almost every second of the bands performance people were diving, rolling or somersaulting of the stage, making the first 20 meters of the tent unreachable for the faint-hearted. Definitely the show we will remember most of this year’s edition of GROEZROCK.

Iron Reagan

The Californian band CEREMONY is hard to describe due to their specific influences and adaptation of different styles. Their sound ranges from old school hardcore, to garage rock, to even post-punk. Their first song – featured on the new album that is coming out this month – strongly reminded of a mix between Joy Division, The Smiths and Pink Floyd. After the opening song CEREMONY seamlessly commenced playing their classic hardcore songs, drawing everyone to the stage screaming along. This 180 degree was an immense surprise if you hadn’t heard the band perform before. Halfway through their set we had already witnessed more stagedivers than we could count and observed the frontman being buried under a meat pile consisting of 20 dedicated fans.


Luckily our second night at the camping ground was less cold and therefore way more comfortable. Although we can imagine a lot of early sleepers waking up by the endless chanting of Bro Hymn during Pennywise. Our first must-see band of festival day 2 was Your Highness. YOUR HIGHNESS is well known for their sludgy stoner rock in the Antwerp music scene and are steadily making name for themselves outside of Antwerp and Belgium. With a recently released album called ‘City in Ruins’ GROEZROCK was the perfect location to gather new fans. The band made use of the already dusty tent by asking the audience to dance so hard that they could no longer see the crowd. This may be the reason why we are still seeing black snot when we blow our nose… YOUR HIGHNESS convincingly brought their tunes to the masses and left Meerhout in ruins. The band explicitly ask for so much



TURBOWOLF was our next highlight of the day and may be one of the biggest surprises of the whole festival. Their 70’s inspired looks, the quirky moves of their frontman, the glittery outfit of their female bass player and the adequate use of keyboards made their set an unbelievable 40-minute fusion of rock, stoner, metal and psychedelic. Unconventional and unforgettable.



Reign Supreme is a band that doesn’t play live too often, so a lot of hardcore and metal enthusiast found their way to the Revenge Stage to tear the place up. Too be honest we expected a little more from the band after hearing their latest EP which clearly was a little more experimental than REIGN SUPREME’s previous releases. Unfortunately we didn’t experience the same refreshing sound when watching the band play live.

Reign Supreme

The hardcore punk supergroup OFF!, consisting of Keith Morris (Circle Jerks, Black Flag), Dimitri Coats (Burning Brides), Steven McDonald (Redd Kross) and Mario Rubalcaba (Hot Snakes), was next on our to-see-list. After seeing their raw and energetic set, you can’t believe that Keith Morris is close to 60 already. Short, powerful and raw.


REFUSED had the honour of rounding up this year’s amazing edition of GROEZROCK. Starting with their recently released new song Elektra, breaking their set up with The Deadly Rhythm (with some added Raining Blood from Slayer) and coming back for an encore with their all time classic New Noise, REFUSED was a perfect conclusion to the weekend.