Serbian band Twisted Tales.release longplayer

Band members: ● Ljubiša Đorđević – Vocals and Rhythm Guitars ● Miša Milovanović – Lead Guitars ● Nemanja Velicki – Drums ● Stevan Dinić – Bass

Serbian band Twisted Tales.release longplayer

This band from Serbia brings us thrash-/deathmetal. They already released a demo and a debut full-length and besides doing shows in their home country they also did some shows in Poland and Slovakia as support from a Russian band.

On September 20th 2019 the new, and second, longplayer from Serbian band Twisted Tales, called ‘Bringer Of Woe’, will be released and promoted worldwide.


By strange twist of fate, pun intended, Twisted Tales were formed on the auspicious 8th of December 2004 in a small town of Kuršumlija, Serbia. Four long time friends and lifelong metal fans decided they wanted to play their own music instead of rehashing others’ music time and time again.

Our initial sound was pretty much underground, more of Melodic Death metal style laden with Black Metal influences, in which we recorded our first demo Behind the Gates of Eternity.

Shortly after, due to life’s circumstances we went on hiatus, only to be rejoined in 2009 as a Thrash/Death metal band. Why shift in the sound? Why not! It’s the music we all grew up listening to, so it came organically.

After lots of gigging and beer drinking across Serbia, we went to studio and in 2012 we published our first album called “We Shall be Heard”. The album received mostly favorable reviews, and upon its release we continued touring around Serbia.

In 2014 we had our first experience playing abroad, touring Poland and Slovakia, together with Russian Death Metal band Tacit Fury.

Afterwards we started working on new songs for the follow-up. The album was out in Serbia on auspicious date of May the fourth (geek alert here) 2019, and the title is Bringer of Woe. And on September 20th 2019 we will release and promote it worldwide.

Different thing about this record is that we did it in our own studio, which we like to call the Twisted Studios, just for the hack of it, everything, from recording to mixing the whole thing, so we could as well be labeled a DIY band.

Bringer of Woe is somewhat an old school Thrash/Death Metal album comprised of 12 songs, with the duration of about one hour. Our intention was to create a more aggressive, raw, and live sounding album with lots of different motifs, varying from those more typical for the genre, to those of classic Heavy Metal. And of course, there was a lot of experimenting with awkward harmonies, exotic scales, peculiar rhythms and other stuff aimed at surprising the listener! Lyrically the album deals with personal matters like loss, anger, frustration, questioning the faith, addiction, and interpersonal relations.