Italian Groove Thrash EXTREMA New Single ‘For The Loved And The Lost’ Off Upcoming Album “Headbanging Forever”

EXTREMA is: Tiziano “Titian” Spigno – Vocals – Tommy Massara – Guitars –
Gabri Giovanna – Bass – Francesco “Frullo” Larosa – Drums

Italian Groove Thrash EXTREMA New Single ‘For The Loved And The Lost’ Off Upcoming Album “Headbanging Forever”

Long-running Italian groove thrash metallers EXTREMA are going to release their seventh studio album, “Headbanging Forever”, on May 10, 2019, via Rockshots Records/Universal Music.
Tommy Massara comments:

“It’s a 100% Metal Album that leaves the listeners breathless. The songs are well balanced, there’s a lot of double bass, tempo changes and screaming lead guitar solos like in the old days. The songwriting of the album reminds of something classic with a modern production.”
Today, the band reveals the first single “For The Loved And The Lost”. Listen to the brand new song.

Tiziano Spigno states:

“I’m really excited for “For the Loved and The Lost” being the first single taken from the new album, as it’s one of my favorite tracks. It is a tribute to the friends and the great artists who left us in the last years. The lyrics are full of quotes and I believe that fans will have fun trying to sort them out. The chorus takes inspiration from the Vikings prayer to Odin before the battle and I really hope this will become a great aggregation moment during the next shows, with all the fans raising their glasses of beer, paying tribute to all these terrific artists and their immortal art.”
The album will be available in CD Digipack Deluxe or Vinyl Gatefold Limited Colored Edition. Exclusive Pre-order at Rockshots Records Store here 

For this album, the band enlisted Gustavo Sazes (MACHINE HEAD, ARCH ENEMY, ANGRA, ICED EARTH, GUS G., AMARANTHE, a.o.) to create the album artwork.
Tommy commented on the cover, “We had a list of artists in mind with which we would like to work with, in the end, we decided for two. With one it didn’t work, with Gustavo, after some emails and some ideas exchange, we decided to leave him blank paper to let his own vision and concept-free, and the result is awesome! A cover with a strong impact.”

“Headbanging Forever” has been produced by Tommy Massara & Gabriele Ravaglia. Recorded and mixed by Gabriele Ravaglia & Maxx Canali at the Fear Studio in Italy, it has been mastered by Alberto Cutolo at Massive Arts studios in Milan.

Track Listing:
1. The Call
2. Borders Of Fire
3. For The Loved And The Lost
4. Heavens Blind
5. Pitch Black Eyes
6. Headbanging Forever
7. Believer
8. Invisible
9. Paralyzed
10. The Showdown


EXTREMA’s original line-up was established between 1985 and 1986 in Milan, Italy. In a very short time, the band led by guitars player Tommy Massara achieved a huge success. Tommy is the only remaining member of the original line-up, and over the years he also played the role of artistic and executive producer.
Hundreds of concerts made the band more and more close-knit and open towards a constant growth path, capable from the beginning of welcoming influences external to heavy metal, a consistent choice within an evolutionary framework which saw EXTREMA start from the rebellious attitude of MOTÖRHEAD to later incorporate the style of Californian thrash metal, a scene with which the band shared the utmost care for the technical side of music and a devastating presence on stage.
The band’s reputation as musicians and performers kept growing in a perpetual live context, with extensive tours and the participation to prestigious festivals with the likes of METALLICA, SLAYER, MOTÖRHEAD, and KORN, a.o.
Extraneous from the beginning to political and ideological implications of any kind, EXTREMA’s lyrics have always strived to alternate challenging and contemporary themes with lighter subjects, true to rock’n’roll form.
In May 2017 the band welcomed the new frontman Tiziano Spigno. Thanks to his entry, EXTREMA can finally release all the creativity repressed in recent years: a violent, direct and engaging approach which is – at the same time – also varied, courageous and experimental, resulting in the new album “Headbanging Forever”.

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Hamilton’s THE CASTOR TROYS To Open For Headstones + Announce Ontario Tour Dates

EP Recording & Live Line Up: Aaron Walsh – Lead Vocals –  Chris Ledroit – Guitars, Backing Vocals –  Matthew Bowker – Bass, Backing Vocals – Bryson Emmons – Drums, Backing Vocals

Hamilton’s THE CASTOR TROYS To Open For Headstones + Announce Ontario Tour Dates

For Fans of The Offspring, the Headstones, Social Distortion, Rise Against, Monster Truck, The Motorleague

New Single “ We Are One”

New EP “Legends Never Die” Out Nov 9th

Set to unleash their new EP “Legends Never Die” on November 9th, Hamilton’s THE CASTOR TROYS will be kicking off live promotion of the release with dates across southern Ontario with Black Collar Union, which includes a hometown show on November 1st opening for Canadian legends Headstones for the first date of their “The Picture of Health Tour”.

The band comments:

“We’re incredibly stoked to kick off this album release tour opening for Headstones, one of the reasons for this band coming together in the first place. Their sound was kind of like the center of the Venn diagram of all our influences. We’ve followed them since we were too young to get into clubs to hear them play. And FirstOntario Concert Hall will be the biggest stage we’ve played yet. Then to follow that up with a series of shows with Black Collar Union will make this an Autumn to remember!”

Tour Dates:
Nov. 1 – Hamilton, ON – FirstOntario Concert Hall w/ Headstones
Nov. 10 – Hamilton, ON – Corktown w/ Black Collar Union
Nov. 16 – London, ON – Norma Jeans w/ Black Collar Union
Nov. 17 – Windsor, ON – TBA w/ Black Collar Union
Nov. 23 – St. Catharines, ON – TBA w/ Black Collar Union
Dec. 6 – Barrie, ON – Foxx Lounge
Jan. 19 – Cobourg, ON – Kelly’s

THE CASTOR TROYS first single “We Are One”, a catchy and fun sing-along with punk overtones in the riffs and a steady rockin’ beat is now streaming here..

Track Listing:
1. Blackout Love
2. We Are One
3. Watch the City Burn
4. Legends Never Die
5. Wreck of The Bastard
6. Runnin’ Down A Dream (Tom Petty cover)


The Castor Troys are a story-telling hard rock band from Hamilton, Ontario. Through lyrics that tell tales of war heroes, bank robbers and clandestine lovers, this intrepid four-piece peddles true stories and truer fiction. Drawing inspiration from bands like The Headstones, Social Distortion, Motörhead, The Offspring and Iron Maiden, The Castor Troys craft fiery and infectious songs that draw you in and don’t let go.
Taking their band name from a character in a Jon Woo film, The Castor Troys are a jubilant mix of hard rock, punk, country and southern rock. “Castor Troy was the villain (played by Nicholas Cage) in Face/Off. He was elegant, flamboyant and stylish, instantly likeable, while at the same time single-minded and ruthless in his pursuit of his goals.” expands the band on their choice of name.

Formed in 2013, they released their debut full-length album “Come Hell or High Water” in May of 2015 and their six track EP “Legends Never Die” will be due out November 9, 2018. Working with producer Andre Kaden Black and engineer Tal Vaisman (Ascot Royals) has refined the band’s sound and enabled them to capture the fierce energy of their live performance onto record.
Proven by becoming the 97.7 HTZ-FM Rocksearch 2018 Finalists, The Castor Troys are a relentless team of stage veterans. Averaging over 40 shows a year, they’ve played many festivals including Burlington’s Sound of Music sharing stages with countless bands such as The Planet Smashers, Scarlett and Silverstein. Writing music that is catchy and instantly memorable, The Castor Troys weave tales in an accessible and uncompromising manner.

Rockshots Records: Out Now! Finnish Power Metal SoulHealer New Album “Up From The Ashes”

Rockshots Records: Out Now! Finnish Power Metal SoulHealer New Album “Up From The Ashes”

For fans of Iron Maiden, Sabaton, Hammerfall, Powerwolf, Blind Guardian

Playing traditional heavy and power metal with an old fashioned 80’s attitude blended with a modern metal touch, Finland’s SoulHealer release their fourth studio album entitled “Up From The Ashes” officially out now as of September 14th in Europe and the following week on September 21st in North America via Rockshots Records. With catchy lyrics and unforgettable guitar riffs, SoulHealer deliver the perfect soundtrack to both 80’s lovers and new fans alike looking for great melodies and easy-to-remember songs.

The album can be found for download and stream on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play and Deezer at the following link from Rockshots Records here:

Guitarist Teemu Kuosmanen comments:

“This is our fourth album and the first one we took our time with. Our previous albums “Chasing the Dream” and especially the third “Bear the Cross” we rushed to compose and record. Both albums included really good songs but I can’t stop thinking how good they could of been if we didn’t hurry them. With ‘Up From The Ashes’ we have has matured and took our time to make the arrangements better. I’m sure our fans will love this album. They will find something new, but the soul of SoulHealer will still be there.”

Track Listing:
1. Up From The Ashes (4:13)
2. Through Fire And Ice (4:02)
3. Fly Away (3:42)
4. Sins Of My Father (7:08)
5. Prepare For War (4:18)
6. Pitch Black (4:14)
7. The Final Judgement (4:11)
8. Behind Closed Doors (4:11)
9. Am I In Hell (4:09)
10. Land of The Free (5:59)
Album Length: 46:09


For more info:

Extreme Metal Music Signs Thrashers TORNADO New Album “Commitment To Excellence” Out August 31st New Music Video “Global Pandemic”

TORNADO is: Superstar Joey Severance – Vocals – Tommy Shred – Guitar
Henri Steel – Bass – Jimmy Grey – Drums

Extreme Metal Music Signs Thrashers TORNADO

New Album “Commitment To Excellence” Out August 31st

New Music Video “Global Pandemic”

American/Finnish sensations TORNADO return in 2018 with a new release, aptly titled “Commitment To Excellence” featuring 11 songs of highly catchy and in-your-face thrash metal. Set to be released on August 31, 2018 via Extreme Metal Music, a subsidiary of Rockshots Records, this third full length features a guest line up that includes NILE’s Karl Sanders, IMMOLATION’s Ross Dolan and PRO-PAIN’s Adam Phillips as well as Glen Drover (ex-MEGADETH).

The album was produced by Ben Varon (ex-Amoral/Oceanhoarse) with mixing, mastering and engineering by AK, Chris Paccou (FOH Engineer of Slayer).

The band’s first single and music video “Global Pandemic” can be viewed here

Album Pre-Order available here 

Formed in 2010 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, TORNADO quickly released their Peter Tagtgren (Hypocrisy/Pain) produced debut album “Amsterdamn, Hellsinki”. 2016 saw the release of the sophomore album “Black President” as well as the video for the anti-bullying song “David and Goliath”, which caught the attention of several anti-bullying agencies, one of which used singer Superstar Joey Severance in a country wide advertising campaign.

With “Commitment To Excellent”, TORNADO continue to do what they do best: writing songs that you can actually remember, with their own original recipe consisting in a blend of thrash, sleazy and glam!

Track Listing:
1. A Minute of Nothing (1:02)
2. White Horse of the Apocalypse (feat. Karl Sanders/Nile, Guest Vocals: Niko Kalliojärvi/ex-Amoral) (4:45)
3. Global Pandemic (3:45)
4. Spirit and Opportunity(Guest Vocals: Ross Dolan/Immolation) (5:13)
5. The Flight of Yuri Gagarin (5:28)
6. Endless Forms of Torment (Guest Solo: Adam Phillips/Pro-Pain) (3:57)
7. Through Difficulties to Victory (2:56)
8. Supremacy (4:07)
9. Chaos Among The Ruins (3:47)
10. United Forces (S.O.D. Cover) (1:56)
11. At the Chapel of Rest (Guest Solo: Glen Drover/ex Megadeth) (7:05)
Album Length: 44:06

For more info:

Rockshots Records: Out Now! In North America Italian Symphonic Power Metal MaterDea New Album “Pyaneta”

Rockshots Records: Out Now! In North America Italian Symphonic Power Metal MaterDea New Album “Pyaneta”

For fans of Eluveitie, Korpiklaani, Omnia, Faun

MaterDea is one of the most known and recognizable metal bands in Italy coming out of the pagan and Celtic scene. It has been 2 years since their last release, a full length entitled “The Goddess’ Chants” and they are ready to indulge their listeners in a new fascinating and enthralling journey with “Pyaneta”, which is out now in North America as of July 6th via Rockshots Records.

Album digital download and stream

Lyric Video – “Neverland”

Following the direction started with “A Rose for Egeria”, this new record is a further step forward into the melding of metal and Celtic music, in the personal style that MaterDea’s fans will acknowledge and love once more. It is a powerful symphony where all the instruments and the voices join the sounds of nature, painting new grandiose landscapes enriched by colors and sophisticated arrangements. The melodies reveal themselves along with the sumptuous guitar riffs, a powerful rhythmic session and the twist of strings and orchestration, allowing the listener to be carried away in a dimension full of energy, beauty and hope by these magical tales.
The band describes “Pyaneta”:

“In this new album the stories are inspired by the deep interconnection that exists between every living thing and the largest sentient organism that hosts us, our planet Earth. It is an exhortation to the awareness of the environmental danger, a cry of hope for its future and a message of love for life in its gorgeous wholeness.”
MaterDea goes to great lengths to ensure that their listeners can be thrust away from reality and thrown into a fantastical world full of enchantment and magic and “Pyaneta”, their fifth album promises to do just that. Citing influences such as Genesis, Jethro Tull and Led Zeppelin, the band creates a gentle yet powerful type of metal with various classical overtones. With a desire to create powerful, intense, emotional music that features pantheistic themes the 7 classically trained Italian musicians paint a rich fantasy world for their listeners. To date they have released four full lengths, “Below the Mists, Above the Brambles” (2009), “Satyricon” (2011), “A Rose for Egeria” (2014) and “The Goddess’ Chants” (2016).

Track Listing:
1. Back To Earth (6:00)
2. The Return of the King (5:36)
3. One Thousand and One Nights (5:07)
4. Pyaneta (5:35)
5. Neverland (6:32)
6. S’Accabadora (7:08)
7. The Legend of the Pale Mountains (6:25)
8. Legacy of the Woods (5:51)
9. Coven of Balzaares (6:22)
10. Metamorphosis (Bonus Track CD version only) (5:41)
11. Bourrè del Diavolo (3:11)
Album Length: 1:03:33

For more info:


Canadian Thrashers TYMO Announce Alberta Show Dates Album “Purge & Reset” Out Now!

L-R – Harlen Jacobs (Bass & Screams) | Tim Tymo (Vocals & Guitar) | Nick Schwartz (Guitar) | Marc Durie (Drums) – Photo Credit – Dana Zuk

Canadian Thrashers TYMO Announce Alberta Show Dates; Album “Purge & Reset” Out Now!

For fans of Megadeth, Metallica, Municpal Waste, Evile
Canadian Thrashers TYMO Announce Alberta Show Dates

Edmonton thrashers TYMO announce they will be performing Alberta show dates this summer in support of their latest album “Purge & Reset” released during August of last year.

On a serious mission to entertain fans the band comments:
“We like to look at our live shows as something to keep everyone entertained, such as having something unique happen during each song. We will have our mascot run out and mosh, cover ourselves in blood, just little changes throughout each song to keep the set memorable!”

Show Dates:
June 8 – Red Deer, AB – The Krossing w/ Ninjaspy, Liandra – info
July 6 – Calgary, AB – Distortion
July 13 – Edmonton, AB – Rendezvous

Inspired by Municipal Waste, Megadeth, Slayer, Bonded by Blood, and Metallica, ‘In Thrash We Trust’ could be the mantra of these modern thrashers, a band whose attitude lives up the title of their second and current full-length album. Entitled “Purge & Reset” to follow their 2015 debut album “The Lone Wolf”, founding guitarist Tim Tymo explains the origin of a title that is more than words; it is a statement of metallic intent!

“Let’s just say we have a creator or superior being. If this being gave us everything we needed to flourish humanely and returned to see all the wars and corruption…this being would want to wipe the slate clean and start over. Hence…PURGE AND RESET!”
TYMO was formed in Edmonton in 2015 and is Tim Tymo on vocals/guitar, Nick Schwartz on guitar, Harlen Jacobs on bass, and Marc Durie on drums.

Music Video – “Killer Krom”

Track Listing:
1.All Looks Alive…In The Dark! (3:41)
2.Killer Krom (3:04)
3.Purge & Reset (4:14)
4.Flames To Frost (Instrumental) (4:22)
5.Evolved From You (2:41)
6.Intent Comes To Shove (3:39)
7.We The Pawns (3:22)
8.Above This Storm (3:34)
Album Length: 28:41


Album / Live Band Line Up:
Tim Tymo (Vocals & Guitar)
Nick Schwartz (Guitar)
Harlen Jacobs (Bass & Screams)
Marc Durie (Drums)

INSURRECTION Kick Off Western Canadian Tour Dates

L-R = Martin Samson – Bass, ‎Vincent Laprade Séguin – Guitar, Antonin Perras-Foisy – Guitar, ‎Stéphane Desilets – Drums, Stef Jomphe – Vocals
Photo Credit: Nicolas Paquet


Kick Off Western Canadian Tour Dates

Performing At Montebello RockFest June 16th

New Album “Extraction” Out Now! via Galy Records

For fans of Neuraxis, Misery Index, Decapitated, Testament, Bloodbath

“Playing an exciting blend of death & tech metal, Insurrection are masters of dishing out an aural onslaught, one that comes in both French & English. With a serious amount of meat to the bones of the guttural vocals & complex riffs, System Failure opens the album with a bang.” – Games, Brrraaains & A Headbanging Life

INSURRECTION – “Extracting The Plains” Tour
June 2 – Sudbury, ON – The Asylum 
June 4 – Portage-La-Prairie, MB – Smoke Break 
June 5 – Regina, SK – Cloud 9 
June 6 – Saskatoon, SK – Black Cat Tavern 
June 7 – Edmonton, AB – Rendez Vous 
June 8 – Calgary, AB – Distortion – Decimate MetalFest
June 9 – Winnipeg, MB – The Handsome Daughter 
June 10 – Thunder Bay, ON – Black Pirates Pub 
June 16 – Montebello, QC – Rockfest 

What the press is saying:

The Sudbury Star: A ‘recipe’ for Insurrection comes to Sudbury

“Insurrection hits hard and often on their latest release, Extraction. From the opening barrage of System Failure to the closing song, Data Extracted…End Transmission, the band leaves little fuel left in the tank.” – Grim Reader Reviews

“Right from the off, Insurrection hammer you with a full on assault of thumping drums, gnarly riffs and even gnarlier, sometimes bestial, growling vocals. The opening track ‘System Failure’ is relentless from start to finish as it flies out of the traps at 100 miles an hour.” – Rock n Load Mag

“Insurrection play a groovy type of death metal that’s equal parts Dying Fetus, Decapitated and Lamb of God.” – Metal Sucks

“Head-banging, crushing riffs are the name of the game throughout Prototype, starting with the aptly titled “Abattoir,” which slashes and chops its way through speedy, thrash-esque rhythms and machine-gun drums… The album features lyrics in both French and English, adding more interest to the vocals, which range from deep gutturals to high-pitched shrieks…it’s a well-executed, strong release.” – Exclaim!

Assembled in 2003 to infiltrate, build and destroy, Gatineau, QC’s INSURRECTION is an aural onslaught assaulting witnesses in both languages of French and English. Known for blending calculated technicality with a signature mixture of merciless death metal, the band has annihilated the masses with four full lengths, their most recent 2017’s “Extraction” unleashed on Galy Records to follow “Prototype” (2013), “Fracture” (2010) and “Prologue” (2009). Emerging as one of the most prominent metal bands to come out of Eastern Canada, the brutal quintet will be embarking on their first Western Canadian tour this coming June along with festival performances at Decimate MetalFest and Montebello RockFest.

“This is exciting news for us to share with everyone! We’ve been around for 15 years already and never had an opportunity like this to play out west for our fans in the prairies, so with Extraction released, it’s the perfect time! We get to finally meet and perform for so many fans that have never had the chance to see us live, and then we head on home to play Montebello Rockfest to top it off nicely.” says vocalist Stef Jomphe.

INSURRECTION’s latest album “Extraction” is a ten track aberration that has shocked and blasted fans to the next life. The album was produced by Pierre Rémillard at Wild Studio (Cryptopsy, Obliveon, Anonymus, Voivod, Krisiun, Ghoulunatics, Despised Icon, Beneath the Massacre, Gorguts, Martyr).

Track Listing:

1. System Failure
2. Onward To Extinction
3. Pull The Plug
4. Le Prix à Payer
5. The Eulogy of Hatred
6. Parasite
7. Le Pesant D’Or
8. Misère Noire
9. Assassins
10. Data Extracted … End Transmission w/ guest vocals Bruno Bernier (Obliveon)

CD lineup:
Stef Jomphe – Vocals
Vincent Laprade Séguin – Guitar
Antonin Perras-Foisy – Guitar
Francis Girard – Bass
Philipe Moreau-Latreille – Drums
Guest Vocals : Bruno Bernier (Obliveon) on track 10. Data Extracted … End Transmission

Touring Lineup:
Stef Jomphe – Vocals
Vincent Laprade Séguin – Guitar
Antonin Perras-Foisy – Guitar
Martin Samson – Bass
Stéphane Desilets – Drums



New Album “In The Heart of Scarlet Wood” Out April 6th

L-R: Simone Morettin (Drums, Ethnic Percussions) | Fabio “Lethien” Polo (Violin) | Lisy Stefanoni (Vocals, flute)| Matteo Comar (Guitar) | Davide Papa (Bass) | Elena Crolle (Keyboards)

ROCKSHOTS RECORDS is proud to announce their latest signing of

SHADYGROVE for the release of their debut album

“In The Heart of Scarlet Wood”.

Featuring members from Elvenking, Evenoire, and Sound Storm, Italy’s SHADYGROVE journey into our primordial and mythological past for inspiration. Like musical time travelers or aural archaeologists, they have trawled eras beyond most bands’ inspiration to create music from the soul…for the soul!
Theirs is an acoustic heaviness that is truly original and special. It’s as though, like the myths and legends that inspire them, SHADYGROVE have always been with us, in the Celtic Otherworld, just waiting for us to look with our hearts rather than our eyes. SHADYGROVE make music as fresh as tomorrow’s dawn.
Fans of Blackmore’s Night and Loreena McKennitt will find much to love on their debut album “In The Heart of Scarlet Wood”.
Violinist Fabio ‘Lethien’ Polo describes SHADYGROVE’s sound as “folk, ethnic, acoustic Celtic pop. We are trying to bring the popular music of our regions, mixed with Celtic and Medieval music, to a more modern view without altering its soul. We write very evocative songs to guide the listener on a journey to where nature still rules.”
Singer Lisy Stefanoni explains SHADYGROVE’s inspirations. “We love the different styles of folk music and the various approaches of the main musicians. We also love the Celtic music. In the metal genre, folk metal inspires us the most. We listen to bands like Eluveitie, In Extremo, also symphonic projects like Ayreon and The Gentle Storm. Those who love folk-metal will certainly appreciate our songs because we all come from that musical background. We take our fans on a journey to a place where myths are real and there is evidence of the magic forces of our planet. In this world the listener can meet legendary creatures walking into enchanted landscapes or see ancient rituals happening.”
“In The Heart of Scarlet Wood” is set for release via Rockshots Records on April 6th, 2018 and available for pre-order here.

Track Listing:
1. Scarlet Wood (4:37)
2. My Silver Seal (5;56)
3. The Port Of Lisbon (3:42)
4. Eve Of Love (5:30)
5. This Is The Night (5:18)
6. Cydonia (4:39)
7. Northern Lights (5:56)
8. Let The Candle Burn (5:27)
9. Queen Of Amber (6:02)
Album Length: 47:12

REMINDER – Wacken Metal Battle USA 2018.

REMINDER – Wacken Metal Battle USA 2018 Band

Submission Deadline Dec 31st

One Champion To Play At Wacken Open Air 2018

For over a decade at the world’s largest outdoor metal festival Wacken Open Air, independent metal bands from around the globe have been performing in front of thousands and competing against one another for one to be crowned champion of the world along with winning multiple prizes (prizes info). For the second year, Wacken Metal Battle USA is returning to America and will be hosting qualifying rounds in select cities across the nation. The national champion of those battles will perform at the 2018 festival taking place from August 2nd – 4th in Wacken, Germany.

American bands interested in participating in the 2018 edition of Metal Battle USA, please apply at the following link
(Submissions end Dec 31st, 2017 – 11:59pm EST)

Current cities confirmed:
Philadelphia, New York City, Los Angeles, San Diego, Orlando, Tampa Bay. More to be announced.

Last year’s battle saw the best from the Philadelphia and Boston areas, Corpse Hoarder, Goblet, Power Theory, and Upheaval perform in the national final. Crowned champions were Philadelphia’s Corpse Hoarder whom performed a furious set at the 2017 Wacken Open Air.

Watch live video of their performance at the following link


Wacken Metal Battle USA is part of an international competition that sees bands from across the country battle each other for the chance of winning their spot among 29 other countries’ champions, and representing the USA in an international battle of the bands at the world’s largest outdoor metal festival: Wacken Open Air, which has been taking place in Wacken , Germany for the last 28 years. The winner of Wacken Metal Battle USA will perform at the 2018 festival taking place from August 2nd – 4th.

How it works:

Participating cities will host qualifying rounds plus a city final organized by a local city concert promoter where one band will move forward to the American national final in New York City (date to be determined). The winner of the national final will move on to perform at the 29th edition of Wacken Open Air, and compete against the winners of 29 other countries in a final global battle. All bands will be judged during battle rounds by respected local music industry representatives.


For more info on Wacken Metal Battle USA, please visit these links:

Official Website:

Live Photo Credit: Hugo Miguel Delgado
Wacken Metal Battle USA Promo Video:

[youtube id=”E_xjt8Qp3TE”]

Krepitus – The Eyes of The Soulless (2016)   Release Date: November 25, 2016

L-R: Curtis Beardy- Bass, Teran Wyer- Guitars/Vocals, Harley “Rage” D’orazio- Drums, Matt Van Wezel – Guitars

Krepitus  The Eyes of The Soulless Self-Release 25 November 2016

Bone-crushing Calgary four-piece KREPITUS are challenging the relationship between death and thrash metal with their trademark downtrodden technical riffs and fierce aggressive vocals. They have been constantly playing with opposing elements and creating a stable compound of death-fused thrash since their beginnings in 2013.

They will be unleashing their debut album ‘The Eyes of The Soulless’ on November 25th, 2016.

So far they have the album title track for FREE download (please feel free to share the link | Twitter Facebook |  YouTube
Sales link: Bandcamp | CD Baby
The Eyes of The Soulless

1. The Decree of Theodoseus (6:46)krepitus2
2. Apex Predator (3:28)
3. Exile (7:48)
4. Sharpen the Blade (5:33)
5. Eyes of the Soulless (6:16)
6. Desolate Isolation (5:39)
7. Erroneous (4:55)
8. My Desdemona (6:04)
Album Length: 46:32
 All songs written and performed by: Krepitus
Produced by: Byron Lemley
Mixed by: Byron Lemley
Mastered by: Kiril Telichev
CD Cover, Album Artwork: Danile Gauvin
Album Band/Live Line Up:
Teran Wyer – Guitar/Vocals
Matt Van Wezel – Guitar
Curtis Beardy – Bass
Harley D’orazio – Drums
Shadows of Eternity Demo (2014)
Shared the stage with:
Van Halst, Expain, Depths of Hatred, Aegaeon, Wilt, Altars of Grief
Tours and festivals:
Calgary Extreme Metal Radio Metalfest (2016)
Calgary Metalfest (2015, 2016)
Bone-crushing Calgary four-piece KREPITUS are challenging the relationship between death and thrash metal with their trademark downtrodden technical riffs and fierce agressive vocals. They have been constantly playing with opposing elements and creating a stable compound of death-fused thrash since their beginnings in 2013.
The group is comprised of Teran Wyer performing double duty on guitar and vocals; a tortured soul bound to his music. Matt Van Wezel is the second sniper, hitting each guitar note with precision and complementing the already harmonious riffs. Curtis Beardy pulls the tone down to the depths of hell with his steady hand and low register bass riffs. Finally, Harley “Rage” D’orazio kicks everything into overdrive possessed by grinding rhythms and accenting every solo on his drum kit.
 Each member stands like a pillar; strong and sure in their own sound, but all standing to support the structure that is Krepitus. They have since performed with acts like Expain, Depths of Hatred, and Aegaeon and have competed in the Wacken Metal Battle Canada while writing their debut album. They have since completed said album and are planning to release it Friday, November 25, 2016. Pre-orders can be made via their bandcamp at: