Rockshots Records: Out Now! Finnish Power Metal SoulHealer New Album “Up From The Ashes”

Rockshots Records: Out Now! Finnish Power Metal SoulHealer New Album “Up From The Ashes”

For fans of Iron Maiden, Sabaton, Hammerfall, Powerwolf, Blind Guardian

Playing traditional heavy and power metal with an old fashioned 80’s attitude blended with a modern metal touch, Finland’s SoulHealer release their fourth studio album entitled “Up From The Ashes” officially out now as of September 14th in Europe and the following week on September 21st in North America via Rockshots Records. With catchy lyrics and unforgettable guitar riffs, SoulHealer deliver the perfect soundtrack to both 80’s lovers and new fans alike looking for great melodies and easy-to-remember songs.

The album can be found for download and stream on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play and Deezer at the following link from Rockshots Records here:

Guitarist Teemu Kuosmanen comments:

“This is our fourth album and the first one we took our time with. Our previous albums “Chasing the Dream” and especially the third “Bear the Cross” we rushed to compose and record. Both albums included really good songs but I can’t stop thinking how good they could of been if we didn’t hurry them. With ‘Up From The Ashes’ we have has matured and took our time to make the arrangements better. I’m sure our fans will love this album. They will find something new, but the soul of SoulHealer will still be there.”

Track Listing:
1. Up From The Ashes (4:13)
2. Through Fire And Ice (4:02)
3. Fly Away (3:42)
4. Sins Of My Father (7:08)
5. Prepare For War (4:18)
6. Pitch Black (4:14)
7. The Final Judgement (4:11)
8. Behind Closed Doors (4:11)
9. Am I In Hell (4:09)
10. Land of The Free (5:59)
Album Length: 46:09


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OMINOUS ECLIPSE Streaming New Album “Sinister”

L-R- James Close (Guitar/Vocal), Graham Murphy (Guitar/Vocal), Ryan Clements (Bass), Jeremiah Marshall (Drums) – Photo Credit: Max Southwood

OMINOUS ECLIPSE Streaming New Album “Sinister”

For fans of Gojira, Amon Amarth, Children Of Bodom, Death, Revocation

Drawing their inspiration from a wide variety of genres, OMINOUS ECLIPSE is a brutal quartet that create a unique hybrid sound with death metal being the main aspect combined with elements of thrash, groove, black, melodic, etc.

Unleashing their sophomore album “Sinister” officially this Friday, September 14th, the band is now streaming it in full at the following link here:

The band comments:

“There’s no concept or theme on this album so all the songs have different meaning. The title track itself divulges into the inevitable end to humanity and potentially the world with it. It discusses the issues around the globe and also addresses the ignorance and selfishness of those indirectly affected by the chaos. It has a strong “United We Stand, Divided We Fall” theme in regards to how people can turn their backs on those in need in order to save their own skin, which ironically will lead to our end as it causes people to turn on each other. Musically for this album, you will notice we have evolved from the first release and have moved away from thrashy overtones to become more diverse including more heavily stated melodic and technical with a solid groove and death foundation.”

The album follows their 2015 debut full length “End Of Days” and EP “Beyond The Apocalypse” released that same year. Active since 2014, OMINOUS ECLIPSE is a very ambitious band passionate about writing and playing extreme music. They have already shared the stage with the likes of Revocation, The Agonist, Kalmah, Archspire, Incantation, Vesperia, Beyond Creation, Rivers of Nihil to name a few. Their Ottawa CD release show for “Sinister” will be held on October 6th at House of Targ with local support from Lord Almighty, Infrared, Scepter. Event info here.

Music video for the album’s title track here:

Track Listing:
1. Death By Dissection (6:13)
2. Sinister (5:00)
3. Spiral Into Insanity (4:16)
4. Lost At Sea (8:02)
5. No Redemption For The Damned (6:43)
6. Breaking The Chains (5:50)
7. The Horde (7:25)
8. Eye Of The Raven (6:41)
Album Length: 50:14


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“Their new song “Spiral Into Insanity” has a strong death metal foundation, including very melodic leads, but there’s more than enough groovy thrash inspiration and even a hint of black metal there. ” – Decibel Magazine

“a game changing release for Ominous Eclipse that places them center stage for my pick of the best Canadian Metal release this year….Every track stands strongly on its own, thanks to the band’s immense talent and flawless production. Ominous Eclipse is a band that carries the banner for the N.W.O.C.D.M. with pride and distinction. Out September 14th on all streaming platforms, I would recommend Sinister to fans of Death, Iron Maiden, Infernal Majesty and Gojira.” – Hellbound

“Demonstrating their ability to blend genres within metal to create a compelling album, this is an impressive sophomore delivery. Each track brings something different and feels refreshing even after multiple listens.” – Splice Magazine

“‘Sinister’ is a high-energy track launched by heartless riff jabs, ear-scouring string squeals, and neck-snapping drumwork. The vocals come for your throat, too, in an effusion of heartless roars and face-scraping shrieks, and the song is accented by flurries of spidery, darting fretwork and by a pair of flashy, fluid, but demented solos. It becomes a thrashing gallop, but without becoming any less venomous in its delivery.” – No Clean Singing
“The crowd was stellar at Mavericks, where each of the four bands were well represented by their fan bases. Opening on the night were Ominous Eclipse, whose chunky, frantic thrash metal din was led by their howling frontman. Largely drawing from their 2015 album End of Days, the four-piece pounded through six songs, tackling tracks like “Pestilence,” Abandoned” and the album’s particularly solid title track. Helping to limber the crowd for the chaos to come, they called for a “wall of death” in the confines of the club and the fans delivered, clearing the centre of the floor before the opposing sides barrelled into one another, bodies flying everywhere.” – Exclaim! (Live Review opening for Kalmah April 2016)


KADAVAR release brand new video for ‘Into The Night’!

KADAVAR release brand new video for ‘Into The Night’!

Berlin-based rock overlords KADAVAR have announced to release a brand new live album called »Live in Copenhagen«, featuring their infamous show at Pumpehuset in Denmark’s capitol in November 2017 during the band’s tour in support of the most recent album, »Rough Times«. Today the band releases the music video for the live cut of ‘Into The Night’ from the afore mentioned live album. Watch the video HERE!


‘Live Quickies’ Episode #1:
‘Live Quickies’ Episode #2:
‘Die Baby Die’ live music video:
Get the song here:

The album will be available as a tour edition packaged with said studio album (CD only) and also be made available separately on vinyl. It’s scheduled to drop on October 12, 2018 via Nuclear Blast.

Pre-order your copy here:

Furthermore the band has released the official video for the song ‘You Found The Best In Me’ from »Rough Times«:

»Rough Times« tour edition bonus CD

1. Skeleton Blues
2. Doomsday Machine
3. Pale Blue Eyes
4. Into The Wormhole
5. The Old Man
6. Die Baby Die
7. Black Sun
8. Living In Your Head
9. Into The Night
10. Forgotten Past
11. Tibulation Nation
12. Purple Sage

»Live in Copenhagen« Vinyl
1. Skeleton Blues
2. Doomsday Machine
3. Pale Blue Eyes
4. Into The Wormhole
5. The Old Man
6. Die Baby Die
7. Black Sun
8. Living In Your Head
9. Into The Night
10. Forgotten Past
11. Tibulation Nation
12. Purple Sage
13. All Our Thoughts
14. Come Back Life

Make sure to catch the band live on tour this Fall!
22.09. D Hamburg / Reeperbahn Festival*
25.10. D Dresden – Beatpol
26.10. D Magdeburg – Factory
27.10. D Berlin – Festsaal Kreuzberg
28.10. D Rostock – Peter-Weiss-Haus
30.10. DK Aarhus – Atlas
31.10. S Malmö – KB
01.11. N Oslo – John Dee
02.11. S Gothenburg – Sticky Fingers
03.11. D Weissenhäuser Strand / Ostsee – Metal Hammer Paradise *SOLD OUT*
04.11. NL Den Haag – Paard van Troje
06.11. F Angers – Le Chabada
07.11. F Toulouse – Le Metronum
08.11. E Bilbao – Santana 27
09.11. E Murcia – Garaje Beat Club
10.11. E Málaga – Sala Paris 15
11.11. E Sevilla – Sala Custom
14.11. F Six-Fours-les-Plages – Espace Malraux
15.11. CH Lausanne – Le Romandie
16.11. CH Zurich – Mascotte
17.11. NL Eindhoven – Helldorado
18.11. NL Groningen – Vera
20.11. D Bielefeld – Forum
21.11. B Kortrijk – De Kreun
22.11. D Karlsruhe – Substage
23.11. D Leipzig – Conne Island
24.11. D Schweinfurt – Stattbahnhof
25.11. D Neukirchen – Sägewerk
27.11. D Cham – L.A.
28.11. D Munich – Backstage
29.11. D Bochum – Zeche
30.11. D Saarbrücken – Garage
01.12. D Freiburg – Jazzhaus
06.12. D Frankfurt – Batschkapp*
*KADAVAR only | |

Tour PR requests:
Mona Miluski / ALL NOIR


CIRROSIS New Lyric Video “A Better Place To Hate” ft. Kevin Talley (Suffocation, Dying Fetus)


L-R Tavo Ramirez (Drums) – Francisco Chucky Oroz (guitar) – Sir OZ (Vocals) – Photo Credit – Rafa G

Mexico’s CIRROSIS Release New Lyric Video “A Better Place To Hate” ft. Kevin Talley (Suffocation, Dying Fetus, Chimaira)

New Album In 20 Years “The Collector of Truths” Out December 1st

For fans of Fear Factory, Carcass, Cynic, Pestilence, Morbid Angel

Mexico’s CIRROSIS have just released their lyric video for “A Better Place To Hate” featuring Kevin Talley (Dying Fetus, Suffocation, Chimaira). The single is off their new album “The Collector of Truths” due out December 1, 2018 via Concreto Records.

The video was done by Javier García de León at Elipsis Films and the music is a mix of death and thrash, suitable for fans of Fear Factory, Morbid Angel and Pestilence. The band has been lurking in the shadows and with Grammy nominated producer Francisco ‘Chucky’ Oroz playing guitar they are finally ready to return to the underground metal scene and prove they can still write fast and technical music.
Vocalist Sir Oz is excited to show fans what CIRROSIS has been working on and tells us what can be expected:

“I guess that fans will like to see a more versatile and technical Cirrosis. Organized brutality and non-pretentious songs. There are songs that seem an insane competition of virtuosity, we respect that, but we seek to offer a good song, heavy but structured songs. However, this does not mean that fans are not going to find technical aspects in our album; actually, they are going to find it a lot.”
“The Collector of Truths” will be the band’s second studio album, which comes 20 years after their debut “Reciclando Desesperación”, the Spanish language album released in 1999.
Even after 20 years, CIRROSIS is still in demand and they are looking forward to satisfying their long time fans and impressing new ones.

Track Listing:
1. Asfixia
2. Nowhere … But Here
3. Kill My Name
4. The Art of Breathing
5. Resistencia
6. A Better Place to Hate
7. The Daydreamer´s Nightmare
8. I’m The Universe


For more info:

Watch it at the following video here:


CIRROSIS is a death metal band from Sonora, Mexico, formed in 1991 with the name Cirrosis by Francisco ‘Chucky’ Oroz and Sir Oz, being the only original members in the current lineup. Due to their technical capacity they incorporated early progressive elements and melodic solos, CIRRORIS quickly gained notoriety in the local and national scene. Their live performances were characterized by their intensity and fury, soon becoming a cult band. In 1996, Joseph Lev joined the band and they recorded their first demo “La Tierra de la Adicción”. In 1999, CIRRORIS entered the studio and recorded the album “Reciclando Desesperación”, with lyrics exclusively in Spanish.

In 2001, CIRROSIS decided to break up, so the members could continue with their personal and professional projects. In 2014, Concreto Records decided to reissue the album “Reciclando Desesperación” describing it as “the maladaptive sound that disturbed a style in Mexico that can give lessons to current and modern bands”.

20 years later, CIRROSIS is releasing their second studio album “The Collector of Truths” which will be released at the end of 2018 by Concreto



‘Antagonist’ Coming September 13th with Black Omega Recordings!

Blackened Doom Metal band PRAISE THE PLAGUE, who just recently unveiled first and hotly anticipated details about their upcoming debut album’Antagonist’, set to be released September 13th 2018 with Black Omega Recordings, has unleashed a brand new lyric video to the song ‘Blackening Swarm’! The Berlin-based five-piece, formed in 2017, creates a depressing atmosphere on top of a heavy, sludgy wall of doom with a dark and devouring blackmetal attitude.

The tracklist of ‘Antagonist’ reads as follows:

1. Inferno
2. Anatomy Of Possession
3. Blackening Swarm
4. Minatory Aeons
5. Darkest Of Seas
6. Antagonist

Coming as CD Digipack, Digital Download and Vinyl, ‘Antagonist’ is available to pre-order here 


To get a taste of their upcoming album, turn it up loud and dive into the blackened doom sounds of PRAISE THE PLAGUE right HERE!

In support of PRAISE THE PLAGUE’s upcoming album, the band will be playing the following shows, with many more to come:

13.09.18 DE – Swamp Fest Berlin ( Album Release Show )
17.11.18 DE – Berlin / Cassiopeia (w/ EARTH SHIP, RISING & many more! )
08.12.18 DE – Dresden / Sektor

For More Info Visit:


“Do” Sing Along To PSYCHOSTICK With Their Latest Lyric Videos

Lineup: Joshua “The J” Key – Guitars, Cupcakeist –  Robert “Rawrb” Kersey – Vocals, Derptroller – Alex “Shitbag” Dontre – Drums, pelican -Matty J “Moose” – Bass, antlers, merch-monger –  Patrick “Murph” Murphy – Videographist, pork specialist

“Do” Sing Along To PSYCHOSTICK With Their Latest Lyric Videos

Surprised Fans With New Album “DO”

For fans of Dethklok, Bloodhound Gang, Tenacious D,
Weird Al Yankovic, Primus, Stephen Lynch, Mr. Bungle

Shocking the world with their surprise album “DO” this past July during a live fan engagement webcast on Twitch (watch the video here), the kings of comedy rock PSYCHOSTICK want to now show you how to “DO” sing-a-longs with their latest laugh tracks off the release. Posting lyric videos on their Youtube channel, fans can now get their karaoke on and sing their hearts out to such tracks as “We Are a Band”, “You Can (Maybe) Do It”, “Introvert Party Time”, “Uncle Material” and more!

Check out all their lyric videos  here.

It only took four years for “DO” to surprise fans and follow PSYCHOSTICK’s extremely fan loved “IV: Revenge of The Vengeance”. And it wasn’t because they were lazy… NO! But because these geniuses of blending comedy, metal, heavy rock and the occasional spoof cover have been super busy releasing viral videos and touring the world, most recently completing North American tours with Mushroomhead and Urizen.

“DO” may have passed by fans quickly, but it’s sure to impress and continue PSYCHOSTICK’s reign as one of the funniest band’s to listen and laugh to. The album debut #1 on Billboard’s Comedy Albums chart along with ranking at #14 for Hard Rock Album, #39 for Rock Album, #39 for Independent Albums and #9 for Heatseekers Albums for the week of August 11th.

Album CD order, digital download and streaming available on Psychostick Online Store, Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify and all other major online retailers.

The band comments:

“Whelp, here it is! “Do.” This whole “surprise, nerd! New album!” experiment was extremely fun, and we’re beyond appreciative of your patience and understanding. We agree with you – four years is way too long. We hope to fix that despite what Murph says!

“Do” is our first 100% independent, label-free release since 2003! Our production process is still completely internal, but this time all profits go straight to Psychostick. This is extremely huge for us and we can’t thank you enough.

2018 marked the fifteenth anniversary of our first album, and we’re beyond excited that we’re still kickin’, making globs upon globs of comedy metal. We aim to do this until they kick us out of the old folks’ home or off of Mars. That’s right. We’re goin’ to Mars, damnit.”

Harnessing their crazy sense of humor and love of all things metal, vocalist Rob “Rawrb” Kersey and guitarist Josh “The J” Key joined forces with drummer Alex “Shmalex” Dontre and bassist Matty J “Moose” to create Pyschostick, and a style of music they’ve coined as ‘humorcore’. With hilarious lyrics, heavy riffs, notorious stage antics and high-energy performances, the band has caused millions of laughs around the world and hundreds of mosh pits across the US of A, often simultaneously, since its birth in Phoenix, AZ in 2000.

Now residing in Chicago, IL, the almost 100 percent do-it-yourself laugh factory Psychostick have released five full-length albums–‘We Couldn’t Think of a Title’ (2006), ‘Sandwich’ (2009), ‘Space Vampires VS Zombie Dinosaurs in 3D’ (2011) and ‘IV: Revenge of the Vengeance’ (2014), ‘DO’ (2018) —and two EPs—their holiday album, ‘The Flesh Eating Rollerskate Holiday Joyride’ (2007), and ‘The Digital Appetizer’. With their signature sound (Chimaira, Machine Head and Hatebreed sexing Tenacious D and Weird Al Yankovic), Psychostick are crazy to share with fans many more comedy sing-a-longs on the road and more!

For more info, music and tour dates, please visit

New album release: HELL CITY – FLESH & BONES  [20 sept 2018]

Hell City is: Tommy Goffin – middle: Alan Coenegrachts, Sebastiaan Verhoeven, Vincent Noben –  front: Michelle Nivelle

New album release:


[20 sept 2018]

Rock-Pix Media are pleased to present to you the new album by the Belgian metal band Hell City. Their 4th album ‘Flesh & Bones’ will be released on Painted Bass Records on 20 September 2018.

Hell City return to the scene with a new line-up plus a evolved harder sound that you may have been used to from them. With added male vocals and grunts the music on ‘Flesh & Bones’ definitely has a harder edge.The band are ready to take the next step.

Tracks:’Flesh & Bones’

Flesh & Bones – 01 – Resurrection.

Flesh & Bones – 02 – Playing With Fire.

Flesh & Bones – 03 – Your Darkest Hour.

Flesh & Bones – 04 – Kill With Kindness.

Flesh & Bones – 05 – Me, My Enemy.

Flesh & Bones – 06 – Embrace The Chaos.

Flesh & Bones – 07 – Bogus POTUS.

Flesh & Bones – 08 – Supernatural.

Flesh & Bones – 09 – Flesh & Bones.

Upcoming live shows
21/09 Muziekodroom, Hasselt [BE]
22/09 Elpee Cafe, Deinze [BE]
11/10 Altstadt, Eindhoven [NL]
20/10 PC, Balen [BE]
27/10 CC, Hoesselt [BE]
23/11 MPC Apache, Fontaine-l’Évêque [BE]
24/11 Club de B, Torhout [BE]
15/12 Den Amb8, Oosterzele [BE]

Thanks to:PeterJBM promotion


GUARDIANS OF TIME is: Bernt Fjellestad – Vocals – Paul Olsen – Guitars -Andreas Vågane – Guitars – Willy Aaraas – Drums – Jonkis – Bass



Norwegian heavy metal /power metal band, GUARDIANS OF TIME, have announced the release of their fifth album Tearing Up The World on October 19th, 2018 via ROAR! Rock Of Angles Records. The album will be available as Digipack CD + Double Black Vinyl. Tearing Up The World featuring guest performances of Abbath and Tim ”Ripper” Owens.

The vinyl version includes an exclusive bonus live version of the song “Empire”. The album was mixed and mastered in cooperation with Studio Fredman (Dimmu Borgir, Hammerfall, In Flames, Opeth, Soilwork). The artwork and layout was designed by Carlos Cabrera.

Digipack CD:
1. Tearing Up The World
2. Raise The Eagle
3. We’ll Bring War
4. Burning Of Rome
5. Kingdom Come
6. Valhalla Awaits
7. Brothers Of The North
8. Light Won’t Shine
9. As I Burn
10. Drawn In Blood
11. Masters We Were
2LP Black Vinyl:
1. Tearing Up The World
2. Raise The Eagle
3. We’ll Bring War
1. Burning Of Rome
2. Kingdom Come
3. Valhalla Awaits
1. Brothers Of The North
2. Light Won’t Shine
3. As I Burn
1. Drawn In Blood
2. Masters We Were
3. Empire – Live (Bonus Track)

GUARDIANS OF TIME is considered as one of the leading heavy/power metal bands in Norway, with members holding experience from other bands such as Trail Of Tears, Susperia and Harm. Focusing on in-your-face heavy metal and live performances filled with power and energy, the band is always keen on giving their audience what they want; a heavy metal party! In the recent years they have toured Europe six times, supporting bands like Sabaton, Sepultura and Fear Factory. GUARDIANS OF TIME have played in Serbia, Spain, Hungary, Croatia, Belarus, Russia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Romania.
Watch us arise now; the GUARDIANS OF TIME!

JEZEBEL SLADE (formerly known as Van Halst) Announce Name Change & Sexy Debut Single “Pickled Punks” Coming Soon!

JEZEBEL SLADE (formerly known as Van Halst) Announce Name Change & Sexy Debut Single “Pickled Punks” Coming Soon!

Upcoming Debut Album Produced By Arnold Lanni (Finger Eleven, Our Lady Peace) + Features Guests Bif Naked And More!

Canadian hard rockers, JEZEBEL SLADE, who has been performing as Van Halst for years, has taken on a new creative direction, and with it comes the new name and the promise of new music. Ringleader and vocalist Kami further explains the redirection:

“Half way through the new album we realized that Van Halst didn’t really fit anymore. The original intention was to title the new album “Jezebel” but throughout the recording process the music started taking on a theatrical life of its own so I wanted a name to reflect the new sound. While in University, I remember studying Jezebel and feeling empowered- she was strong, confident, seductive and willful. Even in her death she was proud. Yet there was something sinful about Jezebel and she did a lot of evil things- she was a living juxtaposition. I feel the music business is like that- it can be beautiful and inspiring yet evil and sinister. So Jezebel was a perfect fit for me, but in order to create this new alter ego I needed a new last name. Slade came from my love of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She slayed demons both physical and metaphorical so I wanted to play on that thus, Jezebel Slade.”

The debut single “Pickled Punks” will be the first of many the band has planned for release and it is expected out later in 2018. This dark and horrific tune will come with a sexy, gothic and evil music video and will be the first glimpse as to what JEZEBEL SLADE has to offer the audience.

Check out their teaser here…

Summarized as dark and theatrical hard rock, JEZEBEL SLADE follows the artistic stylings of Lady Gaga albeit with a metal twist and brews it together with influences drawn from Judas Priest to produce an entertaining and devilish live spectacle known as “Sinner’s Cabaret”. The “Sinner’s Cabaret” will focus equally on the music and the performance with JEZEBEL SLADE planning to tour with freak shows, circuses and burlesque performers.

Looking in to the crystal ball the future looks bright for this troupe of performers with a flurry of singles to be released and extensive touring plans in the works. Their forthcoming self-titled debut album was co-written and produced by diamond award winning producer Arnold Lanni plus features guest appearances by Bif Naked and more.

For more info:

Horrendous release third new track “Devotion (Blood for Ink)”


Line-up: Damian Herring – guitar, vocals – Jamie Knox – drums – Matt Knox – guitar, vocals – Alex Kulick – bass

release third new track
“Devotion (Blood for Ink)”

Style: Death Metal

HORRENDOUS are now premiering a crushing new track taken of their forthcoming new album ‘Idol’. The record is slated for release on September 28th, 2018.

HORRENDOUS comment: “Devotion (Blood for Ink) is a meditation on the tenacity of the creative drive, that black hole incessantly pulling inward, a vortex of desire, self doubt, and the mad pursuit of creative perfection.

It’s about finding fulfillment in creation without sacrificing oneself to the forging fire, and traversing the razor’s edge between obsession and oblivion. Musically, the song is a relentless push forward, plunging headlong into the belly of the beast, ceasing only for a moment to regroup and claw its way out again. In the end, even our greatest passions can devour us, becoming yet another Idol to which we pay tribute”

1. …Prescience (1:18)
2. Soothsayer (4:53)
3. The Idolater (5:13)
4. Golgothan Tongues (6:15)
5. Divine Anhedonia (5:04)
6. Devotion (Blood for Ink) (6:25)
7. Threnody… (2:20)
8. Obolus (8:37)
Total: 40:05

The brand new HORRENDOUS album ‘Idol’ represents a deity, to which worship is addressed with admiration, adoration and devotion. But most of all, it represents a new beginning for the death metal inspired members.

When HORRENDOUS formed in 2009, the band’s three founding members attended the same university and were obsessed with old school death metal. Driven by a desire to capture and rekindle the mystique of an already bygone era in the history of metal, the Americans fused elements from both sides of the Atlantic into a cohesive sonic landscape, which resulted in the ‘Sweet Blasphemies’ demo.

The demo kindled a fire of early interest and the blaze swept fast beyond their home in South Carolina with HORRENDOUS being picked up by their first label, which led to the release of the band’s debut full-length ‘The Chills’ (2012).

With growing confidence and progressing as musicians, HORRENDOUS began to expand upon the traditional death metal formula, conjuring a bolder, more sophisticated sound from disparate elements beyond the limitations of any genre. This lead to the albums ‘Ecdysis’ in (2014) and, after relocating to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, ‘Anareta’ (2015). The latter scored an impressive 24/50 in the Terrorizer Magazine (UK) “Album of the Year” list – as well as making it into the top-lists of US magazines such as Stereogum, Spin, Decibel, and many more. Each successive record marked a new step in the evolution of the band and carried them further on their adventurous journey of musical awakening.

HORRENDOUS are now ready to conquer the metal scene even further with their brand new release ‘Idol’.