– CTHULUMINATI – A storytelling psychedelic metal formation from the Netherlands

Devi – vocals and guitar – Rami – guitar – Strausz – bass – Seth – drums


A storytelling psychedelic metal formation from the Netherlands

Genre: psychedelic blend of black, doom, stoner and progressive metal, 70’s rock, blues, as well as many other influences.

CTHULUMINATI was formed in 2015, by Devi Hisgen, Rami Wohl and Stefan Strausz after playing together for more than a year in Psychedelic Black ‘N Roll formation Marquis. Driven to evolve their music even further into the unknown, a new format was chosen in which a Psychedelic musical flow stands central. The name “Cthuluminati” was chosen to represent the band’s themes, incorporating modern conspiracies and mythology into classic Lovecraftian folklore. Soon after, Rick Lieffering (FENRIS) joined on drums. With a new complete line-up, the band played shows regularly across the Netherlands, and started recording their first full-length album ‘Reliqideus” in the summer of 2016. With the aid of Bas the Rooij (main producer), Stephen van Haestrecht (recording and production on drums) and Toni Lindgren (mastering), the album was finished end of 2017.

Cthuluminati – Reliqideus
Illumni Fhtagn
El Lizard Birth

Supernatural Selection
A Thin Line



Before releasing the album, band member Rick quit the band personal reasons, and the band decided to focus on building forth on the band’s central themes, writing new music and stories around the band’s musical content. In the summer of 2018, Seth van de Loo (SEVERE TORTURE) decided to join the band on drums.After a year of preparations and hard work, they are ready to release a full album “Reliqideus” and contains six lengthy tracks.

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Swedish metalband band Highrider will be released, called ‘Roll For Initiative’.

Bandmembers: Andreas Fagerberg: bass guitar/vocals – Carl-Axel Wittbeck: drums – Eric Rädegärd: guitars – Christopher Erkendahl: keyboards

the first full length album from Swedish metalband

band Highrider will be

released, called ‘Roll For Initiative’.

Highrider started out in early 2013. Andreas (bass, formerly of hardcore/punks Fredag den 13:e) and Carl-Axel (drums, Din Skevf) wanted to start up a band that played aggressive hardcore metal but with the classic 70´s setup of Rainbow and Deep Purple, featuring the organ and synthesizer. Thematically, inspiration came from sources outside of music. Mainly the sci fi movies of the eighties and of John Carpenter in particularly. Another eighties phenomenon that was crucial inspiration was the imminent death threat to all of civilisation known as the Cold War.

Carl-Axel met Eric (guitar, bass player in stoners Dödaren) at a show in Gothenburg featuring The Sword and then band started rehearsing. Fairly quickly a sound took shape, aiming somewhere in between aforementioned The Sword and doom metallers High On Fire. The band were still on the hunt for someone to take on the keyboard though. As fate would have it a young hero soon emerged in the form of Carl-Axel´s childhood friend Christopher (Din Skevf). Originally a bass player, Christopher was talked into playing keys and did so with success.

Still looking for a singer, the band then got into the studio to record songs. All though a few had been auditioned, none had made the cut. Andreas then gave it a shot and the line-up was completed. In 2015 they signed a deal with The Sign Records, awaiting future releases on the label. In March 2016 they brought out their debut EP called ‘Armageddon Rock’.

‘Roll For Initiative’ is the first full length album from Highrider, set for release on The Sign
Records the 15th of September 2017.
A metallic and raw debut filled with Scandinavian high energy heavy metal. ‘Roll For Initiative’ holds 8 tracks that mixes thrash, metal, 70́s, doom, punk and hardcore.

Highriders hometown Gothenburg have always been a breeding ground for clashes of the extreme. Highriders debut album is a disturbance between genres and follows up on the band’s praised debut EP-release ‘Armageddon Rock’(2016, The Sign Records).

Highriders new album ‘Roll For Initiative’ is nuclear destruction on it́s own, high energy,
over the top music mutation beyond this world. ‘Roll For Initiative’ was recorded by Ulf Blomberg in HoboRec Studio. The production got a greater and more magnificent sound then on Highriders previous release. The larger production and a more profound songwriting can be heard on tracks as “The Greater Monkey”, “Vagina Al Dente” and “Emotional Werewolf”.

At the same time there are a raw, pissed off and furious primitive force in songs as “Nihilist Lament” and “Batteries” that forge together the album to a much needed highenergy outburst in 2017.