Exclusive Interview Hydra!


Exclusive Interview Hydra!

After Releasing their new album ‘Solar Empire’.  We took the change to have a talk with the bandmembers about the band, new album and future plans!

Rock Pix  wrote a cd review from their great album ‘Solar Empire’!

Hello, first of all thank you for making some time for doing this interview, how are


Lisa: Hi dear Yannick! Thanks for asking – we are all fine and happy to do the

interview with you! Thanks also for the interest in HYDRA!


For our Belgian readers who doesn’t know the band. Can you introduce Hydra?

Lisa: Of course! HYDRA is a band from Regensburg in Germany which plays

Symphonic Metal. We combine classical elements with fast doublebass-drums and

fast guitar riffs. We are a band with a female front singer, in the vein of Within

Temptation, Sirenia or maybe Xandria

Has the bandname ‘Hydra’ a special meaning?

Lisa: Our music is as versatile as the many different heads of a HYDRA. 🙂 We combine

elements of different music types in our songwriting.

What defines the sound of Hydra?

Chris: I think Lisa’s voice is the most specific element in our music. She has her own

style and vocal sound and is definitely not one of these classical trained singers which

all sound very similar to me. Musically we try to be not too sleeky and like to try out

some things that could be astonishing from time to time.

Congratulations with your new album ‘Solar Empire’. Could you tell us some more

about it?

Chris: Thank you! Solar Empire is our second album and you can hear (like on our very

first album) some well-known guest singers and musicians (like Henning Basse from

Firewind and Mayan, Zuberoa Aznárez from Diabulus in Musica, Ally Storch from

Subway to Sally and Michele Gaspari from Vexillum) and less known but same qualitiy

guests such as Jule Dahs (Ex-Skadika) and Nadine Mittmann from Conspiria.

Also on every track you can hear a big choir which is located in our region. We really

enjoy every single second of our guests and we are very proud of all the



Can you tell us about the story of the album?

Lisa: Solar Empire is a concept album. It tells the tragic story of a loving couple who is

living between two different worlds. Their relationship is forbidden and leads to a war

which asks cruel victims. “Solar Empire – Scent of the Wolves” is a short story – over

30 pages it tells the story of the whole CD – all songs on Solar Empire are based on it.

For those who like fantasy and are interested in reading it: There’s a Special Edition

featuring our CD Solar Empire as well as a 30-page-booklet available in our webshop

at www.hydraofficial.com/store


What’s your favorite song on the album and why?

Chris: I can´t tell ,hehe. It´s a different song day by day. But “Horns of Era`kor” and

“The Last Swan” could be all-time favorites of mine.


Clemens: That actually is a tough question. But if I really had to choose, I’d probably

go for “Doomed”. It is a song of big contrasts. You have the heavy riffs with the

awesome growls and in the next moment there is this very light and delicate

orchestral part with the angel-like singing. This song takes you on an emotional

journey, ending in a score-like final.


Jens: I like Towards The End the most….it’s so powerful, so majestic! Although the

song is hard to perform, i’m looking forward to play it live…challenge accepted! 😉


Lisa: My favourites are Memorial, Assassin’s Scent and The Last Swan – I think they’re

my favourites because I enjoy the melodies (instrumentals and vocal lines) in those

songs the most. Normally I’m a fan of the heavier stuff but this time I go with those



It’s the second album, are their some differences between this album and the

previous one?

Chris: Oh yes! On Malachite Skies you can hear more of my personal power/melodic

metal influences. I´m totally into this genre but for Solar Empire we tried to be more

modern and a bit more of variety. Also the orchestral and choir parts are much more

present than on our first album.


How is the metalscene in Germany?

Lisa: I think there’s a lot going on in the underground. Death and Black metal as well

as Pagan/Folk metal have a huge (underground) fanbase. You may also have noticed

that there are quite a few big metal festivals in our country such as Wacken, Summer

Breeze and Bang your Head.


Jens: There are some very good and big Metalbands in Germany, and quite a lot of

small bands, which no one knows! It is hard for the small and new bands, to find

locations, where they can perform some live gigs, so it is still a hard and rough way, to

become famous and to be heard.


A week ago, you introduced Clemens Birkenmaier as the new bassplayer. How did

you come up to him and how was it to learn all the songs?

Clemens: I moved a lot the last few years because of my studies and job. Thus, it was

impossible to play in a band regularly. Now, that I kind of settled down in Regensburg,

I was looking for a band. So I posted on facebook and Hydra then invited me for

rehearsing. Obviously, my play was not too bad (or whatever it made them to accept

me… 🙂 And, now I am happy to be part of this awesome experience.

Learning the songs besides a demanding fulltime job is quite time consuming at the

moment, as time rushes and the first gigs are coming closer fast. However, it is also a

lot of fun, because I get to listen the songs very attentive. And every time you listen to

them you discover something new. It is just great music.


Chris: We are just happy that we found a guy like him! He fits perfectly in all ways!


The end of 2016 is coming closer, what are your favorites releases and best live

experience from that year

Clemens: Best live experience for me this year was seeing Peter Iwers, playing the last

time with In Flames. He is one of my favourite bass players.

The 2016 album that I currently listen to the most might be Atoma by Dark Tranqulity.


Chris: There were a lot of great releases in 2016. For me Diabulus In Musica, Dark

Tranquility, Insomnium nailed it the most in the metal genre!


Jens: One of my favourite release in 2016 was IRE from Parkway Drive! Killer album…I

crashed my car’s speakers with that!


Lisa: Best release for me is clearly Dirge for the Archons from Diabulus in Musica. 🙂


Which releases you look out in 2017?

Clemens: Besides different styles of Metal and Rock, I really like listen to movie

scores. There are some promising films coming up this year.


Jens: The release I am looking forward the most is the new Album from Bullet for my

Valentine! I like their style of music, i hear the songs when i’m driving in my car

through my hometown in the evening…….the other release i’m looking forward to is

the new shit from Kreator! Straight in the face!


What’s your opinion about downloading and streaming music instead of buying

physical copys? I still like the old skool way, buying a cd, checking the artwork and

booklet and of course singing by the band if there’s the opportunity for it.

Lisa: I basically have the same opinion – to hold a CD in the hands is a thousand times

better than downloading music. Of course there’s nothing wrong with downloading

music in a legal way. However, I don’t think it’s a secret that download torrents/files

are destroying (smaller) bands. Well, just think about it: would you go into a store, get

a yummy ice-cream and just walk out without paying? You can ask this question to

any person out there – the answer will always be ‘no’. That’s how people should think

about illegal downloading as well. Illegal downloading is stealing.


Chris: I prefer CD’s! This smell when you open the foil…mmmh… And without a

booklet you can’t enjoy the incredible illustrations in “Solar Empire”..


Last year, in july, you played a weekend (3 gigs) in Belgium. how was that

experience and did you like our Belgian beer?

Clemens: I really do like belgian beer. Unfortunately I only know five different ones.

But I hope I will be able to try more soon.


Chris: That was so cool! Playing with Alwaid and Psychogeneration was great fun and

we made a bunch of new friends on that small tour. About the beer.. I think Jens is the

right man to answer this, haha ….


Jens: YES!!! I HAD SOME EXPERIENCE WITH BELGIUM BEER!!!?…..I had to test it….and test it….and test it!!!! Neverending,
I can tell you! But what can I say….it was really good and tasty! (I should have never said that, because i’m from Bavaria…..maybe some people will hate me for that? 😉 )

Are you planning a tour across Europe, if yes can we can see you live in Belgium?

Lisa: We are currently in the planning for live shows. At the moment I can’t tell you

that much – besides gigs in Germany and Czech Republic a few additional shows are

in the planning. Of course we would love to return to Belgium as soon as possible!


The last words are for the band. is there anything you want to add?

Jens: I hope to be soon back in Belgium again….and have some fine metal-parties

with you guys there….and some few nice beers!


Lisa: Dear Yannick, thanks so much for the nice interview questions! Hopefully we will

meet in the future, we’d love to return to Belgium soon! 🙂 I hope that people like our

new album Solar Empire and that our fanbase will continue in growing in the next few



Chris: Thank you and all our friends and supporters outside for everything they have done so

far! I really hope we can grow together and have a lot of fun in the future!

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