Burn it all Down: THE AGONIST unleash brand new video! Orphans coming September 20th!

Vicky Psarakis – Vocals | Danny Marino – Guitar | Chris Kells – Bass | Simon McKay- Drums | Pascal “Paco” Jobin – Guitar

Burn it all Down: THE AGONIST unleash brand new video!
Orphans coming September 20th!

September 20th 2019 will see Canada’s finest extreme metal export, The Agonist, release their brand new album, Orphans, with Rodeostar Records. More extreme, more melodic, more exciting and larger than life sounds: On their sixth studio record, The Agonist are unleashing a true monster feeding on melodic death metal and almost rocking moments. In between beautifully anthemic metal sound walls, pounding grooves and fierce riffs, charismatic front vocalist Vicky Psarakis showcases her impressive range that covers everything from rock diva all the way to sick death metal growls. The result is a flickering, iridescent and varied masterpiece nestled in between sheer brutality and melodic frailty – simply incomparable!

But let the music speak for itself, as today The Agonist have unleashed a second track from their upcoming Orphans! Watch the new video for Burn it all Down HERE!

Says Chris Kells, The Agonist bassist and video director: “When the band had first decided to make “Burn it all Down” a music video, naturally I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to make a high intensity video that portrayed Vicky’s anger in delivering the lyrics, all while a blazing inferno is happening behind the band. It wasn’t an easy task to make happen! I thought i had it all figured out with my video team but none of us had ever done a fire shoot before. Normally we take our time in setting up the lighting and over analyzing the shots to make sure what works best in the moment. There was absolutely no time for that. Once we lit the fire It was a a race right till the end to make sure we kept it blazing and high all while trying to get every one of our scheduled shots in. In the end everything worked out, we didn’t burn down a field, nobody got hurt, just singed, and we all hustled to make sure we got everything done that was needed.“


Orphans Tracklisting:
01. In Vertigo
02. As One We Survive
03. The Gift of Silence
04. Blood as My Guide
05. Mr. Cold
06. Dust to Dust
07. A Devil Made Me Do It
08. The Killing I
09. Orphans
10. Burn it All Down


Coming September 20th as Deluxe Box, LP, CD and Digital formats on Rodeostar Records. Orphans is available to pre-order at THIS LOCATION!

Source: NAPALM RECORDS germany


Atmospheric Black Metal masters IMPERIUM DEKADENZ premiere brand new video, Frozen In Time!

Imperium Dekadenz is: Vespasian: Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keyboards Horaz: Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals

Atmospheric Black Metal masters IMPERIUM DEKADENZ premiere brand new video, Frozen In Time!

August 30th will see atmospheric Black Metal masters, Imperium Dekadenz, unleash their sixth studio album titled When We Are Forgotten with Napalm Records. In terms of Black Metal art and where most of us might think that everything has been said and done in a genre, Imperium Dekadenz boldly seek new horizons: The highly atmospheric and emotionally dense soundscapes of the band shun a simplistic tag like “Melodic Black Metal” and have done so for ages – as Horaz and Vespasian seize the moment with When We Are Forgotten and delve deep into a complex cosmos made of anger, loneliness, melancholy and pure destruction. Their upcoming record not only convinces with a dynamic, energetic and organic production and sounds by no means polished, but is the same rough and dark as their home, the Black Forest, itself. In contradiction to the album`s title: This record will be unforgettable!

Today the duo is sharing with a brand new track taken from When We Are Forgotten, among a lyric video for Frozen In Time!

The band commets: “We are proud to unleash one of our most personal songs ever.
Expended pleasures, vanished friends, forgotten pain, depleted passions… FROZEN IN TIME!”

When We Are Forgotten Tracklisting:
1. When We Are Forgotten
2. Bis Ich Bin
3. My Solace I (Choirs of Solitude)
4. Trauma
5. A Cave Called Wisdom
6. Transcendence
7. Seance
8. Absenz Elysium
9. My Solace II (Paths of Perception)
10. Reverie
11. Frozen in Time

Imperium Dekadenz was founded in the late summer of 2004 by Horaz and Vespasian. Their band name was inspired by the 70ies movie “Caligula”, which was known as one of the most scandalous movies, because of its extreme violent and pornographic scenes. Imperium Dekadenz’ lyrics reflect genre typical topics like death, mourning, hate and desperation,while religious and political topics are not a part of the band’s concept. Generally their music style can be described as atmospheric Black Metal, to the same time also depressive, ambient and acoustic elements are a part of the compositions. Norwegian bands of the Second Wave of Black Metal in the nineties are the most influencing actors, as the band describes their roots.
Characteristic style devices are epic melodies of mid-tempo speed, which induce in their changeover to the next part, a kind of dramatic and dynamic perception. Special features are the acoustic and ambient tracks which are more comparable to Classic (piano) and Neo-Folk music.

Watch the blistering, new lyric video by Imperium Dekadenz HERE!

Since their first appearance on stage, Imperium Dekadenz has played national and international shows, including Wolfszeit, Ragnarök, Metalfest (GER, CH, AT), Wacken Open Air, Inferno Festival, Metalcamp or Summer Breeze to name just a few. The whole subjective experience of the listener is opulent and epic, because of the rich contrast and the wide spread of musical styles. No wonder that Imperium Dekadenz already belong to one of the most acclaimed Black Metal bands the current scene has to offer!

For More Info Visit:

11/10/2019 (UK) London, The Black Heart
12/10/2019 (UK) Nottingham, Atmosfest
19/10/2019 (BEL) Arlon, Night Metal Fest X
23/11/2019 (DE) Würzburg, When Darkness Conquers
29/11/2019 (ESP) Barcelona, Sala Uploud
30/11/2019 (ESP) Zaragoza, Auditorio Interpeñas
18/01/2020 (DE) Zwickau, A Night of Despair

Source: NAPALM RECORDS germany

Dutch Metal Legends Martyr release new video for English Forces

MARTYR a.k.a. The Dutch Metal Legends are: Rop Van Haren – Vocals – Rick Bouwman – Guitars – Geoffrey Maas – Guitars – Vinnie Wassink – Bass – Rick Valcon – Drums . Guest solo guitar by : 田中富 (a.k.a. Tommy from Riverge)

 Dutch Metal Legends Martyr release new video for English Forces

Check the new MARTYR video out…This video is a fan made video based on old English myths and sagas for the song “English Forces”.

A classic 1984 MARTYR song re-recorded as special bonustrack for the japanese release of MARTYR Live In Japan. MARTYR Live in Japan (japanese version) is out on Rock Stakk Records Japan and also limited available at PT78. All songs on MARTYR – Live In Japan are produced, mixed and mastered by Rick Valcon.



Mora Prokaza sign to Season of Mist

Mora Prokaza sign to Season of Mist

Genre: New School Black Metal

Season of Mist is proud to announce the signing of new school black metal formation MORA PROKAZA. The Belarusian duo are currently in studio writing their brand new album which will be released in 2020 via Season of Mist.

MORA PROKAZA comment on the signing: “We came here to continue making our music with new powers. Nothing is more important than the continuation of the creation of powerful compositions. Now, with Season of Mist, we are opening a new chapter in our works. Our main joint task is not to betray art and show that in the modern world we all can hear the new black metal and new forms of metal music. ”

Not familiar with the work of MORA PROKAZA? You can find the somewhat unnerving latest music video for ‘Blacker than Black’ here!

Line-up: Farmakon: lyrics, composing, vocals –  Hatestorm: composing, drums

The band with the cunning name MORA PROKAZA was formed back in 2013 by Farmakon (guitars, vocals) and Isvind (drums). Both musicians have a long-term experience of playing many local Belorussian extreme metal bands. The material for the first release “Bringer of Plague” was quickly composed and released in early 2015 and with that, MORA PROKAZA shared Russian stages with bands such as HELL SPIRIT, SUSPERIA, DARKEND, CLAYMORDS, MORIBUND OBLIVION and many others.

In the winter of 2015, two weeks after the release of “Bringer of Plague” (2015), the band supports INQUISITION in St. Petersburg. At the end of April 2015, Isvind leaves MORA PROKAZA and furious drummer Hatestorm joins the band commencing the recording of new material. With the addition of Hatestorm, MORA PROKAZA open up new opportunities and the band change their composing approach and sound concept. In May 2015 the musicians present their brand-new EP “My Awakening” shorty followed by a new full-length “Dark Universe” (2016).

Now with Season of Mist by their side, MORA PROKAZA will introduce you to something new. The Russians are exploring brand new musical territories which are promised to be “Blacker than Black”!

All hail the unnerving New School Black Metal wave of MORA PROKANZA.


Foscor premiere second track of new album ‘Els Sepulcres Blancs’

Line-up Fiar: lyrics, vocals –  Falke: guitars, effects –  Albert M.: guitars, bass, piano – Jordi F.: drums – Esteban P.: keys

Foscor premiere second track of new album ‘Els Sepulcres Blancs’

Catalan atmospheric metal band FOSCOR are now releasing the second brand new track of their upcoming album ‘Els Sepulcres Blancs’, which will be released worldwide on September 06, 2019. The track ‘Malson’ is now streaming, at the link below!

FOSCOR comment on the track and video: “The gaps between reality and the dream world, poetry and reality, set a dialogue with our own and deepest emotions dealing with the real and ideal conscious level.“Els Sepulcres Blancs” delivers the most intimate exercise to date, as the act of dreaming and imagining the change does. Our music pretends to serve us as a tool in the thrilling act of poetizing the world.The new song ‘Malson’ translates as ‘Nightmare’ in Catalan, and digs into the darkest side of life and our own weaknesses, trying to approach the listener to the lyrical content. Metaphorically, life sometimes seems to offer no escape to suffering moments, as if a tall black presence accompanying us may lead everything to recurrent dead ends when facing our boundaries.Once again filmed and edited by our guitarist Falke, the video claims to reach reconciliation between our own world of emotions and the physical one we daily must deal with. There’s a tragic sense on life’s darkness which allows a new beauty to appear, and so it is what inspires our music and speech.Musically speaking, the song is the most delicate one of the collection, offering by far the most distant to metal language from the whole album. Choosing to work without distortion on guitars was a key point during the composition process and opened a new and definitive universe to us trying to reach the timeless music all across styles and ages we drink from.”

Style: Dark Atmospheric Metal

1. Laments (05:15)
2. Els Colors del Silenci (04:57)
3. Malson (04:52)
4. Secrets (05:33)
5. Cel Rogent (04:47)
6. Cançó de Mort (05:39)
7. L’Esglai (06:58)
Total playing time: 38:03




The Catalans return with the second chapter of the trilogy initiated with “Les Irreals Visions” in 2017, yet strongly connected to the fin de siècle cultural movement of Modernisme – a parallel development to Art Nouveau and Jugendstil among others. Visual things must acquire a new secret appearance, and with ‘Els Sepulcres Blancs’ FOSCOR treats poetically how facing a change of a sick world and society through the land of dreams.

The title translates as “The White Tombs”, a metaphor for that world of dreams and expectations where humans chained to reality may die and born free to imagine a better one.

FOSCOR hail from Catalonia, and take inspiration from the morbid, decadent, and sick reflections on a rapidly changing society, as the artistic landscape at the end of the nineteenth century shaped.

The name FOSCOR translates as “darkness” in their native Catalan tongue, which the band from Barcelona uses for their lyrics as a distinctive element and strong connection with their cultural reality.

The Catalans’ first two albums, ‘Entrance to the Shadows’ Village’ (2004), ‘The Smile of the Sad Ones’ (2007) wrapped a shroud of classic second wave black metal around a melancholic yet vital core. ‘Groans to the Guilty’ (2009) witnessed FOSCOR setting out towards more progressive and avant-garde course, but it was next full-length ‘Those Horrors Wither’ (2014) which marked a clear departure from the black metal. Darkness found an equally strong expression through the use of very personal clean vocals, tempo reduction and atmosphere.

In 2017, FOSCOR took another step in their constantly changing and shifting evolution. The brand new release ‘Les Irreals Visions’ (2017) was easily drawing its eager audience in, only to lure the unwary listener into a dark labyrinth of unexpected complexity filled with beauty and sorrow. In 2018, FOSCOR explored these lines between reality, poetry and the beyond even further with a special digital release transforming their own music into a so intimate experience; ‘Les Irreals Versions’ (2018).

Now, 2019 promises to be as tragic as their music claims with the so sensitive release of ‘Els Sepulcres Blancs’, its characteristic melancholic sonic aura and catchy riffing intensity. Their most personal and delicate sound achievement to date.

Recording: Moontower Studios / Javi Félez, Barcelona (ES)
Mixing: Moontower Studios / Javi Félez, Barcelona (ES)
Mastering: Orgone Studios / Jaime G. Arellano, Woburn (UK)

Guest Musicians:
sG (SECRETS OF THE MOON, CRONE): guest vocals on “Cançó de Mort”

Photography & cover artist: Deborah Sheedy (Ireland 2019 )
Layout design: Maria Picassó / Ideophony (IHSAHN, OBSIDIAN KINGDOM)

Pre-sales: www.smarturl.it/FoscorESB

Kaamos Warriors released a single with melodic roughness and dark atmosphere!

Line-up:Mikko Ojala (vocals & guitars) Jani Moilanen (guitars, acoustic guitars, solo guitars) Jyri Moilanen (bass)

Kaamos Warriors released a single with melodic roughness and dark atmosphere!

Finnish metal band Kaamos Warriors releases the first single Ruined by Plague from their second album Shadows Of Northern Chaos. The single will be released July 25th .2019 by Inverse Records. Shadows Of Northern Chaos album will be released in the end of year 2019.

“The single “Ruined by Plaque” is the fourth track from the album, it is not the fastest one but represents the melodic roughness and dark atmosphere of the album.” -Jani / Kaamos Warriors

Originally Kaamos Warriors was a two member band formed by Mikko Ojala (Dark The Suns) and Jani Moilanen (R2JBros) but now the band has a third member Jyri Moilanen who will handle bass on upcoming album.

KOSM Posts Cover Video of A PERFECT CIRCLE’s ‘3 Libras’

L-R – Erik Leonhard – Guitar, Michael ‘Pastrami’ Mastracci – Bass, Jessie Grace – Vocals, Mike Slater – Guitar, Sterling Paterson – Drums
Photo credit – Justin Forster

KOSM Posts Cover Video of A PERFECT CIRCLE’s ‘3 Libras’

For fans of Tool, Mastodon, Gojira, The Agonist, Periphery, A Perfect Circle
KOSM Posts Cover Video of A PERFECT CIRCLE’s ‘3 Libras’

Out Now! Bloodborne Inspired EP “Eyes On The Inside”

Vancouver’s KOSM recently plunged listeners into the dark universe of their Bloodborne inspired EP “Eyes On The Inside” unleashed on June 28th, 2019. The dark and agile record demonstrated KOSM’s maturity in sound since releasing their 2018 Lovecraftian inspired debut album “Cosmonaut” and was the first release that featured all members of the band contributing to the writing process. In addition to the band’s original material, the progressive metal quintet enjoys creating cover videos of some of their favourite bands such as Gojira, Mastodon, Queens of The Stone Age, System of A Down, Halestorm, Plini and many more. Adding to the list of covers, the band is sharing their new video performing A PERFECT CIRCLE’s famed track ‘3 Libras’ alongside friend James Holder of Vancouver gothic metalcore outfit 2 SHADOWS.

The band adds:

“We’re all big fans of APC and this cover turned out better than we were expecting – we try to keep things DIY and did this all ourselves! Due to time constraints between our current EP release we had to record and shoot this whenever there was time – always have to stay busy!”

Watch KOSM covering A PERFECT CIRCLE’s ‘3 Libras’ on YouTube here.

The band adds about writing the EP:
“We really set out to give people what they were asking of us, we all feel it’s going to be received incredibly well. On top of that, this is 100% for all the Bloodborne fans that trolled us into oblivion last year, so we hope that they love it just as much as the fans of progressive metal do! It’s heavier, trickier, and more concise with obvious nods to our biggest influences including Tool, Mastodon and Gojira.”

Show Dates:
Sept 6 – Edmonton, AB – Starlite Room
Sept 14 – Vancouver, BC – Pat’s Pub
Oct 31 – Vancouver – Rickshaw Theatre w/ Jinjer, The Browning, Sumo Cyco


DIZASTRA’s Music Video ‘Vae Victus’ Will Make You Saddle Up Your Dragon & Ride Through Hell

DIZASTRA’s Music Video ‘Vae Victus’ Will Make You Saddle Up Your Dragon & Ride Through Hell

For fans of Skeletonwitch, Dissection, Watain, Celtic Frost, Sepultura
DIZASTRA’s Music Video ‘Vae Victus’ Will Make You Saddle Up Your Dragon & Ride Through Hell

From the bowels of Satan’s lair, DIZASTRA has come. After a long wait for their first full-length album, fans can expect to be massacred with “Elder Sun” coming later in 2019.

Following up the 2015 EP ‘Hell’ s Gate’, Montreal based DIZASTRA summons unholy ferocity in their music merging the sounds of black, thrash and melodic heavy metal to coagulate is a distinct sound.
‘Vae Victus’ is the first single from the upcoming album “Elder Sun”. The anthem to riding a dragon through Hades, this track combines all the elements of what makes heavy metal what it is. Bringing together shrieking vocals, pummeling drums, cosmic-threatening bass, and electrifying (literally) solos, ‘Vae Victus’ rides triumph through listeners ears.
The video for ‘Vae Victus’ demonstrates their meager budget and Tolkien level storytelling in a compelling tale of time travel and high adventure. Wizards, warriors, battle, and friendship all come together to dazzle viewers across the globe.
Your steed awaits for a blasphemous sojourn into the abyss.

Watch ‘Vae Victus’ here.

Song Credits:
Written and Performed by: Dizastra
Mixed, Mastered and Recorded by: Carl Roberge
Produced by: Carl Roberge and Dizastra

From the bowels of Satan’s lair, Dizastra has come. Their story begins with veteran performer of Quebec’s Heavy Montreal music festival and Wacken Metal Battle Canada finalist Matt Conti. He joined forces with Denis Stoisin. Together they mixed melody with ferocity, merging the sounds of Black, Thrash, and Melodic Heavy Metal. Within a year of forming, Dizastra released their first EP titled “Hell’s Gate” in 2015. The release brought them recognition as a rising force within the Quebec Heavy Metal scene and national acclaim.
Dizastra’s line-up was solidified in the summer of 2017 with the addition of Nathan Afilalo of Dissension on bass and Petey Giampa of Venomenon on drums. The contributions of these new members summoned new speed and malice to the group’s sound. With the band firmly established, they dug their heels in the trenches and began writing material for their first full-length album.
At long last, the wait is finally over. “Elder Sun” is the next chapter in Dizastra’s legacy that will guarantee them a place amongst Heavy Metal’s elite. Set for release in the fall of 2019, the “Elder Sun” rises.

Tiger Army Release “Eyes Of The Night” Off Forthcoming Studio Album “Retrofuture”

Tiger Army Release “Eyes Of The Night” Off Forthcoming Studio Album “Retrofuture”

Rise Records and Tiger Army are excited to present “Eyes Of The Night”, the first track to be lifted from the band’s forthcoming studio album, “Retrofuture”. Listen to the track here. Out on Friday, September 13th, “Retrofuture” was produced by Ted Hutt (The Gaslight Anthem, Old Crow Medicine Show, Lucero) and is an album that weaves, stylistically, through vintage punk, garage and rock ’n’ roll while still maintaining a curious modernity as influences from Latin music to surf shoot through like satellites in the night sky. Present as always are the band’s signature melodicism and frontman Nick 13’s ethereal vocals. 13 had the following to share about “Eyes Of The Night”:

“I write what I’m inspired by in the moment – since releases in recent years have been more about vocal-driven ballads or Americana with my solo project than something that draws from hardcore punk, I thought it would be fun to release ‘Eyes Of The Night’ as a first peak at ‘Retrofuture’. Listeners should never get too complacent in their idea of what Tiger Army sounds like, there are more surprises ahead!”

MATT KEEN Post ‘Everything Else’ Promo Video Feat. Cattail Brew, Rat Bastard Syndicate Members, Taken From RAWKAHOLIC Volume1

MATT KEEN Post ‘Everything Else’ Promo Video Feat. Cattail Brew, Rat Bastard Syndicate Members, Taken From RAWKAHOLIC Volume1

US multi-genre musician MATT KEEN, has released a new promo music video for ‘Everything Else’, feat. members from Cattail Brew, Rat Bastard Syndicate & Snowblynd, the track is taken from the rock/metal sampler ‘Rawkaholic Volume 1’, which was released on July 5th, 2019 via Rock’N’Growl Records.

MATT KEEN playing with his rock and roll band Rebel Soul Revival, The Matt Keen Trio or working around the country as a solo acoustic artist, Keen brings an unparalleled honesty and grit to his every performance.

Video line-up:
Matt Keen – Vocals, Guitar (Rebel Soul Revival)
Steve Theado – Guitars (Cattail Brew, Rat Bastard Syndicate)
Keith Pickens – Drums (Cattail Brew, Rat Bastard Syndicate)
Joe Viers – Bass (Cattail Brew, Snowblynd)

MATT KEEN is the front man and guitarist of Rebel Soul Revival who has been honing his eclectic style for years. MATT KEEN has an eclectic catalog and can be seen around the country playing with his various projects.