DIZASTRA’s Music Video ‘Vae Victus’ Will Make You Saddle Up Your Dragon & Ride Through Hell

DIZASTRA’s Music Video ‘Vae Victus’ Will Make You Saddle Up Your Dragon & Ride Through Hell

For fans of Skeletonwitch, Dissection, Watain, Celtic Frost, Sepultura
DIZASTRA’s Music Video ‘Vae Victus’ Will Make You Saddle Up Your Dragon & Ride Through Hell

From the bowels of Satan’s lair, DIZASTRA has come. After a long wait for their first full-length album, fans can expect to be massacred with “Elder Sun” coming later in 2019.

Following up the 2015 EP ‘Hell’ s Gate’, Montreal based DIZASTRA summons unholy ferocity in their music merging the sounds of black, thrash and melodic heavy metal to coagulate is a distinct sound.
‘Vae Victus’ is the first single from the upcoming album “Elder Sun”. The anthem to riding a dragon through Hades, this track combines all the elements of what makes heavy metal what it is. Bringing together shrieking vocals, pummeling drums, cosmic-threatening bass, and electrifying (literally) solos, ‘Vae Victus’ rides triumph through listeners ears.
The video for ‘Vae Victus’ demonstrates their meager budget and Tolkien level storytelling in a compelling tale of time travel and high adventure. Wizards, warriors, battle, and friendship all come together to dazzle viewers across the globe.
Your steed awaits for a blasphemous sojourn into the abyss.

Watch ‘Vae Victus’ here.

Song Credits:
Written and Performed by: Dizastra
Mixed, Mastered and Recorded by: Carl Roberge
Produced by: Carl Roberge and Dizastra

From the bowels of Satan’s lair, Dizastra has come. Their story begins with veteran performer of Quebec’s Heavy Montreal music festival and Wacken Metal Battle Canada finalist Matt Conti. He joined forces with Denis Stoisin. Together they mixed melody with ferocity, merging the sounds of Black, Thrash, and Melodic Heavy Metal. Within a year of forming, Dizastra released their first EP titled “Hell’s Gate” in 2015. The release brought them recognition as a rising force within the Quebec Heavy Metal scene and national acclaim.
Dizastra’s line-up was solidified in the summer of 2017 with the addition of Nathan Afilalo of Dissension on bass and Petey Giampa of Venomenon on drums. The contributions of these new members summoned new speed and malice to the group’s sound. With the band firmly established, they dug their heels in the trenches and began writing material for their first full-length album.
At long last, the wait is finally over. “Elder Sun” is the next chapter in Dizastra’s legacy that will guarantee them a place amongst Heavy Metal’s elite. Set for release in the fall of 2019, the “Elder Sun” rises.

Krepitus – The Eyes of The Soulless (2016)   Release Date: November 25, 2016

L-R: Curtis Beardy- Bass, Teran Wyer- Guitars/Vocals, Harley “Rage” D’orazio- Drums, Matt Van Wezel – Guitars

Krepitus  The Eyes of The Soulless Self-Release 25 November 2016

Bone-crushing Calgary four-piece KREPITUS are challenging the relationship between death and thrash metal with their trademark downtrodden technical riffs and fierce aggressive vocals. They have been constantly playing with opposing elements and creating a stable compound of death-fused thrash since their beginnings in 2013.

They will be unleashing their debut album ‘The Eyes of The Soulless’ on November 25th, 2016.

So far they have the album title track for FREE download (please feel free to share the link

Krepitus.com | Twitter Facebook |  YouTube
Sales link: Bandcamp | CD Baby
The Eyes of The Soulless

1. The Decree of Theodoseus (6:46)krepitus2
2. Apex Predator (3:28)
3. Exile (7:48)
4. Sharpen the Blade (5:33)
5. Eyes of the Soulless (6:16)
6. Desolate Isolation (5:39)
7. Erroneous (4:55)
8. My Desdemona (6:04)
Album Length: 46:32
 All songs written and performed by: Krepitus
Produced by: Byron Lemley
Mixed by: Byron Lemley
Mastered by: Kiril Telichev
CD Cover, Album Artwork: Danile Gauvin
Album Band/Live Line Up:
Teran Wyer – Guitar/Vocals
Matt Van Wezel – Guitar
Curtis Beardy – Bass
Harley D’orazio – Drums
Shadows of Eternity Demo (2014)
Shared the stage with:
Van Halst, Expain, Depths of Hatred, Aegaeon, Wilt, Altars of Grief
Tours and festivals:
Calgary Extreme Metal Radio Metalfest (2016)
Calgary Metalfest (2015, 2016)
Bone-crushing Calgary four-piece KREPITUS are challenging the relationship between death and thrash metal with their trademark downtrodden technical riffs and fierce agressive vocals. They have been constantly playing with opposing elements and creating a stable compound of death-fused thrash since their beginnings in 2013.
The group is comprised of Teran Wyer performing double duty on guitar and vocals; a tortured soul bound to his music. Matt Van Wezel is the second sniper, hitting each guitar note with precision and complementing the already harmonious riffs. Curtis Beardy pulls the tone down to the depths of hell with his steady hand and low register bass riffs. Finally, Harley “Rage” D’orazio kicks everything into overdrive possessed by grinding rhythms and accenting every solo on his drum kit.
 Each member stands like a pillar; strong and sure in their own sound, but all standing to support the structure that is Krepitus. They have since performed with acts like Expain, Depths of Hatred, and Aegaeon and have competed in the Wacken Metal Battle Canada while writing their debut album. They have since completed said album and are planning to release it Friday, November 25, 2016. Pre-orders can be made via their bandcamp at:


XUL – and their upcoming EP ‘Extinction”.

XUL Press Photo

L-R – Wallace Huffman (Lead Guitar) – Lowell Winters (Drums) – Levi Meyers (Vocals) – Marlow Deiter (Bass) – Bill Ferguson (Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals) – Photo Credit – Jenna Hindley, Midnyte-Sun Photography

Levi Meyers, Bill Ferguson, Wallace Huffman, Marlow Deiter and Lowell Winters formed XUL in Vernon, British Columbia, Canada, following in the footsteps of bands such as: Behemoth, Dissection, and Immortal, XUL has left the beaten path to forge their own brand of Blackened Death Metal.
An energetic and engaging live performance, overflowing with crushing rhythms seamlessly coalescing into atmospheric passages, accompanied by a storm of punishing percussion and vicious vocal harmonies. XUL has expanded on their previous work with their new release “Extinction Necromance”.Xul_artworkonly

Heralding a new age of northern darkness. Songs reminiscent of cold lonely tombs, malevolent intent and predatory nature. XUL captivates audiences like light attracts flies. XUL’s first offering since 2012’s Malignance , “Extinction Necromance” see’s a reverse-metamorphosis of the band, delving deeper into the maelstrom and the result is truly unsettling.
Driven by determination and a diverse accumulation of musical comprehension, XUL has toured Western Canada, sharing the stage with heavyweights including Obscura, Exhumed, Vreid, Kampfar, Woods of Ypres, Macabre, Withered, Cephalic Carnage, Archspire and 3 Inches of Blood.

Extinction Necromance looms heavy just beyond the light of day and XUL is determined to build on an already impressive western Canadian following, while firmly setting the rest of Canada in their crosshairs.

XUL – Malignance Reviews

#10 of Top 20 Best Albums of 2012 for MetalMadeInCanada.ca

“Xul continue to offer a barrage after barrage of obliterating death metal…when the sheer fire power and dexterous performances that Xul serve up are so satisfying. Particularly when you consider that is the band’s debut album. Malignance is undeniably impressive.” – Powerplay Mag UK 

“Malignance, the first record from unsigned Canadian blackened death act Xul, is one of the most impressive debut’s I’ve heard in a very long time. Rarely are the similar artists mentioned in press kits an entirely accurate estimation of the soundscapes to be found within an album proper, but I find the examples of Behemoth and Dissection are quite fitting in this case, as the band excels at weaving the brutality of the former with the epic melodious propensity of the latter, not to mention the grandiosity inherent to both, into a rich and exciting tapestry of extremity.” – Metal-Archives.com

“Vernon British Columbia natives, XUL made their way to Katacombs with one intention in mind – to leave a lasting effect. They did. Influenced by the mighty Behemoth and defunct, Dissection, Xul pulled out all the stops in an insanely intense show characterized by a great sound, guitar hooks and energy that would lay waste to most established bands today! Approx. 50 people were in attendance, give or take a few, but there could have been 10,000 people with the amount of electricity in the air! CONFIDENCE was the adjective on display. They tore through “Summon the Swarm” in such a way that Jon Nodtveidt would have smiled in his grave! Long live Blackened Death Metal. Long Live Xul.” – Live Review – Ondes Chocs

“will appeal to fans of black/death metal.  Hard-hitting and brutal, Malignance is intense and that intensity does not let up until the very last song.” – TheFrontRowReport.com

“I loved this album beginning to end, and you can hear the talent that lies there just waiting to come out and greet the world with what XUL has to offer. I can’t wait to hear what they come out with next. I hope some record company comes and grabs these guys because they have a lot to offer the metal community! Look forward to the future with XUL because I know we will be hearing from them again soon.” – Metal Master Kingdom

“Xul operate within the genre of blackened death metal, taking cues from blackened death metal giants like Behemoth, black metal legends like Immortal and Mayhem, as well as death metal demigods like Morbid Angel. They have taken all of these inspirations and combined them into their own artistically highly successful brand of blackened death metal, which features the brutality of death metal and the darkness and evil of black metal. Thus, you get and album the treats you to both the machine-gun bassdrums, guttural vocals, and technically proficient playing associated with death metal and the tense harmonies, tremolo picking, and blazing blastbeats associated with black metal…..Xul’s “Malignance” is a huge artistic success and captures what I consider to be the best from both death metal and black metal.” – Metal Music Archives

“XUL’s “Malignance” is a raging, rolling machine of Black-tinged Death Metal 8/10? – Metal-Observer

“the band manages to make a sound that encompasses the Death Metal ‘old school’ with the current time style that combines technical, brutality and a very dark mood, as do Belphegor, Behemoth and Azarath. 8/10? – Whiplash (Brazil)

Malignance features a stunning display of musicianship with its ultra-slick leads, hyperspeed percussion and incredible bass tone. Meyers’s fetid vocals salivating on the album’s rotting body ties the whole gruesome scene together. Xul wreak “Vengeance” on the ears of death metal fans, forcing their way in the cortex to fester and boil. This is one Malignance you’ll be dying to have.” – Kingdom of Noise

“I love death metal that takes no prisoners.” – Battl Helm

“This blackened death quintet from Vernon, British Columbia does not dissapoint with thier first release, Malignance. The first track sets the pace for the whole album; hard hitting, ear splitting, skull crushing brutality. Battlestorm, indeed! Strong black influences shine through, especially in tracks like Porta Nocis, and Vengeance, while the instrumental Winter’s Reign leaves you spellbound. I have to admit to being really impressed with the amount of work these northern bastards have put into this, and I highly recommend it.” – Canadian Black Metal

“a  very  great  sounding  heavy  and  brutal  blackened  death  metal  band  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  this  musical  genre,  you  should  check  out  this  recording.  RECOMMENDED  TRACKS  INCLUDE  “Battlestorm”  “Winter’s  Reign”  and  “Tomb  Of  The  Tyrants”.  RECOMMENDED  BUY” – BringerofDeathZine

“The perfect combination of black and death metal, even with a particularly thrashy sounding guitar line in places on ‘Mastication of Putrescent Empyrean RemXUL - MALIGNANCE - ALBUM COVERains’ really comes together on this album” – BigMetalBastard

Discography  2010 – EP – Beyond Darkened Mountains – 2012 – Malignance – LP


1. Battlestorm 04:27
2. Mastication of Putrescent Empyrean Remains 05:14
3. Porta Noctis 05:08
4. Vengeance 03:28
5. Winter’s Reign 04:26
6. Hordes of Black 05:29
7. Incinerate the Earth 04:17
8. Tomb of Tyrants 05:54