Cthuluminati – CD “Reliqideus ” review


Lineup: Devi – Vocals and Guitar – Rami – Guitar – Strausz – Bass -Seth – Drums 

– Cthuluminati – 

CD “Reliqideus ” review

1) First nummer from the Reliqideus “Illumni Fhtagn” opens with a sinister rain, and winds that howl with a harrowing voice in the dark. The riff explores, reaching out and reminds us of modern BLACK SABBATH, Psychadelic, Doom, and very Black Metal. well-constructing number that will certainly linger in your ear,even he is instrumental. Top CD opener from six nummers.

2) “El Lizard Birth” opens again very sinister with church bells increasing in sound and speed, until the main riff hits. It has a old-school feeling track with a modern touch. The vocals are intense-screamed-harrowingly voice . Very black track.

1. Illumni Fhtagn

2. El Lizard Birth

3. Svartalfr

4. Supernatural Selection

5. A Thin Line

6. Umibozu

3) “Svartalfr” is over eleven minutes in length. Yes eleven… opens very smoot with cool bass and clean guitar notes. After a while to develop the main doom riff with some raging and intense voice from Devi. Great track.

4) “Supernatural Selection” opens with a more indians harrowing sound, and quickly goes to a great mid-tempo to a very up-tempo. Very cool track.

5) “A Thin Line” this time they go quite low with some psychedelic entrance with the lead guitar notes, with a very special demonizing sound and riffs, I personally think this is the best song from total six nummers.

6)“Umibozu” and last number from “Illumni Fhtagn” EP and again a ten minute track to go
In mysterious main riff. It’s Doomy and new boundaries in sound,half-way mark the sound drops, and then it returns in a totally strange way, very cool and with innovative twists we have not heard before, Yes its band gives us a special feeling with many different angles in fused Black Metal, Doom Metal and even Psychedelic elements

if we still have to give points for this E.P. then she gets a fat 8/10