Groot verlies voor de Belgische band FireForce


Groot verlies voor de Belgische band FireForce 

Zoals eerder beschreven is F.F. één van de sterkste Belgische groeiende metalbands op het ogenblik, Onlangs brachten ze hun nieuwe schijf uit onder de naam “ANNIHILATE THE EVIL” deze schijf was dan ook een BOM van wereld klasse.

MAAR…. Helaas vernamen we dat twee van de bandleden het helaas niet meer zien zitten,  waar meteen een einde komt aan deze geweldige setup van F.F.

Zo kwam zanger en boegbeeld Filip ‘FLYPE’ Lemmens met het nieuws dat hij de band na zovele jaren vaarwel zegt, voor alle duidelijkheid en roddels te vermijden schreef onze enige echte Belgische  “Priest”  het volgende bericht:

“10 Years after I started Fireforce with my friend Erwin I have decided to call it a day. The decision, as co-founder, is obviously an incredibly difficult one, given that the band has been such a huge part of my life until now. It has been a rare and absolutely wonderful time that I feel very lucky to have shared!

Through the success and further ambitions of Fireforce I have decided, for my own reasons and in my own ways, that it is time to leave this orbit at the end of 2018. I’m a caretaker to something precious (the medical condition of my wife and how this effects my family) and don’t want to have it diminish as we move forward in our lives. I’m very relieved to be able to go out on my own terms, at my vocal peak and off the back of the biggest shows that I’ve ever done.

Thank you all for your energy and for helping me make what I am. I consider myself remarkably fortunate to have lived out the FIREFORCE-dream. Love to anyone who has ever stood by me or cared and contributed in whatever capacity it may have been. I have always valued it immeasurably, tried to honour it the best I could and can only say thank you to you all very deeply.

Though there are no concrete plans at this stage, I surly hope there will be some farewell celebration shows announced in 2018. I wish the band all the best for the future and thank them once again for the countless good times that I will never forget. Take care and we will be in touch soon …
With love,

Gezien dit nieuws als een donderslag bij een open hemel aankwam kregen na enkele uurtjes terug een “Announcement”  uit het kamp van een van de F.F. leden…. Namelijk  van Thierry van der Zanden (Gitaar)

Thierry van der Zanden melde het volgende op zijn facebook pagina:

After being part of Fireforce for almost 4 years, I’ve decided to leave the band.

During these years I have experienced beautiful moments and have met a lot of nice people. Lately it felt like the band didn’t function anymore like it used to do. For myself the fun was over and it seemed more like a task to me. With this announcement I hope for the band that new members will bring refreshment and engagement what Fireforce deserves.

I wish Fireforce all the best and a lot of success with their future ambitions. It was an honor to me to play with guys this talented and being a part of the success of Fireforce. -Quite apart from the fact that singer Flype aka. Filip Lemmens announced earlier today that he quits Fireforce for personal reasons. It seemed to me the most appropriate moment to make this public.-

The time is now for me to start composing again and to open up to something new. As a man of honor I’ll still be available for a while to play booked Fireforce-shows.

Thank you all for your support throughout the years and hope to see you soon.  Horns Up!!!

Thierry van der Zanden

Wie Fire Force nog eens in zijn oude bezetting wil zien kan best even op 1 juli naar Antwerp Metal Fest afzakken.

We wensen Thierry van der Zanden en Filip Lemmens het nodige geluk toe,  en hopen dat Erwin Suetens als enige echte oud bandmember van  Fire Force de nodige kracht vind,  om deze geweldige muzikanten te kunnen vervangen…


Luister hier hun voorlaatste album

Fireforce – Deathbringer

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