New video for 23 Acez ‘Where Do You Go’

On friday the 13th April 2018, Melodic/Progressive Metal band 23 Acez released their brand new lyric video. The song you’ll hear is called ‘Where Do You Go’, and is taken from their new album ‘Embracing The Madness’.

” ‘Where Do You Go’ is a rollercoaster ride of a song: it’s got a groove that gets your head banging, an anthem-like chorus, and some unexpected twists and turns along the way — a cool mix of melodic and progressive elements seasoned with plenty of harmony both in the vocals and in the guitar work. Lyrically, we like to leave it open to interpretation — though the song does explore the question posed in the title: where do you go after something happens that tears the world you knew apart? // 23 Acez” 


Posted by Andy Maelstaf