Black Hole – Lost World

Black Hole – Lost World

Black Hole is a French melodic metal band, which saw the light of day in 1998. They recorded the first album in 2000 but due to line-up changes, touring started in 2008. They have released 2 albums, being “Children Of The Sun” and “Victim Of Illusion”. Characteristic of the style are the sharp guitar riffs, the powerful rhythms and the furious solos. The band already supported Nightwish, Firewind, Jeff Scott Soto, Shakra, …. Since 2015, vocalist Fabio Torrisi joined the band and that gave Black Hole an extra boost. Their third long player is almost a fact with “Lost World”. At the end of 2016 they made us curious with the release of this teaser: Remarkable for “Better Days” are powerful and melodic vocals, “Lost World” gave a second impression what we could expect on the upcoming full album.

Opener “Better Days” has now appeared on video via Nocturna: The piece, that we could listen to in the teaser, is now complete and sounds contagious to open the record. Catchy, melodious and powerful, as we may expect from a band in that genre. The up-tempo moments contains powerful drum and guitar, the quieter moments completes this song nicely. Beautiful how sometimes the guitars roughly pound and sometimes form a fragile melody. It took some time getting used to the timbre of the voice of Fabio Torrisi, but that is personal. In any case, many beautiful long powerful vocals harmoniously with the strong solos.

Slightly quieter with “No More Hope”, which also tackles it in a somewhat bombastic and theatrical way. A begging song to be helped is promptly answered by a finger-tight guitar solo. “When I’m really down, help me, save me” … I never heard someone ask for help so melodiously.

In “Help Me” I sometimes hear a pinch of Klaus Maine in the vocals. The strong guitar solos fly around your ears from all sides.

In the up-tempo “Save Your Dreams”, the vocal lines sometimes takes twists, which took me a time to get comfortable with. Once again, master on the strings Matthieu Acker is the man in the spotlight, but Christophe Brunner is also hitting it hard with double bass drum parts.

That Black Hole also can be dark, is proven in “Forever With Us”. In addition to the masterperformance of Fabio, in this slower and heavier track, the basses of Patrick Umber stands up. The nice drumfills brighten up the song a bit, but despite the high rising melodic vocals, a blissful dark atmosphere remains. With his good 6 minutes, beautiful songs can last a long time.

Also from the title track “Lost World” a video has appeared, which is on it’s way to 5000 views: This symphonic track runs like an express train and is a good reflection of what Black Hole stands for. Powerful vocals, strong rhythms, fierce guitar solos and throbbing rhythms.

“Carved In You” starts wonderfully beautiful as a hymn. The double bass drum, as well as a guitar solo, is characteristic of this up-tempo metal track.

“Change Your Life” and “The Cell” go more towards melodic power metal, interspersed with razor-sharp riffs and solos.

The quiet magic on piano is punctuated in “The One” by a screeching guitar solo but returns. This ballad is pulled open by Fabio and gains strength thanks to drum and guitar solo. The rhythm makes the atmosphere fluctuate from powerful to subdued. As fragile as the number started, so fragile it ends.

With “Lost World” we get 10 songs, where for me “Change Your Live” and “Forever With Us” jumps out of the list. For those who want to discover this band, the album will be released on May 31 through Via Nocturna. They also play at “Devils Rock For An Angel” on September 29 where you can see them live at work.

Black Hole is:

Christophe Brunner: Drum and management

Matthieu Acker: Guitar

Patrick Umber: Bass

Fabio Torrisi: Voice


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New video for Black Hole

Spearhead of the Metal scene in the East of France, Black Hole distils sharp guitar riffs, powerful rhythm and furious solos.

Those ingredients associated to the melodious voice of the new frontman Fabio give you the taste of what you can expect for 2016.

Its way of life since 2008 helped Black Hole to open the concerts for bands like Nightwish, Rage, Evergrey, John Oliva Pain, Firewind, Circle II Circle, Jeff Scott Soto, Vulcain, Shakra, Killer, Nightmare, VandenPlas, Absolva …

After 2 albums, the band returns on the rehearsal room to prepare new songs for its new album “Lost World” in order to plan a distribution for the album and find concerts.

You can listen to two songs “Better Days” and “ Lost World” on




The official track taken from “Lost World”, album by BLACK HOLE (France). Out May 31, 2018 on Via Nocturna.

Via Nocturna:






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French metalband Black Hole is working on new album

foto van BLACK HOLE.

Upcoming new album from Black Hole


Black Hole is a french heavy melodic band. Typical of the style are the sharp guitar riffs, powerful rhythm and furious solo’s. Those ingredients associated to the melodious voice of the new frontman Fabio gives you the taste of what you can expect.


Black Hole are:135400_119357848132778_7872473_o

Christophe Brunner: Drums and management

Matthieu Acker: Guitars

Patrick Umber: Bass

Fabio Torrisi: Vocals




It al started in 2008, and since then, Black Hole supported several big bands like Nightwish, Rage, Evergrey, Jon Oliva Pain, Firewind, Circle II Circle, Jeff Scott Soto, Vulcain, Killers and even the Swiss rockers Shakra

They already released 2 albums and are now finishing the recordings of the their album ‘Lost World’ which could be released in 2017.


Here is the link of Blackhole’s new teaser:


For this, they are actually looking for a record company to give this album the distribution and promotion it deserves. They even have tracks in progress for a fourth album …


With ‘Better days’ and ‘Lost World’, they make promotion for the album and the band.


‘Better days’ is a commercial melodic and powerful song. ‘Lost World’ is a symphonic song which gives a second impression of the band.


They decided to spread this teaser in the middle of december, on their new website and even on music platform like Bandcamp and Soundcloud after spreading the teaser on Facebook. They had positive return and even a little chronic from an Australian E-Magazine.


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