Nieuw studio-album van Suicidal Tendencies goed onthaald


Suicidal Tendencies is een Amerikaanse trashmetal/hardcore-band, die in 1981 is opgericht in Venice, Californië. De band haalde tevens veel invloeden uit de punk en funk. In 1995 valt de band min of meer uit elkaar, om een paar jaar later weer opnieuw geformeerd te worden

Het laatste nieuws is dan ook zeer welkom voor de ST-fans betreft hun nieuwe CD 13,

Het reguliere studio-album van Suicidal Tendencies, Free Your Soul… And Save My Mind, dateert alweer uit het jaar 2000. Binnenkort verschijnt dan eindelijk de opvolger. De plaat heet 13 en dient op 26 maart te verschijnen., hopelijk komen ze Europa ook onveilig maken met hun nieuwe CD.

Bekijk het fotoalbum verleden jaar genomen @ Speedfest 2012

Men kan alvast een teaser beluisteren en bekijken voor (de videoclip van) het nummer Cyco Style.
1. Shake It Out
2. Smash It!
3. This Ain’t A Celebration
4. God Only Knows Who I Am
5. Make Your Stand
6. Who’s Afraid?
7. Show Some Love… Tear It Down
8. Cyco Style
9. Slam City
10. Till My Last Breath
11. Living The Fight
12. Life… (Can’t Live With It, Can’t Live Without It)
13. This World


Lemmy van Motorhead wil Jill Janus dood neuken


Op 28 juni brengt Huntress band het tweede album uit, getiteld Starbound Beast wat zeker belooft. De plaat is opgenomen in de Hobby Shop Studios in Los Angeles (VS) met de bekende producent Chris “Zeuss” Harris. Niemand minder dan Motörhead-frontman Lemmy levert een tekstuele gastbijdrage wat zeker voor enkele geweldige  nummers zal opleveren .

Huntress-zangeres (en voormalig Playmate) Jill Janus leerde Lemmy kennen toen ze nog met haar vorige band Chelsea Girls optrad. Ze vroeg hem vervolgens een keer of hij een tekst wilde schrijven voor een Huntress-song. Enkele weken later gaf Lemmy haar twee kladblaadjes. Janus interpreteerde de inhoud daarvan als de beloofde songtekst. Wij hebben daar onze twijfels over, want de songtitel is I Want To Fuck You To Death. Bovendien vult Lemmy zelf aan: “Ik heb altijd een zwakke plek voor haar gehad. En ook een harde…” Overigens geeft Huntress zaterdag 8 juni een intieme show in Stage01, de kleinste zaal van poppodium 013 te Tilburg. Een kaartje kost slechts vijf euro (plus servicekosten).


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“ZAK IS BACK!”  This has been the running theme in the band since 2010 when Zak Stevens and the band set some lofty new goals for taking CIIC to the next level around the world.  The band has just completed their new album “Seasons Will Fall” which is considered to be CIIC’s strongest album to date from both a musical and production standpoint.  One of the band’s many goals was to improve their label situation.  CIIC is very excited to announce they have signed with a new label for the release of the “Seasons Will Fall” album.  CIIC’s new label is EarMUSIC Records operating out of Hamburg, Germany.  Stevens comments “With EarMUSIC releasing our sixth album, we are exactly where we need to be at this point in our career.  We have the right album along with a fantastic new label.  The timing of all this will take the upcoming  world tour to  an entirely new level.  We are very much looking forward to the release of  SWF on EarMUSIC Records.  This is an album that will strongly define the identity and place of hard rock and heavy metal music in the world today”.   The turning point for CIIC came in  2012 with their monumental performance of the entire Savatage album  ’The Wake of Magellan” at the world’s largest heavy metal festival Wacken Open Air.

What followed was a sold-out European promo club tour.  Part of the allure of CIIC is that it encompasses Zak Stevens’ history  with the performance of CIIC as well as Savatage music in concert.  Some of the reasons CIIC tours have been so successful lately –

1) The band lineup – Six guys and absolutely no tracks being used in live performances.  There are five great singers in the band;

2) Each year CIIC features a special live anniversary performance of a Savatage album.  For example 2013 will be the 20th anniversary of “Edge of Thorns” so CIIC will perform that album in its entirety as they did on tour with “Wake of Magellan” on its 15th anniversary;

3) More touring – The band is going as far as Dubai (UAE) by the end of 2012 to ensure that more fans around the world get a taste of CIIC live in concert.  The lineup is Zak Stevens – Vocals, Mitch Stewart – Bass/Vocals, Bill Hudson – Guitars/Vocals, Christian Wentz – Guitars/Vocals, Henning Wanner – Keyboards/Vocals, and Adam Sagan – Drums.  CIIC is a band that has been able to reinvent itself time and time again through the years and still maintain that signature sound that fans around the world depend on with each record.

Pick up the new album “Seasons Will Fall” in and check out CIIC in concert at a venue near you!

Black Flag






Dat Black Flag deze zomer een comeback maakt hebben we al gehoord een dat Henry Rollins er niet  bij was wist  u wellicht ook.

Rollins verklaard waarom hij niet langer muziek maakt en geeft even uitleg waaron er geen reünie van Black Flag komt…
“In the summer months, you can count on bands that have been gone for years who will reassemble and go onto stages all over the world playing “vintage music.” Perhaps they are on a Proustian mission to recapture that which has been lost. I read the interviews where the musicians claim that now they can really play this music. I don’t doubt them, but therein lies the problem. Musicians should not play Music. Music should play musicians.
This is why I stopped touring with a band. I put up my fists and there was no longer anything there. It was heartbreaking, but it was clear. Music had moved on. Such was my reverence for its limitless power, I faced this truth and moved on in search of new battles.”

Tim Lambesis, lead singer and co-founder of the heavy-metal group As I Lay Dying, was arrested


Authorities began investigating Lambesis, 32, in the case on Thursday, when they received information that he allegedly was trying to get someone to commit the slaying.

“You might think that you’re talking to someone that’s trusted,” said Jan Caldwell, spokeswoman for San Diego County Sheriff’s Department. “You might be talking to someone you know. But if you’re looking to do something wrong and something bad, most people aren’t going to let that rest. They’re going to take that to a higher authority. So, something certainly as sinister as this, needed to be taken somewhere and it was.”

Lambesis was booked into the Vista Jail on suspicion of solicitation of another to commit murder. The case has been turned over to the District Attorney’s Office.

He is scheduled to appear before a judge Thursday afternoon.

“I heard one of our captains say we prevented a tragedy,” said Caldwell.

As I Lay Dying was nominated for a Grammy award in 2008 and has released six studio albums, according to the band’s website, which says the group is scheduled to embark on a U.S. tour this month. The band was formerly billed as a Christian rock band.

The band recently performed at SOMA concert venue on March 1.

Lambesis is also a member of “Pyrithion” and “Austrian Death Machine.”