French metalband Black Hole is working on new album

foto van BLACK HOLE.

Upcoming new album from Black Hole


Black Hole is a french heavy melodic band. Typical of the style are the sharp guitar riffs, powerful rhythm and furious solo’s. Those ingredients associated to the melodious voice of the new frontman Fabio gives you the taste of what you can expect.


Black Hole are:135400_119357848132778_7872473_o

Christophe Brunner: Drums and management

Matthieu Acker: Guitars

Patrick Umber: Bass

Fabio Torrisi: Vocals




It al started in 2008, and since then, Black Hole supported several big bands like Nightwish, Rage, Evergrey, Jon Oliva Pain, Firewind, Circle II Circle, Jeff Scott Soto, Vulcain, Killers and even the Swiss rockers Shakra

They already released 2 albums and are now finishing the recordings of the their album ‘Lost World’ which could be released in 2017.


Here is the link of Blackhole’s new teaser:


For this, they are actually looking for a record company to give this album the distribution and promotion it deserves. They even have tracks in progress for a fourth album …


With ‘Better days’ and ‘Lost World’, they make promotion for the album and the band.


‘Better days’ is a commercial melodic and powerful song. ‘Lost World’ is a symphonic song which gives a second impression of the band.


They decided to spread this teaser in the middle of december, on their new website and even on music platform like Bandcamp and Soundcloud after spreading the teaser on Facebook. They had positive return and even a little chronic from an Australian E-Magazine.


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