New single from Sparzanza, the song that Ennio Morricone never wrote, hits like a lullaby from a spaghetti western movie.

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Sparzanza released their eighth studio album, “Announcing The End” in October last year. The first single, “Vindication”, from the new album “Announcing the End” got more than 666 000 Spotify streams and the second single and title track of the album, “Announcing The End” got it’s own Bladerunner 2049 tribute music video with local actors from the band’s home town Karlstad. Now the time has come to release “Whatever Come May Be”, the song that Ennio Morricone never wrote. It hits like a lullaby from a spaghetti western written by Sergio Leone.

“Whatever Come May Be” is one of the heaviest songs taken from the new album. The Morricone reference with the whistling in the beginning of the song is hard to miss. And when we had fans visit the studio during the recording, one of them (Sophie Aittola) got to do some back-up vocals on the chorus, giving the song a different touch. Sounds like nothing we have ever done before.”

After a solid career Sparzanza found the opportunity to test their limits and let more people participate in the colossal wall of sound that has been the bands signature since their third album, ”Banisher Of The Light”.

“Announcing The End” is Sparzanza’s eighth studio album and they’ve finally got to do what they’ve longed for for a very long time; Cut the cord and fall free their own way. The album was written with high ambitions and sights set on conquering USA. “Announcing The End” is the first chapter in the new story of Sparzanza.

Huge guitars, high-octane pile-driving energy, choruses that wind around melodies that you can’t get out of your head and a darkness that never lets up –  these well-known elements of Sparzanza’s music mean that their fan base is growing. The band’s street team “Black Cult” have outposts all over the world and together with the band, they can take pride in a twenty year career filled with explosive metal, prestigious award nominations, successful tours and radio appearances.

Confirmed Shows
MAR 03 Västerås Rock Fest Warmup Party, Västerås
MAR 14 Sala Nana, Ciudad Real
MAR 15 Sala Malandar, Sevilla
MAR 16 Louie Louie, Estepona
MAR 17 Sala Bóveda, Madrid
APR 06 Nightliner Rock Club, Eskilstuna
APR 07 Gefle Hårdrocksklubb, Gävle
JUL 06 Metal Park, Edsbyn

More dates to come!


Sparzanza is:
Calle Johannesson – Guitar
Anders Åberg – Drums
Johan Carlsson – Bass
Fredrik Weileby – Singer
Magnus Eronen – Guitar

Artist: Sparzanza
Title: Whatever Come May Be
Format: Digital Single
Release date: February 2018
Music/Lyrics: Rikard Löfgren, Johan Carlsson, Fredrik Weileby, Anders Åberg, Carl-Henric Johanneson, Magnus Eronen
ISRC: SEXTE1700503
EAN: 7350049514932

Posted by Andy Maelstaf