ASHEN HORDE Signs To Extreme Metal Music For New Album “Fallen Cathedrals” Out March 2019

ASHEN HORDE Signs To Extreme Metal Music For New Album “Fallen Cathedrals” Out March 2019

For fans of Ihsahn, Opeth, Borknagar

Hailing from the cold, unforgiving wastelands of Hollywood, California, ASHEN HORDE is a two-piece band that strives to embrace a multitude of extreme metal sub-genres, without being bound to any one of them. Drawing influence from metal’s crème de le extreme, from Enslaved and Devin Townsend to Ihsahn and Opeth, ASHEN HORDE (aka Trevor Portz and Stevie Boiser (Vale of Phath, Inferi)), may have a sound rooted in death and black metal, but can’t truly be called either.

Originally launched as a one-man project in 2013 by writer and multi-instrumentalist Trevor Portz, ASHEN HORDE has released two critically acclaimed albums, as well as several EPs, over the past three years. Beginning with the ambitious Sanguinum Vindicta trilogy, Portz has worked tirelessly to develop a sound that is both challenging and unique.
The band has just completed its third album, “Fallen Cathedrals” and has signed with Extreme Metal Music/Rockshots Records for its release on CD and vinyl in Europe and North America on March 22nd, 2019. A concept album in the vein of J.G. Ballard’s dystopian novel “High Rise,” “Fallen Cathedrals” explores class warfare and a society’s descent into primitive, warring tribes. Musically, the album expands further on the complexities of the band’s earlier releases, but with even more emphasis on progressive and melodic elements, even incorporating clean vocals for the first time. It will appeal to fans of the more progressive side of extreme metal, from Ihsahn and Borknagar to Opeth and Enslaved.

Portz adds:
“The forthcoming album, Fallen Cathedrals, is the perfect illustration of what Ashen Horde is all about. Musically, it draws influence from across the metal spectrum. There is hyper speed, blast-beat-fueled black metal that runs alongside pummeling death metal riffs; clean-sung melodic passages juxtaposed against face-melting screams, and headbanging beats intermixed with progressive odd-time signatures.”
Album pre-order will be available on


Track Listing:
1. Parity Lost (7:37)
2. Profound Darkness (5:22)
3. Retaliation-Regret (4:45)
4. The Vanishing (4:36)
5. Atavism (3:55)
6. Cages (5:07)
7. Final Ascent (4:54)
8. Face of The Enmity (7:12)
9. Primal (bonus track on CD only) (4:33)
Album Length: 48:05
Album Credits (music, cover/art, production):
– Music and lyrics by Trevor Portz, with additional lyrics by Stevie Boiser
– Recorded and mixed by Trevor Portz at La Maida Vale Studios, Hollywood, CA

– Mastered by Dan at Mammoth Sound Mastering
– Cover and interior photo by MWeiss Art (
– Back cover photo by Intao (
– Logo by Dolores Rivera

To listen to ASHEN HORDE’s previous releases, please visit

Lyric Video – Arisen (off their 2017 limited 7″ single, The Alchemist)


CREATURES Kick It “Old Style F.A” With Music Video Premiere On TheCirclePit

L-R = Christian Roman – Bass, Vic Borowski – Guitar, Rob Esposito – Vocals, Nick Galati – Guitar, Tj MacKay – Drums

CREATURES Kick It “Old Style F.A” With Music Video Premiere On TheCirclePit

New EP “II” Out Now!

For fans of Angelmaker, Carnifex, Veil of Maya, Impending Doom, Upon A Burning Body

Unleashing their second EP “II” unto the world through their own independent label Old Haunt Records this past July, CREATURES are kicking it “Old Style F.A.” with their new video premiered on The video was filmed during the band’s hometown show in Toronto at the Bovine while they were on their Ontario tour this past summer.

The band explains the track:

“This song is a light-hearted story about a typical Friday night going out with your friends. Starting from the pre-drink at your house to hitting up the bar and ending up in a fight to back your friend up.”

Watch “Old Style F.A.” at the following link here…

Spawned in the Toronto murk in 2015, CREATURES is a group effort with a long history that intertwines the lives of numerous local bands to summon a truly devastating soundscape of unbridled chaos. Inspired by bands such as Necrophagist, Despised Icon and Thy Art Is Murder, CREATURES is a band playing heavy and catchy deathcore, taking intense sounds and mixing in small elements of extreme and black metal.

Their latest effort “II” reaches into a large porcelain cup of topics. Instead of just merely presenting their themes to their listeners CREATURES smashes the grail in their faces making sure their themes cut deep and stay with them. Whether they are lyrics about the futility of existence with a cartoon metaphor, or the bond of brotherhood within an intense party setting, there is a message for everyone to latch onto. Regardless, the songs are a visceral insight into the band’s life.

The band comments:

“The ‘Creatures II’ EP as a whole is the ideas and thoughts over the past year. We are expecting this release to be even better received than the last EP. We worked twice as hard on ‘II’ and had a few new people along the way that really helped add an outside perspective to the creative processes for a more mature and heavy sound. We really just want to create a seamless listening experience for the fans, leaving them wanting more, and left with the feeling of needing to listen to the EP over and over again.”

EP available for download and stream on Bandcamp and Spotify.

EP Stream –

Lyric video – Samara –

Guitar Playthrough – What Would Rick Sanchez Do? –

Track Listing:
1.Old Style F.A (3:09)
2. What Would Rick Sanchez Do? (3:33)
3. Samara (2:37)
4. Broken Anchors (3:33)
5. (Safe Space) Triggered (3:49)
EP Length: 16:43



EP Line Up:
Nick Galati – Guitar
Rob Esposito – Vocals
Tj MacKay – Drums
Vic Borowski – Guitar
Brandon Paris – Bass
Live Band Line Up:
Nick Galati – Guitar
Rob Esposito – Vocals
Tj MacKay – Drums
Vic Borowski – Guitar
Christian Roman – Bass

For more info:

FULL HOUSE BREW CREW Featuring ROTTING CHRIST Member Release ‘Hollow God’ Lyric Video

FULL HOUSE BREW CREW is: Vagelis Karzis – Vocals, Guitars (Rotting Christ)
Spiros Dafalias – Bass – George Tzatzakis – Guitars – Alex Keito – Drums

FULL HOUSE BREW CREW Featuring ROTTING CHRIST Member Release ‘Hollow God’ Lyric Video

Greek Power Groove Metallers FULL HOUSE BREW CREW featuring a ROTTING CHRIST member in their ranks, have released a new lyric video for ‘Hollow God’, the track is taken from their monstrous second album ‘Me Against You‘, out on November 16, 2018 via ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records. The video can be viewed here….

1. Cannot Be Judged
2. Me Against You
3. No One’s Safe
4. Hollow God
5. Bury Me
6. When I Crossed That Door!
7. Hard To Tell
8. Not Again
9. Bring The Chaos
10. Another Life
11. The Undisputed

The album can be pre-ordered here:

After many years of absence, because of Vagelis’ duties as the bass player of the legendary Rotting Christ, FULL HOUSE BREW CREW are coming back with a strong statement of an album.

“No Retreat” and “Black Empty Box” were the fan’s favourite songs from their debut album “Bet It All” and with those songs in mind, now they put out “Me Against You”, which maybe includes the heaviest power grooves ever written from a European artist.

“Me Against You” influences came from bands like Slipknot, Five Finger Death Punch, Pantera, Metallica (Black Album era) and Black Label Society. This made the album more diverse on vocal perspective and more mature compositions!

FULL HOUSE BREW CREW keep on making headbang-worthy records, with melodies that stick to your brain!

FULL HOUSE BREW CREW was founded during 2009 by Vagelis “Van” Karzis, member of Rotting Christ for the last 6 years. Vagelis is the lead singer, lead guitar player and the main songwriter of the band. In 2009 he wrote 10 Heavy Groove songs influenced from bands like Pantera, Black Label Society, Five Finger Death Punch, Godsmack, Metallica and on 2011 having Spiros (bass) and Sakis (drums) on his side they recorded and self-released their first full-length album called Bet It All! Being active all these years by touring and opening for some big bands and festivals in Greece! Spiritual Beggars, Corrosion Of Conformity, 1000Mods and Planet Of Zeus just to name a few!
Having their own style for the Groove rhythms, they combine with aggressiveness and catchy melodies! And just like a thunderbolt charging straight from the top of Mount Olympus, these heavy-riffing monsters are ready to become the next name of “World’s Rock Gods” as been written at Spirit Of Metal!

FULL HOUSE BREW CREW states: “Our first focus is to create GOOD music, then promote it to people, create loyal fan base and tour as much as possible”

Mayhem remaster and re-issue ‘Grand Declaration of War’

remaster and re-issue
‘Grand Declaration of War’

Style: Black Metal

Black metal legends MAYHEM are announcing the re-release of ‘Grand Declaration of War (2000), which is completely remastered by Jaime Gomez Arellano at the Orgone Studios (UK). The album is slated for release on December 7th, 2018.

To get a taste of the new offering in comparison of the original 2000 version, please check out the special made video here..

Line-up GDOW (2000) Maniac – vocals Necrobutcher – bass  Hellhammer – drums Blasphemer – guitars

The cover of ‘Grand Declaration of War (2018)’ has been created by renowned Polish artist Zbigniew M. Bielak (GHOST, PARADISE LOST, BÖLZER, ZHRINE)

In 2018, “Grand Declaration of War” was remastered by Jaime Gomez Arellano in the Orgone Studios (UK). He comments on the remaster:

“It was a challenging remix to do, starting with the now obsolete format it was recorded in (ADAT). When we got the tapes, they were sent to a tape transfer specialist here in the UK and they were in a tape incubator for a couple of days to ensure the the tapes weren’t destroyed when played back on the ADAT deck (tape doesn’t age well if not stored correctly). Although the overall recording of GDoW was done to a very high standard, the main two things that bugged me was the drum sound and the overall crispiness/digital thin-sound of it (ADAT’s don’t sound very good IMO). The biggest challenge (you guessed it) was the drums.

Hellhammer recorded on an early Roland Vdrum kit with real cymbals. Back then those clicky, super compressed drum sounds were cool, but I think most of us agree these days that it’s an unnatural sound and the samples themselves weren’t that good. I had to split each tom hit into a separate track, which was very time consuming. I literally had to go pretty much though every drum hit to make sure the new samples were triggering correctly and believe me, there are A LOT of drum hits on this album. My goal was to make it sound more like a real kit. After much work and refining, Hellhammer came to visit me at my studio for a few days where we went through every drum track to ensure it was accurate to his performance.

The bass guitar pretty much didn’t exist on this album! After bringing it it forward and beefed it up, I was surprised to hear some very cool bass lines that I’ve never noticed before. The recorded guitar sounds were killer actually, they were just a little thin and crispy so I gave them more “body” and a bit more “warmth” without hindering Rune’s quantum precision. I was told by Rune that Maniac didn’t want any changes to his voice and I totally respect that. I painstakingly compared the original album vocal effects and levels to preserve it as close as I could. I ended up mastering the album to analogue tape to get a bit more warmth, depth and bottom end. I hope you all enjoy this new mix of this legendary album!”

On further news, MAYHEM are releasing a unique box, containing not only both LP versions of ‘Grand Declaration of War’, but also the 12″ LP’s of ‘Chimera’ (2004) & ‘Ordo ad Chao (2007)’, the 10″ EP of ‘Wolf’s Liar Abyss’ (1997), and two 10″ EP’s containing never released bonus tracks all bound together in a very special leather box.

1. A Grand Declaration of War (4:15)
2. In the Lies Where upon you lay (6:01)
3. A Time to Die (1:49)
4. View From Nihil; Pt. 1 (3:05)
5. View From Nihil; Pt. 2 (1:17)
6. A Bloodsword And A Colder Sun, Pt. 1 (0:34)
7. A Bloodsword And A Colder Sun, Pt. 2 (4:28)
8. Crystalized Pain In Deconstruction (4:11)
9. Completion In Science Of Agony, Pt. 1 (9:47)
10. To Daimonion (3:27)
11. Untitled I (4:54)
12. Untitled II (0:07)
13. Completion In Science Of Agony, Pt. 2 (2:15)
Total: 46:10

Formats:  CD Digipak – LP Gatefold in various colours and Cassette.

Mix & Master (2018)
Jaime Gomez Arellano, Orgone Studios (UK)


Out Now! Japan’s SABER TIGER’s New Album “Obscure Diversity” via Sliptrick Records

Out Now! Japan’s SABER TIGER’s New Album “Obscure Diversity” via Sliptrick Records

Saber Tiger are: Takenori Shimoyama – Vocal | Akihito Kinoshita – Guitar
Yasuharu Tanaka – Guitar | Yasuhiro Mizuno – Drums | hibiki – Bass

For fans of DIO, Rainbow , Symphony X, Kamelot

Japanese progressive power metal group Saber Tiger’s new album “Obscure Diversity” is now out as of October 10th, 2018 via Sliptrick Records. The album demonstrates a band that has no intention of slowing down more than three and a half decades after their formation. If anything, their trademark blend of classy melodicism and fierce intensity is in better balance than ever.

Tracks like speed monsters “The Crowbar Case” and “Permanent Rage” feature every aspect that fans have come to expect from Saber Tiger; from the whirlwind guitar work of Akihito Kinoshita and Yasuharu Tanaka to Takenori Shimoyama’s passionate vocals and the intricate rhythms of drummer Yasuhiro Mizuno and bassist hibiki. “Beat Of The War Drums” is heavy and modern, while more atmospheric tracks like “The Shade Of Holy Light” and “The Forever Throne” show a surprisingly introspective side of the band without sacrificing any of the band’s renowned heaviness. “Distant Signals”, hibiki’s first songwriting contribution to Saber Tiger’s body of work, even manages to take the band to surprisingly progressive territories. Saber Tiger pulls all of these musical directions off with equal class and conviction, truly accounting for the diversity that they have promised in the album’s title.
Unlike their previous release “Bystander Effect”, which was mixed and mastered by founder Kinoshita himself, Saber Tiger sought international assistance for the sonic representation of “Obscure Diversity”.

The band was looking for a certain degree of clarity and power and found exactly that when they enlisted the help of Simone Mularoni, guitarist of Italian progressive power metal band DGM and owner of the Domination Studio in San Marino.

“Obscure Diversity” is now available on Sliptrick Records here, iTunes, Spotify and on all other major music platforms.

Music Video – “Permanent Rage”

(Filmed primarily on Saber Tiger’s recent Baltic Tour, this new video features the band both on stage and backstage at various venues during that tour.)

Music Video – “The Worst Enemy”

Track Listing:
1. Daguerreotype Of Phineas Gage
2. The Crowbar Case
3. The Worst Enemy
4. Stain
5. Beat Of The War Drums
6. Distant Signals
7. The Shade Of Holy Light
8. Permanent Rage
9. Seize Your Moment
10. Divide To Deny
11. Paradigm And Parody
12. The Forever Throne
13. The Forever Throne (Acoustic Version) (Bonus Track)

For more info:

GUARDIANS OF TIME Release ‘As I Burn’ Music Video Feat. Tim “Ripper” Owens (ex Judas Priest, Iced Earth) On Vocals

GUARDIANS OF TIME is: Bernt Fjellestad – Vocals Paul Olsen – Guitars Willy Aaraas – Drums Jonkis – Bass


Release ‘As I Burn’ Music Video Feat. Tim “Ripper” Owens (ex Judas Priest, Iced Earth) On Vocals

Norwegian heavy metal /power metal band, GUARDIANS OF TIME, have released a new music video for ‘As I Burn’ featuring Tim “Ripper” Owens (ex Judas Priest, Iced Earth) on vocals. The track is taken of their fifth album Tearing Up The World, out on October 19th, 2018 via ROAR! Rock Of Angles Records. The album will be available as Digipack CD + Double Black Vinyl.

Tearing Up The World featuring guest performances of Abbath and Tim ”Ripper” Owens. The video can be viewed here:

The vinyl version includes an exclusive bonus live version of the song “Empire”. The album was mixed and mastered in cooperation with Studio Fredman(Dimmu Borgir, Hammerfall, In Flames, Opeth, Soilwork). The artwork and layout was designed by Carlos Cabrera.

1. Tearing Up The World
2. Raise The Eagle
3. We’ll Bring War
4. Burning Of Rome
5. Kingdom Come
6. Valhalla Awaits
7. Brothers Of The North
8. Light Won’t Shine
9. As I Burn
10. Drawn In Blood
11. Masters We Were

Hamilton’s THE CASTOR TROYS To Open For Headstones + Announce Ontario Tour Dates

EP Recording & Live Line Up: Aaron Walsh – Lead Vocals –  Chris Ledroit – Guitars, Backing Vocals –  Matthew Bowker – Bass, Backing Vocals – Bryson Emmons – Drums, Backing Vocals

Hamilton’s THE CASTOR TROYS To Open For Headstones + Announce Ontario Tour Dates

For Fans of The Offspring, the Headstones, Social Distortion, Rise Against, Monster Truck, The Motorleague

New Single “ We Are One”

New EP “Legends Never Die” Out Nov 9th

Set to unleash their new EP “Legends Never Die” on November 9th, Hamilton’s THE CASTOR TROYS will be kicking off live promotion of the release with dates across southern Ontario with Black Collar Union, which includes a hometown show on November 1st opening for Canadian legends Headstones for the first date of their “The Picture of Health Tour”.

The band comments:

“We’re incredibly stoked to kick off this album release tour opening for Headstones, one of the reasons for this band coming together in the first place. Their sound was kind of like the center of the Venn diagram of all our influences. We’ve followed them since we were too young to get into clubs to hear them play. And FirstOntario Concert Hall will be the biggest stage we’ve played yet. Then to follow that up with a series of shows with Black Collar Union will make this an Autumn to remember!”

Tour Dates:
Nov. 1 – Hamilton, ON – FirstOntario Concert Hall w/ Headstones
Nov. 10 – Hamilton, ON – Corktown w/ Black Collar Union
Nov. 16 – London, ON – Norma Jeans w/ Black Collar Union
Nov. 17 – Windsor, ON – TBA w/ Black Collar Union
Nov. 23 – St. Catharines, ON – TBA w/ Black Collar Union
Dec. 6 – Barrie, ON – Foxx Lounge
Jan. 19 – Cobourg, ON – Kelly’s

THE CASTOR TROYS first single “We Are One”, a catchy and fun sing-along with punk overtones in the riffs and a steady rockin’ beat is now streaming here..

Track Listing:
1. Blackout Love
2. We Are One
3. Watch the City Burn
4. Legends Never Die
5. Wreck of The Bastard
6. Runnin’ Down A Dream (Tom Petty cover)


The Castor Troys are a story-telling hard rock band from Hamilton, Ontario. Through lyrics that tell tales of war heroes, bank robbers and clandestine lovers, this intrepid four-piece peddles true stories and truer fiction. Drawing inspiration from bands like The Headstones, Social Distortion, Motörhead, The Offspring and Iron Maiden, The Castor Troys craft fiery and infectious songs that draw you in and don’t let go.
Taking their band name from a character in a Jon Woo film, The Castor Troys are a jubilant mix of hard rock, punk, country and southern rock. “Castor Troy was the villain (played by Nicholas Cage) in Face/Off. He was elegant, flamboyant and stylish, instantly likeable, while at the same time single-minded and ruthless in his pursuit of his goals.” expands the band on their choice of name.

Formed in 2013, they released their debut full-length album “Come Hell or High Water” in May of 2015 and their six track EP “Legends Never Die” will be due out November 9, 2018. Working with producer Andre Kaden Black and engineer Tal Vaisman (Ascot Royals) has refined the band’s sound and enabled them to capture the fierce energy of their live performance onto record.
Proven by becoming the 97.7 HTZ-FM Rocksearch 2018 Finalists, The Castor Troys are a relentless team of stage veterans. Averaging over 40 shows a year, they’ve played many festivals including Burlington’s Sound of Music sharing stages with countless bands such as The Planet Smashers, Scarlett and Silverstein. Writing music that is catchy and instantly memorable, The Castor Troys weave tales in an accessible and uncompromising manner.

THE GREAT SABATINI Announce Ontario New Album “Goodbye Audio” Out Nov 16th

L-R – Rob Sabatini (guitar/vocals), Joey Sabatini (bass/vocals), Steve Sabatini (drums/vocals), and Sean Sabatini (guitar/vocals)
Photo credit: Dave Levitt Photography


Announce Ontario New Album “Goodbye Audio” Out Nov 16th

For fans of Melvins, Unsane, Neurosis, Metz, KEN mode, Today Is The Day

The album will be released on November 16, 2018 on vinyl from No List Records, Ancient Temple Records and No Why Records. Cassette version will be available from Pink Lemonade and feature an exclusive bonus track “Drain The Swamp” only available on that format. Digital download and album pre-order available on TGS’ Bandcamp here.

Their latest single “Still Life With Maggots” was recorded live off the floor and shows the growth the band has made together over the past 11 years.

The band comments:

“We’re trying to give people a raw-ass document of abrasive sludge and noise rock in the most hi-fi package possible. We’re not interested in polish or smoothing over any rough edges… just achieving something of high sonic quality that presents the band that we are today…”

Following the theme of mortality persistent through the album, “Still Life With Maggots” is about existential dread and the general feeling of anxiety some people experience daily. Taking a more lighter path than in previous years, THE GREAT SABATINI is less focused on complicating their parts and set on being direct along with working together and highlighting each other’s strengths. Not wanting to emulate any bands they do point to some band favourites like Botch, Melvins and Neurosis as inspiration to consider different elements like new time signatures and feels.
Music video for “Still Life With Maggots” can be viewed here..


Track Listing:
1. Still Life With Maggots (2:06)
2. Dog Years (4:21)
3. Strip Mall or, The Pursuit Of Crappiness Parts 1-4 (3:11)
4. You’re Gonna Die (Unsatisfied) (3:28)
5. Tax Season In Dreamland (4:06)
6. Brute Cortege (3:16)
7. Hand Of Unmaking (14:06)
Album Length: 34:37

Nightmarer premiere playthrough video for ‘Stahlwald’ via Gear Gods

Current line-up: John Collett: vocals – Simon Hawemann: guitars – Paul Seidel: drums – S. Braunschmidt: bass (studio only)

NIGHTMARER are premiering a playthrough video of the song “Stahlwald”.

The track has been taken from the debut full-length, ‘Cacophony of Terror’, which was released via Season of Mist on March 23rd, 2018.

Style: Total Dissonance Worship

Chaos comes crashing in waves. Patterns emerge out of swirling energy. Darkness coalesces out of fragments into bizarre forms and strange angled shapes. What reads like a list of entries into H.P. Lovecraft’s dictionary of horrors is the nightmarish musical vision offered by NIGHTMARER on their debut album, ‘Cacophony of Terror’.

Seemingly out of nowhere, NIGHTMARER hit the extreme metal underground with their first EP, ‘Chasm’ in early 2016. This furious whirlwind of low end dissonance, devastating heaviness and majestic walls of sound took the scene by storm and the first 10″ vinyl pressing almost sold out while still on pre-order.

Conceived in 2014 by former members of bands such as GIGAN, THE OCEAN and WAR FROM A HARLOTS MOUTH, this international trio derives only the most extreme elements of their previous musical outlets and takes those into another hellish dimension.

Carving their distinctly personal and unique path into the dark matter that DEATHSPELL OMEGA, DODECAHEDRON, and ULSECT have ventured to explore, NIGHTMARER are now set to release one of the darkest and crushing albums of 2018. Enter this ‘Cacophony of Terror’ in search of extreme sonic pleasures at your own peril!

Guest musicians
Alan Dubin: vocals on “Death”
Ferenc Petöcz: additional samples on “Cave Digger”

1. The Descent (1:36)
2. Stahlwald (3:31)
3. Skinner (4:38)
4. Bleach (3:59)
5. Cave Digger (3:25)
6. Fetisch (4:46)
7. Tidal Waves of Terror (3:23)
8. Ceremony of Control (4:48)
9. Death (4:52)
10. Swansong (1:27)
Total playing time: 35:23

Cover art: Valnoir “Metastazis”


Guest musicians
Alan Dubin: vocals on “Death”
Ferenc Petöcz: additional samples on “Cave Digger”


Vocals recorded by S. Hawemann at Sludge Studios
Guitars recorded and reamped by S. Hawemann at Sludge Studios
Drums recorded by J. Kerscher at Ghost City Recordings
Bass written, performed, and recorded by S. Braunschmidt

Mix & Mastering: Raphaël Bovey at MyRoom Studio





Disperse announce Polish tour with Distorted Harmony

Line-up: Jakub Żytecki: guitars –  Rafał Biernacki: vocals, keyboards – Mike Malyan: drums – Bartosz Wilk: bass

Disperse announce Polish tour with Distorted Harmony

Style: Progressive Rock / Metal

Progressive metal band DISPERSE have announced a Polish tour in November 2018, with DISTORTED HARMONY. The tour will kick off in Łódź, on November 14 and will end exactly 10 days later in Wroclaw. The full list of tour dates can be found below. DISPERSE will be touring in support of their latest, highly acclaimed releases ‘Foreword’, released via Season of Mist in February 2017.

The band comments: “It’s good to be back in Poland. This fall we will revisit ‘Foreword’, ‘Living Mirrors’ and ‘Journey Through the Hidden Gardens’, sharing the stage with our special guests from Israel – Distorted Harmony, who are promoting their new album ‘A Way Out’. We’ve been working hard to take our live performance production to the next level – that’s why this tour is special to us and we really hope it will be something our fans haven’t expected. It is also first DH appearance in Poland, so we are glad to be bringing them to Poland and inviting our compatriots to their music.

01. Stay
02. Surrender
03. Bubbles
04. Tomorrow
05. Tether
06. Sleeping Ivy
07. Does It Matter How Far?
08. Foreword
09. Neon
10. Gabriel
11. Kites

DISPERSE have previously released a music video for the song “Tether”, taken from the album ‘Foreword’. Watch the full video below!

DISPERSE are currently preparing to record a follow-up to their highly acclaimed latest full-length ‘Foreword’.

“Aspiring Polish proggers fulfil their immense potential… DISPERSE have clicked into a higher gear here and the results will reduce prog and tech-metal fans alike to a mess of goosebumps.” Dom Lawson, Metal Hammer (UK) 9/10

Few young bands display such extreme technical prowess as DISPERSE. Yet talent and advanced mastery of instruments has never been the main factor in what sets a band apart from the mass of musicians trying to break through.

The road to success has rather been paved with great song-writing and this is exactly what the now Polish and English quartet is delivering on its third full-length ‘Foreword’. DISPERSE manage to make complexity appear easy and add an incredible lightness to cascading syncopated breaks, odd-time signatures and all the tools of the trade that are considered as essentials for progressive music.

‘Foreword’ is the logical step further from sophomore DISPERSE album ‘Living Mirrors’, which witnessed the hopefuls injecting fresh momentum into the progressive genre. Elements of such giants such as PINK FLOYD, DREAM THEATER, and CYNIC were playfully incorporated, whirled around, and fused with other ingredients raging from Metal to Jazz into a new exciting sound.

DISPERSE embarked on their musical search with the debut album ‘Journey Through The Hidden Gardens’ (2010) three years after being founded in the Polish city of Przeworsk. With only one demo entitled ‘Promo 2008′, the band quickly gained a reputation as an excellent live entity. This was cemented by acclaimed performances on several tours as well as at prestigious festivals such as GO-Rock, the UK Tech-Metal Fest, and Germany’s Euroblast Festival.

With ‘Foreword’, DISPERSE invite you to set sails on a luxurious musical passage that let’s you drift over an ocean of sparking details and ever new wonders waiting at the beckoning horizon.