wedstrijdje, *ROCK-PIX FEST 2* 24-10-2015.

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Rock-Pix Fest 2, dat op 24 oktober 2015 plaats vindt in Aarschot JH De klinker en waar u hierboven de geweldige affiche nog eens kan inkijken.

Gezien de geweldige affiche en het grote succes van vorig jaar geven we enkele combi tickets ( 2 stuks per winnaar x10 ) weg.

Zoals je weet bekom je bij RPM deze combi-tickets niet gratis en moet je er wel wat voor doen. Zodoende maken we er een lekker wedstrijdje voor de actieve Metalhead en houden we het poepsimpel,  enkel snel zijn is de boodschap…

Vraag:  Welke slogan gebruikt Rock-Pix media in zijn logo?
Mail de slogan naar :

De gewonnen tickets zullen op naam van de winnaar aan de ticket stand van het festival klaar liggen. Vertoning van uw identiteitskaart is dan ook noodzakelijk.
Over de uitslag / winnaar wordt niet gecorrespondeerd.

Voor Tickets en verder informatie kan je zeker terecht op de volgende link

Good luck

Rock-Pix media – Announcement Headliner Rock-Pix Fest 2015

rock pix fest affiche2015

Rock-Pix media – Announcement Headliner Rock-Pix Fest 2015.

Hierbij maakt Rock-Pix Media hun headliner bekend voor de tweede editie van Rock-Pix Fest  dat  op 24 oktober zal doorgaan in JH De Klinker te Aarschot

rock pix raad

Onze affiche bestaat momenteel uit de volgende bands:

Deadite (B) Bark (B) Temptations for the weak (B)  As We Speak (B)  Objector (B)  Leave Scars (B) Predatory Violence (D) Rezet (D)

Deze line up zal nog geüpdate worden en het beloofd er alleen maar straffer op te worden!

Stay tuned voor Tickets en Timetable en uitgebreide introducties van alle bands!

Rock Pix Team

Rock-Pix Fest #2 – 24 oktober 2015- JH De Klinker Aarschot.

rock-pix ann

Rock-Pix Fest 2 – 24 oktober  2015.

Na een meer dan geslaagde eerste editie van Rock Pix Fest in 2014, dat doorging op 8 november te Diest, hebben we besloten vol voor de tweede editie te gaan. Vorig jaar speelden After All, Komah, Guilty As Charged en Objector een prachtige set op ons debuutfestival.

Rock Pix Fest II zal wederem een mooie affiche krijgen! We hebben alvast besloten om net als vorg jaar, de Antwerpse Thrashers van Objector terug op ons podium te droppen.

Onze voorlopige affiche bestaat momenteel uit de volgende bands:

Deadite (B)

As We Speak (B)

Objector (B)

Leave Scars (B)

Predatory Violence (D)

Bark (B)

Deze line up zal nog gëupdate worden en het beloofd er alleen maar straffer op te worden!

Als locatie voor ons festival hebben we dit jaar voor JH De Klinker in Aarschot gekozen..gezien JH De Klinker in het verleden dan ook al bewezen dat zij over de perfecte infrasructuur en apparatuur beschikken om ons Fest tot een groots succes te maken.

Meer info bands en volgt,

stay tuned! Rock Pix Team

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Trailer anno 2014

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As We Speak- ‘Between Words And Sounds -cd review.

As We Speak (10 van 14)_pe

As We Speak was founded in the year 2010. This strong 4 piece metalcore band recently released their first full album. It was named ‘Between Words and Sounds’ and was produced with the help of Filip De Bot/Penthouse Studio in Heist-Op-Den-Berg, Belgium and signed under DIY-label Clenched Fest Records.

The band originates from the Antwerp region and has been terrorizing the area of Kalmthout where Niels Eggenhuizen, Nils Jensen, Xavier Smeulders and Michael Cornelissen have a rehearsal studio.

It was about time we take a closer look at these guys!

The lay-out of the CD is spotless and catches the eye. We are proud to say our own photographer David Hartl had a hand in it, so well done colleague!

‘Between Words And Sounds’ kicks off with the track ‘Sunday Mourning’ which instantly sounds familiar as if it was the riff from Slayers Metalstorm, but then played at 33 rpm. After 53 seconds we jump to 45 rpm which marks the official start of a devastating mayhem sound for the next 33 minutes produced by these aggressors.aswe speak

Vocalist Michael Cornelissen immediatly hits the bullseye with his destructing metalcore sound and shows who’s wearing the pants in this band. And excellent beginning for this disc.

The second track is ‘Unless You Want to’ and i’ve already turned the volume up to 8 cause I’m loving the guitarsound these guys have. Yet again a great riff that brings you in the moshpit sphere’s. You notice immediately where these chaps got the inspiration from. I’m taking about bands such as All That Remains, but then with their very own destroying hearthbeat to it.

The song ‘This Is Hell’ has a damn good vocaltrack with an awesome guitar chorus and a tune you can’t get enough of. Nothing less than an awesome sing-along-song that will make many metalcore kids go mental!

So far I don’t think this CD can fail but I’m not sure my speakersystem can handle it!

Track 4 ‘Interlude’ starts of slow and makes me wanna put on shorts and enjoy the springtime outdoors…  But don’t be fooled as there is a storm approaching. A dark and evil undertone warns me the springfeeling I had is about to take a fall into dark tones which will raise the hair on my arms and legs. When the timemarker hits 1m45 all hell breaks loose with the start of track 5 ‘False Souls’ and what I thought happened. This track has amazing breaks with ear numbing drumrolls by Nils Jense to complete this awesome piece of recording.
I take another look at the CD cover because I seriously start to doubt these guys are really Belgians!

Track 6 ‘1939’ and As We Speak know no mercy and keeps blowing you away. If you thought the next song ‘Solitude’ would slow things down, think again!

The 8th track ‘Unknown’ starts of slow with drumrolls and guitarlines that take you along. Before you realize it, Nils Jensen switches course with his drums and the band shows me once again how to create a perfect metalcore song. Awesome!

I made it to the 9th and final track, ‘W.A.R.’, of this debut album ‘Between Words And Sounds’. Again this song is composed perfectly with great guitar combo’s that just are a pleasure for the ears. Each time we get awesome repeating riffs that beg to be listened to again and again. Time after the time the guitar players succeed in coming up with a special riff which keeps you hooked to every of the songs.

Conclusion: This CD is in my opinion a real gem in the metalcore scene and should be in every metalcore fan’s collection! After hearing this, I can’t wait to check them out live, so my final advice to you: Buy that record now!

Tracklisting :

1. Sunday MourningImage of As We Speak - Between Words And Sounds

2. Unless You Want To

3. This Is Hell

4. Interlude

5. False Souls

6. 1939

7. Solitude

8. Unknown

Review:Frank HSJ

Photo: David Hartl at Rock-Pix Media

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