Hautajaisyö is a fast and aggressive…

Line-up: Janne Partanen – Vocals – Sami Lustig – Guitar – Simo Pesonen – Bass -Teemu Roth – Drums

New single by Hautajaisyö is a fast and aggressive song about depression and anxiety

Hautajaisyö released a new single Ennen kuolemaa (Before the death) today August 28th 2019 via Inverse Records.

It is time to step deeper in to darkness, deeper in to anxiety and deeper in to roots of depression. It is time to accept inevitable death and embrace it with both hands. It is time to let emptiness in and agree ”All of this is pointless, just killing time before death”.

Hautajaisyö (Funeral Night) is a quartet from Finland, that blends death metal and thrash metal in their music. Band has been active from 2014 and are working on their third album. New material is more heavier and uglier than ever before. ”Ennen Kuolemaa” is a good example what the new album will give you. It is a fast and aggressive song about depression and anxiety. They are the main themes of the upcoming album.



Serbian band Twisted Tales.release longplayer

Band members: ● Ljubiša Đorđević – Vocals and Rhythm Guitars ● Miša Milovanović – Lead Guitars ● Nemanja Velicki – Drums ● Stevan Dinić – Bass

Serbian band Twisted Tales.release longplayer

This band from Serbia brings us thrash-/deathmetal. They already released a demo and a debut full-length and besides doing shows in their home country they also did some shows in Poland and Slovakia as support from a Russian band.

On September 20th 2019 the new, and second, longplayer from Serbian band Twisted Tales, called ‘Bringer Of Woe’, will be released and promoted worldwide.


By strange twist of fate, pun intended, Twisted Tales were formed on the auspicious 8th of December 2004 in a small town of Kuršumlija, Serbia. Four long time friends and lifelong metal fans decided they wanted to play their own music instead of rehashing others’ music time and time again.

Our initial sound was pretty much underground, more of Melodic Death metal style laden with Black Metal influences, in which we recorded our first demo Behind the Gates of Eternity.

Shortly after, due to life’s circumstances we went on hiatus, only to be rejoined in 2009 as a Thrash/Death metal band. Why shift in the sound? Why not! It’s the music we all grew up listening to, so it came organically.

After lots of gigging and beer drinking across Serbia, we went to studio and in 2012 we published our first album called “We Shall be Heard”. The album received mostly favorable reviews, and upon its release we continued touring around Serbia.

In 2014 we had our first experience playing abroad, touring Poland and Slovakia, together with Russian Death Metal band Tacit Fury.

Afterwards we started working on new songs for the follow-up. The album was out in Serbia on auspicious date of May the fourth (geek alert here) 2019, and the title is Bringer of Woe. And on September 20th 2019 we will release and promote it worldwide.

Different thing about this record is that we did it in our own studio, which we like to call the Twisted Studios, just for the hack of it, everything, from recording to mixing the whole thing, so we could as well be labeled a DIY band.

Bringer of Woe is somewhat an old school Thrash/Death Metal album comprised of 12 songs, with the duration of about one hour. Our intention was to create a more aggressive, raw, and live sounding album with lots of different motifs, varying from those more typical for the genre, to those of classic Heavy Metal. And of course, there was a lot of experimenting with awkward harmonies, exotic scales, peculiar rhythms and other stuff aimed at surprising the listener! Lyrically the album deals with personal matters like loss, anger, frustration, questioning the faith, addiction, and interpersonal relations.

Live report Agnostic Front – Baroeg 21/08/2019

Live report Agnostic Front – Baroeg 21/08/2019

Er is geen band die New York hardcore meer belichaamt dan Agnostic Front. De ‘The Godfathers Of the NYxHR ’ging anno 1980 van start in New York City, In 1992 ging Agnostic Front uit elkaar, om even een pauze te kunnen nemen, Vinnie Stigma ging vervolgens  in de groep Madball spelen. Na enkele jaren kwam Agnostic Front terug bij elkaar, met de bezetting Mike Gallo – Bass
Craig Silverman – Guitar – Pokey – Drums –  Vinnie Stigma – Guitar – Roger Miret – Vocals

Roger Miret heeft in 2002/2003 ook een zij-project gehad met The Disasters dat je zeker moet checken.

Anno 2019 de pioniers van het harde werk staan er nog even fris als in hun prille jaren, zanger Roger Miret en gitarist Vinnie Stigma, die ondanks hun zeer verschillende karakters en sinds 1982 bloedbroeders in hardcore maakte als nooit tevoren er een feestje van waarbij de tempartuur met min +20 graden in een snel tempo de hoogte in slamde.

De Baroeg stond even op springen waarbij de vijfkoppige hardcore dude’s nieuw en oud werk in een bomvolle zaal afvuurde. Het geluid zat dan ook weer lekker snor in het Rotterdamse Bargoeg waarbij Stigma het zelfs niet kon laten om even mee te gaan moshen, incl.gitaar ging hij als een wildzwijn mee tussen de zwetende meute mee lol trappen. Stigma is intussen 66 jaar maar blijkbaar is dit enkel een getal voor hem, gezien ouderdom blijkbaar geen inpak kent op zijn uithouding vermogen en levenswijze.

Stigma, Mike, Craig en Pokey maakte zelf tijd om een babbeltje en wat tijd om aangekochte merchandise te handtekeningen
Conclusie, zalige kerels , geweldig gig met veel energieke klassieker, meer moet dat niet zijn toch?

Photo,Frank-HSJ copyright

Report, Danny Verreycken

check out the video Agnostic Front Baroeg Rotterdam 21-08-2019

the boys and girls had their first experience in stage diving and crow surfing



HRH Goth featuring HRH Industrial Unearths Its Dark Take by Fan Demand as Early Bird Prices & Discounts Roll for 6 days Only Without Booking Fees! Hail HRH!!

When our HRH Legions pushed for an HRH Chapter of Goth & Industrial music, we set our algorithms rolling for 18 months to identify what this dark theatre of music would produce & evolve into, for this all-new HRH brand experience.

Taking a subculture like Goth which has spawned from offshoots of the post-punk and darkwave genres and mixing it with the abrasive and aggressive fusions of rock & electronic music known as industrial – we can start to envisage the scope & direction of a cleverly programmed musical journey that takes in both sub-genres.

HRH, which is Europe’s undisputed leader in residential music experiences has dug deep, continued to plot & plan from the elite affinity it enjoys with its fan base and is now proud to launch a non-stop roller coaster of goth and industrial music mashed together over 2 destinations.

The deeper we went, the more we felt that this was an under-serviced market, with multiple acts not seeing the dark masses of fans within the UK shores.

That stops NOW!

The line up is sealed as are the dates which will operate Reading / Leeds style between 2 venues over the same weekend. Mark it well, the 12th & 13th September 2020, sees the HRH Goth featuring HRH Industrial experience hit London at the 02 Kentish Forum as well as the 02 Academy Sheffield simultaneously.

The line up has been monitored, voted and curated from over 189K fans worldwide and at last, after 2 years of research we are happy to stage Chapter 1, in a format that hopefully does us all proud.

So the very first line-up of HRH Goth Featuring HRH Industrial is a true statement of intent. Sporting triple headliners, HRH have listened to the HRH community and delivered – and then some…

Revered legends of gothic rock, Londoners Fields of the Nephilim are genuine pioneers of the genre – formed in 1984 they had indie chart success in the late ‘80s with tracks such as ‘Moonchild’ and ‘Psychonaut’. Barring a hiatus during the ‘90s, the band have been actively releasing new music and playing to a loyal fanbase ever since.

Check out their incredible track Psychonaut here…

Considered pioneers of the goth metal movement, Bradford’s My Dying Bride were part of the “Peaceville Three” together with Anathema and Paradise Lost – their pedigree is therefore undisputed. Since their inception in 1990, the band have released no fewer than 12 studio albums and bring their intense live show to HRH Goth at our twin venue event at London’s Kentish Town Forum and the O2 Academy in Sheffield.

Watch the stunning video for The Cry of Mankind here…

International industrial band KMFDM are said to be one of the first to fuse heavy metal riffs and electronica and take the result to the masses. Taking a highly political stance, KMFDM are sure to melt our faces at HRH Goth taking tracks from their 20 studio albums to date, and no doubt feature music from their upcoming album release “Paradise”.

To watch KMFDM’s killer track Amnesia follow this link…

If those legends of the genre weren’t enough, we are so pleased to announce Welsh wizard Jayce Lewis, post-punk dark-wavers from Brighton Grooving in Green, Sweden industrial metallers Rave the Reqviem, Portsmouth based electronic-punkers Seething Akira, industrial goth outfit Auger, gothic rockers Red Sun Revival, goth-electronica-punk-spacerock band The Webb, and new romantic industrial hybrids Massive Ego.

Completing the incredible line-up for September 2020 are metallers Sometime The Wolf, post-punk industrial St Lucifer, Londoners Drownd and London stoner-doom-goth merchants Cold in Berlin.


Hardcore legende Agnostic Front naar Baroeg

Hardcore legende

***Agnostic Front*** 

naar Baroeg

Er is geen band die New York hardcore meer belichaamt dan Agnostic Front. Op woensdag 21 augustus is de band te zien in Baroeg Rotterdam. Dit is de enige Nederlandse clubshow tijdens de Europese tournee.

Twee jaar geleden kwam de documentaire ‘The Godfathers Of Hardcore’ uit; een goudeerlijk portret van met name zanger Roger Miret en gitarist Vinnie Stigma, die ondanks hun zeer verschillende karakters sinds 1982 bloedbroeders in hardcore zijn. De film belandde volkomen terecht bovenaan de iTunes-lijst van muziekdocumentaires.

Na 40 jaar ervaring blijft Agnostic Front een aanvoerder van de wereldwijde scene, wat ze keer op keer aantonen met kolkende shows. De band was in 2013 en 2015 ook al in Baroeg te zien.

De voorprogramma’s worden verzocht door de Belgische band Mindwar en de Rotterdamse band The Obnoxious.

DOGANOV “Twincest Games” Wedstrijd 2019

Frederic Cipriani (synths & programming) Filip Marchal (guitars) Karl Cleeren (vocals) Photo: Frank-HSJ.

DOGANOV “Twincest Games”

Wedstrijd 2019

Naar aanleiding van DOGANOV’s hun geweldige openings gig op 18 Mei anno 2019, samen met La Muerte at De klinker te Aarschot waarbij we graag bij waren, we konden we nu een leuk gesprekje zomaar 5x E.P. cd’s bemachtigen van deze geweldige Belgische band.

Zoals je weet brengt Doganov in een eigenwijze een geweldige mix van EBM, new wave, metal en Electro overgoten “wall of sound” waar men moeilijk bij kan stilstaan, killer electronica, epische gitaren en donkere massieve vocalen  geven deze band een bepaalde sfeer die je zeker moet horen en gaan bekijken.

We mogen dan 5x expenplaren deze E.P. “Twincest Games”  release weggeven via een prijsvraag. 

Zoals je weet bekom je bij Rock-Pix Media  niets geheel gratis en moet je er wel wat voor doen. Zodoende maken we er weer eens een lekker wedstrijdje ervan.

Zo bedachten we de volgende vragen:

Vraag 1) Ergens op YouTube is er een coverversie van Hurt van NIN op welk HTTP adres vind ik deze ?

Vraag 2) in welk jaar werd de band gevormd ?.

 * Schiftingsvraag. Heeft de pagina 1038 volgers, Maar hoeveel zullen ze er op 25 Augustus 2019 hebben ?.

(zie link https://www.facebook.com/Doganov.be/ )

Wetstrijd loop tem 01 September 2019 – 12u. antwoorden via mail naar Info@rock-pix.com

De winnaars worden via mail gecontacteerd , verdere communicatie is niet van toepassing.

AANDACHT Only for RPM Likers !!!
Zonder onze Rock-Pix en DOGANOV pagina te likken kan je niet meedoen en wordt je insturen verworpen.

Bio. De Belgische band Doganov werd opgericht in 2010.
Om hun muziek te beschrijven, moet je denken dat Rammstein Praga Khan ontmoet. De band is er in geslaagd het  industrieel, EBM, new wave, metal en rock te combineren in een dansbare sound met ballen.

Doganov noemt hun muziek dan ook  ‘something dark to dance to‘’, wat ook de titel is van hun eerste EP was en uitgebracht werd in 2013. waarbij en meteen erna een  single ‘History’ werd uitgebracht en wederom op goede feedback kon rekening in het zwaarder metal en in de Dark wave scene waardoor er verschillende headlining-shows uitvloeide met niemand minder dan Punish Yourself, Shaârgoth, Die Krupps en La Muerte om er maar enkele te noemen.

In 2015 bracht Doganov hun eerste volledige album ‘Conducting Chaos’ uit, dat werd gemixt door Dee-J Moens uit La Muerte en dat ook een coverversie bevat van de beruchte track ‘HeadHunter’ van Front 242, die ze ook al te graag live uitvoeren.

Doganov maakte remixes voor de Amerikaanse elektronische band I: Scintilla (Skin Tight en Mercy Screams), niet alleen werft Doganov bekentijd , maar ook in het Belgische electrorock circuit leverde reeds werk voor Goose (What You Need remixes) en op de b-side remixes van onze franstalige La Muerte’s Headhunter vinyl album (Whack This Guy).Hun nieuwste single ‘Twincest’ werd uitgebracht in 2018 en klinkt opwindend, punchy, strak en nog steeds met de nodige en pakkende melodie erachter.


info@doganov.be +32 (0)486 36 27 21


Burn it all Down: THE AGONIST unleash brand new video! Orphans coming September 20th!

Vicky Psarakis – Vocals | Danny Marino – Guitar | Chris Kells – Bass | Simon McKay- Drums | Pascal “Paco” Jobin – Guitar

Burn it all Down: THE AGONIST unleash brand new video!
Orphans coming September 20th!

September 20th 2019 will see Canada’s finest extreme metal export, The Agonist, release their brand new album, Orphans, with Rodeostar Records. More extreme, more melodic, more exciting and larger than life sounds: On their sixth studio record, The Agonist are unleashing a true monster feeding on melodic death metal and almost rocking moments. In between beautifully anthemic metal sound walls, pounding grooves and fierce riffs, charismatic front vocalist Vicky Psarakis showcases her impressive range that covers everything from rock diva all the way to sick death metal growls. The result is a flickering, iridescent and varied masterpiece nestled in between sheer brutality and melodic frailty – simply incomparable!

But let the music speak for itself, as today The Agonist have unleashed a second track from their upcoming Orphans! Watch the new video for Burn it all Down HERE!

Says Chris Kells, The Agonist bassist and video director: “When the band had first decided to make “Burn it all Down” a music video, naturally I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to make a high intensity video that portrayed Vicky’s anger in delivering the lyrics, all while a blazing inferno is happening behind the band. It wasn’t an easy task to make happen! I thought i had it all figured out with my video team but none of us had ever done a fire shoot before. Normally we take our time in setting up the lighting and over analyzing the shots to make sure what works best in the moment. There was absolutely no time for that. Once we lit the fire It was a a race right till the end to make sure we kept it blazing and high all while trying to get every one of our scheduled shots in. In the end everything worked out, we didn’t burn down a field, nobody got hurt, just singed, and we all hustled to make sure we got everything done that was needed.“


Orphans Tracklisting:
01. In Vertigo
02. As One We Survive
03. The Gift of Silence
04. Blood as My Guide
05. Mr. Cold
06. Dust to Dust
07. A Devil Made Me Do It
08. The Killing I
09. Orphans
10. Burn it All Down


Coming September 20th as Deluxe Box, LP, CD and Digital formats on Rodeostar Records. Orphans is available to pre-order at THIS LOCATION!

Source: NAPALM RECORDS germany


Atmospheric Black Metal masters IMPERIUM DEKADENZ premiere brand new video, Frozen In Time!

Imperium Dekadenz is: Vespasian: Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keyboards Horaz: Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals

Atmospheric Black Metal masters IMPERIUM DEKADENZ premiere brand new video, Frozen In Time!

August 30th will see atmospheric Black Metal masters, Imperium Dekadenz, unleash their sixth studio album titled When We Are Forgotten with Napalm Records. In terms of Black Metal art and where most of us might think that everything has been said and done in a genre, Imperium Dekadenz boldly seek new horizons: The highly atmospheric and emotionally dense soundscapes of the band shun a simplistic tag like “Melodic Black Metal” and have done so for ages – as Horaz and Vespasian seize the moment with When We Are Forgotten and delve deep into a complex cosmos made of anger, loneliness, melancholy and pure destruction. Their upcoming record not only convinces with a dynamic, energetic and organic production and sounds by no means polished, but is the same rough and dark as their home, the Black Forest, itself. In contradiction to the album`s title: This record will be unforgettable!

Today the duo is sharing with a brand new track taken from When We Are Forgotten, among a lyric video for Frozen In Time!

The band commets: “We are proud to unleash one of our most personal songs ever.
Expended pleasures, vanished friends, forgotten pain, depleted passions… FROZEN IN TIME!”

When We Are Forgotten Tracklisting:
1. When We Are Forgotten
2. Bis Ich Bin
3. My Solace I (Choirs of Solitude)
4. Trauma
5. A Cave Called Wisdom
6. Transcendence
7. Seance
8. Absenz Elysium
9. My Solace II (Paths of Perception)
10. Reverie
11. Frozen in Time

Imperium Dekadenz was founded in the late summer of 2004 by Horaz and Vespasian. Their band name was inspired by the 70ies movie “Caligula”, which was known as one of the most scandalous movies, because of its extreme violent and pornographic scenes. Imperium Dekadenz’ lyrics reflect genre typical topics like death, mourning, hate and desperation,while religious and political topics are not a part of the band’s concept. Generally their music style can be described as atmospheric Black Metal, to the same time also depressive, ambient and acoustic elements are a part of the compositions. Norwegian bands of the Second Wave of Black Metal in the nineties are the most influencing actors, as the band describes their roots.
Characteristic style devices are epic melodies of mid-tempo speed, which induce in their changeover to the next part, a kind of dramatic and dynamic perception. Special features are the acoustic and ambient tracks which are more comparable to Classic (piano) and Neo-Folk music.

Watch the blistering, new lyric video by Imperium Dekadenz HERE!

Since their first appearance on stage, Imperium Dekadenz has played national and international shows, including Wolfszeit, Ragnarök, Metalfest (GER, CH, AT), Wacken Open Air, Inferno Festival, Metalcamp or Summer Breeze to name just a few. The whole subjective experience of the listener is opulent and epic, because of the rich contrast and the wide spread of musical styles. No wonder that Imperium Dekadenz already belong to one of the most acclaimed Black Metal bands the current scene has to offer!

For More Info Visit:

11/10/2019 (UK) London, The Black Heart
12/10/2019 (UK) Nottingham, Atmosfest
19/10/2019 (BEL) Arlon, Night Metal Fest X
23/11/2019 (DE) Würzburg, When Darkness Conquers
29/11/2019 (ESP) Barcelona, Sala Uploud
30/11/2019 (ESP) Zaragoza, Auditorio Interpeñas
18/01/2020 (DE) Zwickau, A Night of Despair

Source: NAPALM RECORDS germany

Dutch Metal Legends Martyr release new video for English Forces

MARTYR a.k.a. The Dutch Metal Legends are: Rop Van Haren – Vocals – Rick Bouwman – Guitars – Geoffrey Maas – Guitars – Vinnie Wassink – Bass – Rick Valcon – Drums . Guest solo guitar by : 田中富 (a.k.a. Tommy from Riverge)

 Dutch Metal Legends Martyr release new video for English Forces

Check the new MARTYR video out…This video is a fan made video based on old English myths and sagas for the song “English Forces”.

A classic 1984 MARTYR song re-recorded as special bonustrack for the japanese release of MARTYR Live In Japan. MARTYR Live in Japan (japanese version) is out on Rock Stakk Records Japan and also limited available at PT78. All songs on MARTYR – Live In Japan are produced, mixed and mastered by Rick Valcon.



Mora Prokaza sign to Season of Mist

Mora Prokaza sign to Season of Mist

Genre: New School Black Metal

Season of Mist is proud to announce the signing of new school black metal formation MORA PROKAZA. The Belarusian duo are currently in studio writing their brand new album which will be released in 2020 via Season of Mist.

MORA PROKAZA comment on the signing: “We came here to continue making our music with new powers. Nothing is more important than the continuation of the creation of powerful compositions. Now, with Season of Mist, we are opening a new chapter in our works. Our main joint task is not to betray art and show that in the modern world we all can hear the new black metal and new forms of metal music. ”

Not familiar with the work of MORA PROKAZA? You can find the somewhat unnerving latest music video for ‘Blacker than Black’ here!

Line-up: Farmakon: lyrics, composing, vocals –  Hatestorm: composing, drums

The band with the cunning name MORA PROKAZA was formed back in 2013 by Farmakon (guitars, vocals) and Isvind (drums). Both musicians have a long-term experience of playing many local Belorussian extreme metal bands. The material for the first release “Bringer of Plague” was quickly composed and released in early 2015 and with that, MORA PROKAZA shared Russian stages with bands such as HELL SPIRIT, SUSPERIA, DARKEND, CLAYMORDS, MORIBUND OBLIVION and many others.

In the winter of 2015, two weeks after the release of “Bringer of Plague” (2015), the band supports INQUISITION in St. Petersburg. At the end of April 2015, Isvind leaves MORA PROKAZA and furious drummer Hatestorm joins the band commencing the recording of new material. With the addition of Hatestorm, MORA PROKAZA open up new opportunities and the band change their composing approach and sound concept. In May 2015 the musicians present their brand-new EP “My Awakening” shorty followed by a new full-length “Dark Universe” (2016).

Now with Season of Mist by their side, MORA PROKAZA will introduce you to something new. The Russians are exploring brand new musical territories which are promised to be “Blacker than Black”!

All hail the unnerving New School Black Metal wave of MORA PROKANZA.