REZET: German Thrash youngsters presenting band’s first ever Live-DVD

German Thrashers REZET are set to release the 4piece’s first ever Live-DVD, tomorrow, Friday, October 16th:



[youtube id=”JBhRZB0moTo”]DVD 2015 Flyer release date

The “End Of A Decade”. DVD features a full show the band captured in appreciation of its 10th anniversary in its very hometown of Schleswig, Germany. Moreover, a few bonus tracks make this DVD a worthwhile audiovisual experience w/ the four raging Teutonic Thrashers, For a first good glance at the DVD, this is “Toxic Avenger” by REZET, live at Schleswig (Germany)

“End of A Decade” exclusively is available thru the band’s own web store ( as well as selected international mailorders.

The intimate homecoming piece is a document and wrap of the band’s first years, just before the young thrashers are set to kick of a new band era with the release of its forthcoming full length studio album in early 2016.

Just after the band returned from its first ever US headline tour this summer, the DVD marks a nice bridge to the upcoming endeavours.

With the new studio album already recorded and in the pipeline for release, fans still need to be a bit patient on the new material to see the light of day.

Upon its album release, the band is also expected to tour and perform excessivelyat,  they also play at Rock-Pix fest 2 on 24 october De klinker Aarschot, ticketssale link, Raging Speed’n’Thrash parties are guaranteed at 24 october De klinker.

“a feast for every old school fan, so hand me a beer and my battle vest and off we go!”


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