+ DEADITE + CD review and Mistakes were made vol.1


CD review and Mistakes were made vol.1

The Belgian Horror Punk band Deadite comes with their third album “Mistakes were made” these horror punk dudes released a very good first cd, named ”The Damned”, on their own label.

1) Salem

2) They Will Be There

3) Trail Of Blood

4) Killer

5) He She

6) Cemetary Girl

7 ) It Follow

8) Hurts like hell

9) Russel

10) Drag You To Hell

11) Usatiated

12) Gallows Road

13) Zombies From Sector 9

And now they send their second masterpiece towards the world, their sound has remained true to the late seventies and early eighties bands like The Misfits who sang about horror and science fiction themes and dressed themselves up as scary as possible.

CD starts immediately with the fast track “Salem” sounds very good and immediately sound very good and power full.
Track 2. “They will be there” very good up tempo melody and sound beautiful Horro Rock ’N Roll Rebels, cool.

Track 3. Trail of blood “is a short but strong and catchy song with good up tempo breaks with great vocals by singer Sam,

Track 4. “Killer” Is smoothy rock and roll song that reminded me a lot of the old Stray Cats..Top

Track 5. “He She” is a melodic up tempo punk song, nice guitar parts and very nice tuneful vocals lines.. one of my favorite songs.

Track 6. “ Cemetary Girl” a song of attractive dead girl with tough guitar riffs, HELL YEAH cool.

Track 7. “It Follows” again an up tempo number, smoothly song with the necessary guitar ascents.

Track 8. “ Hurts like Hell” starts with some threatening sounding guitars and soon turns into an up tempo song, very good transitions in rhythm, ice one.
Track 8. “Russel” one of my favorites on this album, straight ahead track.

Track 9. “Drag you to hell” and Track 10. “Unsatiated” This is another cool horror punk riff song , with nice cool howling vocals.

Track 12. “Gallows Road” very vivacious track with very good breaks.

Track 13. “ Zombies from sector 9”and also the last number of this very great and second album from Deadite,this song could easily be a soundtrack to a zombie movie or series. great ending.

Deadite proves with this secon release of “Mistakes were made” that they have a Class-Horror-Sound that could easily measure with the bigger names in the Horror Punk scene, Hell Yeah!!!

Because Rock-Pix Media supports great bands like Deadite, we are able to give away 5 CD’s from their new monstrous release ” Mistakes were made vol.1″ and this is only for our RPM Media likers….

So how can you qualify for this amazing cd to win:
Answer the following questions :

1– What was the names of the band members of Deadite?

2- DEADITE have 667 likes on their Facebook page, But how much will they have on 31 oktober the week of Halloween

Answers to : info@rock-pix.com
Beware : Contest runs until: 27 oktober  2019 00.01 u.
Review / Pics by Frank HSJ Janssens



Do you remember this? The tragic story of Cliff Burton’s death

Do you remember this? 

The tragic story of Cliff Burton’s death

Clifford Lee Burton or simply Cliff Burton (February 10, 1962 – September 27, 1986) was an American musician and songwriter, best known as the bass guitarist for Metallica from December 1982 until his death in September 1986.
Burton joined Metallica in 1982 and performed on the band’s first three studio albums: Kill ‘Em All, Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppets. He also received a posthumous writing credit for the song “To Live Is to Die” from the band’s fourth studio album, …And Justice for All. 
During the European leg of the Damage Inc. tour in support of Master of Puppets, the band complained that the sleeping cubicles on their tour bus were unsatisfactory and uncomfortable. To decide who received pick of the bunks, Kirk Hammett and Burton drew cards. On the evening of September 26, 1986, Burton won the game with an ace of spades, thereby getting the first choice of bunk. Burton was sleeping shortly before 7 am on September 27 when, according to the driver, the bus skidded off the road (the E4, 12 miles (19 km) north of Ljungby), and flipped onto the grass in Kronoberg County. Burton was thrown through the window of the bus, which fell on top of him, resulting in his death.

The bus driver said that the crash was caused by the bus hitting a patch of black ice on the road, but James Hetfield later stated that he first believed the bus flipped because the driver was drunk. Hetfield also stated that he walked long distances down the road looking for black ice and found none. When local freelance photographer Lennart Wennberg (who attended the crash scene the following morning), was asked in a later interview about the likelihood that black ice caused the accident, he said it was ‘out of the question’ because the road was dry and the temperature around 2 °C (36 °F), above the freezing point of 0 °C (32 °F).

Watch Metallica talking about his death:

This was confirmed by police who – like Hetfield – also found no ice on the road. Ljungby detective Arne Pettersson was reported in a local newspaper to have said the tracks at the accident site were exactly like ones seen when drivers fall asleep at the wheel. However, the driver stated under oath that he had slept during the day and was fully rested; his testimony was confirmed by the driver of a second tour bus that was carrying the band’s crew and equipment. The driver was determined not at fault for the accident and no charges were brought against him.


Report ANTWERP METAL FEST 8 juli 2017 – Sepultura


Report ANTWERP METAL FEST 8 juli 2017 –


Antwerp Metal Fest, het bekende jaarlijkse metalfestival dat plaatsvindt in het Bouckenborghpark is helaas weer voorbij.

AMF had wederom een affiche samengesteld om vingers en duimen af te likken, de Line-Up bestond onder meer door grootheden als : Sepultura, Death Angel, Diablo Blvd, Destruction, Vader, Nervosa, Evil Invaders, King Hiss, Toxic Shock, Saille, Dead End Path, Bleeding Gods, Sisters Of Suffocation, KomaH, Predatoria, Fields Of Troy, Fractured Insanity, Interstellar Deathroll, Bütcher, San Diablo, Carnation, Furia, The Curse Of Millhaven, The Scalding, AMF All Star Band en GVIDO,  en zeg nu zelf met zulke namen op je affiche kon dit Metal feestje echt niet stuk.

Rock-Pix Media was er wederom als elk jaar kind aan huis en brengt dan met veel plezier de komende dagen dagelijks een band report uit in woord en beeld, vandaag Sepultura

 *** SEPULTURA ***

Omstreeks 22:45 – 00:00.  Iedereen is versuft, bezweet en sommige dronken maar allen kruipen ze met plezier naar mainstage, voor de headliner van de eerste dag AMF editie 2017 mee af te sluiten,  een van de Cavalera brothers is in het land en de verwachtingen lopen dan ook weer hoog op voor de almachtige band Sepultura te aanschouwen.  Wederom merken we voor en tegenstanders van de huidige bezetting van de band en besluiten dan ook dat dit een eeuwige discussie zal zijn waar we (misschien) niet gaan uitkomen (allerzins vandaag niet)

Na het onheil spelde intro van de band komt drummer Eloy Casagrande te voorschijn en weten we meteen welk uur het is, kort erna komt de rest van de band aanstormen, Andreas Kisser en Derrick Green hebben er blijkbaar zin in, van vrij rustige bassist Paulo Jr. weet ik niet zo meteen, Paulo is steeds het achtergrond bandlid die volgens mij niet zozeer belang hecht op in de picture te staan.

Meteen neemt de  imposante frontman Derrick Green het woord en verwelkomt iedereen, en worden de eerste oor-aanslagen overgebracht naar de talloze Sepultura, wederom komen we weer eens tot beseft wat een Wall Of Sound deze band kan teweeg brengen, waarbij elke verfijnde gitaar riff van Andreas Kisser je door merg en been snijd en waarbij de set uit nieuw en ouder werk bestaat. Nummer als RefuseResist, Roots Bloody Roots en Ratamahatta blijven dan ook het populairste te zijn, dan het nieuwere werk.

Braziliaanse Thrasher maakte er een feestje van at AMF 2017 en mogen verdomt fier zijn op hun prestatie (ook zonder Max Cavalera)


Report/Photo Frank HSJ

Gemiddelde beoordeling  1 2 3 4 5fJe moet inloggen om te stemmen


[youtube id=”dohh71U0A_A”]


Swiss hardrockband GOTTHARD new album called “SILVER”


GOTTHARD new album called “SILVER”

The Swiss Hardrockband Gotthard will release their new studioalbum on 13 januari 2017, which will be called “Silver”. Seems a logic choice, because the band started in 1992 and this means they rock for a quarter of a century. With a stunning list of platinum albums, the band is without a doubt the number one rockband of Switserland.

In this preview, you can hear Marc and Nick talking about the upcoming album and hear a few notes of the new upcoming single. Here you can find the youtube link:


With the new album also comes a new ‘silver’tour with Pretty Maids, which will kick-off in Ravensburg on 9 feb 2017. And don’t forget the ultimate Swiss Rock Package “Gotthard, Krokus and Shakra” in the Rock Monsters Of Switserland.



Thu 09.02.2017 – DE – Ravensburg, Oberschwabenclub

Fri 10.02.2017 – DE – Regensburg, Airport Obertraubling

Sat 11.02.2017 – DE – Ulm, Ratiopharm Arena

Mon 13.02.2017 – DE – Frankfurt, Batschkapp

Thu 14.02.2017 – DE – Hamburg, Markthalle

Wed 15.02.2017 – DE – Hannover, Capitol

Fri 17.02.2017 – DE – Osnabrück, Hyde Park

Sat 18.02.2017 – DE – Oberhausen, Turbinenhalle

Sun 19.02.2017 – DE – Freiburg, Zäpfle Club

Wed 22.02.2017 – IT –  Mailand, Alcatraz

Fri 24.02.2017 – ES – Bilbao, Santana 27

Sat 25.02.2017 – ES – Madrid, La Riviera

Sun 26.02.2017 – ES – Barcelona, Razzmatazz 2

Thu 02.03.2017 – DE – München, Tonhalle

Mon 06.03.2017 – AT – Wien, Gasometer

Thu 07.03.2017 – DE – Nürnberg, Löwensaal

Wed 08.03.2017 – DE – Saarbrücken, Garage

Fri 10.03.2017 – DE – Balingen, Volksbankmesse



Fri 03.03.2017 – CH – Bern, Festhalle (Double-Headline-Show with Krokus)

Sat 04.03.2017 – CH – Zurich, Samsung Hall (Double-Headline-Show with Krokus)

Sun 12.03.2017 – CH – Lausanne, Salle Metropole (with Very Special Guest Krokus)



Nieuwe clip voor Rik Priem’s Prime


Van links naar rechts: Rik Priem, Vincent De Laat, Mike Slembrouck, Ramy Ali en Geert Margodt.

Rik Priem’s Prime is een Belgisch-Duitse hardrock band die hun debuut album in 2014 uitbrachten. Vorig jaar konden we deze gasten live aan het werk zien in De Kreun, Hamme en in de B52 te Eernegem. Ook voor dit jaar zijn er al enkele concerten gepland, hou dus jullie agenda maar klaar. Diegenen die er niet bij waren hadden zeker ongelijk, maar kregen een herkansing door diverse fotoverslagen.

Een eerste clip ‘Babylon Rising’ kwam reeds vorig jaar uit en heeft intussen vlotjes de kaap van 8500 views gehaald. De oorspronkelijke zanger Carsten Lizard Schulz werd vervangen door Mike Slembrouck, omdat Carsten met een eigen knaller van dubbel CD de tijd niet had om te kunnen touren (Carsten Lizard Schulz: http://www.carstenschulz.com).

Live materiaal van beide concerten van eind vorig jaar werden de basis voor de nieuwe clip ‘Run Angel Run’. De zang werd opnieuw ingezongen en door Rolf Munkes hermasterd. Camera door Kaatje Desramault, Ian Roe, Franky Van Daele en Andy Maelstaf. Montage door Andy Maelstaf. Run Angel Run is een pareltje dat ook op de CD terug te vinden is. Let vooral op de magische solo van Rik, die het nummer tot een ongekend hoogtepunt weet te brengen. Subliem in zijn genre, al is deze muziek moeilijk in 1 categorie onder te brengen. Genieten aan 200%.

Links in dit bericht:

Videoclip Run Angel Run

Videoclip Babylon Rising

Fotoverslag Rik Priem’s Prime in de Kreun

Fotoverslag Rik Priem’s Prime in Rockfesthall in Hamme

Fotoverslag Rik Priem’s Prime in B52 in Eernegem

Rik Priem’s Prime op Facebook

Rik Priem’s Prime website

The Waiting Game release show – 17th of October 2015

The Waiting Game release show

On 17th of October (Jeugdhuis De Choke in Herselt) the Belgian punkrock band THE WAITING GAME released their new 7-track album  “Bend or Break” with an awesome party. The band came together on 2012 and describes themselves as an indie punkrock band that combines the creativity and experiences souls from all over the (punk) rock and hardcore scene.

If you are a fan of bands like Taking Back Sunday, The Get Up Kids, New Found Glory,  Saves The Day, … you’ll love this band.THE WAITING GAME 1

THE WAITING GAME exists of 5 members Tijs Mondelaers, Jonas Meukens , Laurens Thoeng , Jo Mondelaers, Josse Wijckmans. If you do some research, you will realize this band contains a mix of artists from great Belgian bands such as Campus, Get Off My Shoes and The Violet and the guys.

The band was able to release this album thanks to the indie/punk rock label Thanks But No Thanks Records.

It was a intense release show with lots of interaction with the audience, you could see that these guys had al lot of fun on stage and do it with a lot of passion. The songs where put well together en sounded great, it was almost impossible to stand still on it and the audience loved it !!!

I think this album won’t be the last one of these guys if they keep bringing out songs like this.

Report:Caro Raymaekers for Rock-Pix Media

[youtube id=”ZZ7fkyCj8X8″]

Preview: Deathcrusher 2015: Carcass, Napalm Death, Obituary, Voivod en Herod

Deathcrusher Tour


Op 31 oktober strijkt de Deathcrusher-tour neer in Antwerpen. Dit belooft een muzikaal hoogtepunt te worden voor liefhebbers van het hardere werk.

Grindcore legendes Carcass – die afgelopen weekend nog verbaasden met hun explosieve en beukende set in Kortrijk – laten zich vergezellen door niemand minder dan Napalm Death, Obituary, Voivod en Herod.

In tegenstelling tot Carcass is Napalm Death sinds begin jaren ’80 vrijwel onophoudelijk actief gebleven, met een impressionante catalogus aan materiaal tot resultaat. Hun maatschappijkritische en chaotische muziek vormt in combinatie met de stage precense van frontman Barney een werkelijk spektakel.

Al minstens even legendarisch als de eerdere genoemde bands is het Amerikaanse Obituary. Met hun laatst verschenen Inked in Blood heeft de band bewezen na al die jaren nog steeds in topvorm te zijn. Met klassiekers zoals Slowly We Rot wordt hun show in Antwerpen ongetwijfeld eentje die de geschiedenisboeken zal ingaan als memorabel.

Voivod mag dan de minst harde band van de line-up te zijn, maar door de progressieve en unieke aard van hun muziek is de band zonder enige twijfel een verfrissende toevoeging aan de affiche.

De eer om de avond in gang te trappen wordt overgelaten aan het progressieve sludge kwartet Herod. Afgaande op hun album They Were None belooft Herod een band te zijn die het absoluut waard is om op tijd te komen.

Tickets zijn te koop voor 29 euro via Trix Online en Heartbreak Tunes: LINK 

Why you should go to Antwerp Metal Fest times 10


The Belgian Festival summer is at full speed and we’ve already had some of the biggest fests behind us. Graspop and Werchter… Both are ancient history by now! Upcoming weekend is all about the Antwerp Metal Fest and it’s 3th edition at the Bouckenborgh Park. We couldn’t come up with any reason not to go, so we’ve listed 10 reasons why we think you simply can not miss AMF15!

1 – Budget
If you are on a tight budget, or you already blasted away all of your hard earned money at Graspop, don’t worry. Antwerp Metal Fest offers you two days of great bands at a super location for only 30€/combiticket. Indeed, 30€ for two days of metal! Those are pré-war prices folks!
2 – Weather
Fortune telling isn’t something we believe in. Same goes for weather forcasts. But it looks like Antwerp Metal Fest 2015 will go in the books as a tropical edition. Temperatures are already climbing as we speak and by friday and saturday, we should easily reach over a 30°c! We couldn’t be more happy about this! Sweat, naked bodies and more sweat! Golden business at the bar!

random (40 van 47)
3 – Location
When we think of festivals, we usually think of fields full of cowshit in the middle of nowhere. Not when we think of Antwerp Metal Fest! Location for AMF was from day one the Bouckenborgh Park in Antwerp. Easy to get to, either by car, bike or public transport. Great surroundings of the park, we love it green! And the great castle in the background that is used for the backstage/artist area makes the setting great for this fest.
4 – Headliners
We’ve already talked about the amazing low price for combitickets. But what headliners can you expect for only 30€? Well, that buys you bands as Deez Nuts (AUS) , Pro-Pain (US) , Obituary (US) and Belphegor (AUT) as headliners. You’d probably spend more money just to see them play some clubshow!
5 – Young Talents
Something we love the most, giving new/local bands a platform to perform. Opening band for friday is Mästürbätör. Young guns from Antwerp that just a few weeks ago released their first EP at TRIX. They have what it takes, and now they can prove it on a big stage. Same goes for Deadalus from Liege and Our Hate from the Kempen area.

random (22 van 47)
6 – Bark
You might have never heard of them if you’re not from Antwerp, but that will soon all change! We’ve been watching these guys for some time now and we see a big future ahead. That’s exactly why we wanted them at our own Rock Pix Fest later this year. Bark is a mix of talented musicians with lots of experience (Hard Resistance, Your Higness, Marginal,…) It’s ‘in your face music‘ and there’s simply no time to chill when you watch a set by them. Vocals from another planet and pounding beats and riffs. They have been working like animals to finnish their debut EP and will present it at AMF15. We’re telling you, DO NOT MISS their show on friday!
7 – Vanderbuyst
One of the reasons you should check them out is that they are just a great band! Based on 70-80ies good old hard rock/metal. Their live performance is flawless so there you go.
Another reason is, this might be one of your last chances to see them since they will be calling it quits in fall 2015! So don’t miss this chance to see them live at AMF!
8 – Bliksem
We have said it numeral times, we love to see female fronted bands at festivals. Bliksem will have the only lady on stage at Antwerp Metal Fest this year. Bliksem is Antwerp based and will be releasing their second album this year. They already had a go at Graspop and other big festivals abroad so they know how it’s done. And no, we don’t say you gotta check them just because it’s a female fronted band… We’re telling you to check them because they are a kickass band you can not miss at AMF15! Show them your love at main stage on saturday and be ready to be blown of your socks!

opening (14 van 14)
9 – Antwerp Metal Fest All Star Band
We’ve seen what they can do last year… Some of the best musicians (Bliksem, Toxic Shock,…) mixed in one All Star Band, playing the best all time metal classics for you guys. You better study your classics cause there’ll be lots of drinking, singing and partying when these guys hit the stage!
10 – Afterparty
On Friday we have the almighty crew of ‘Goe Vur In Den Otto’. They have been putting after parties at some of the biggest festivals in the country and now they are claiming Antwerp Metal Fest! They will probably make you miss your last tram or bus, but they will certainly compensate the suffering.
Deejay Ko-ën will take care of the saturday after party and once again, he’ll take you all on a trip passed the unholy hour!


We could probably come up with more reason not to miss Antwerp Metal Fest but for now, we’ll stick with these 10. Up to you to buy that pré sale combiticket right now and we expect to see all of you in the pits on friday and saturday!


More info at www.antwerpmetalfest.be

This is why we think you should visit DOUR 2015



It’s no secret… Belgium is known for being the ultimate festival country. Belgian summers are packed with the best line-ups out there. Whatever style of music, you name it, we’ve got it.
There’s the obvious names that get all the attention in the national media such as Werchter, Graspop Metal Meeting, Pukkelpop, Tomorrowland,…

But what about Dour Festival? Dour Festival has been around for nearly 26 years, yet somehow, national media seems to be only interested in showing items about commercial festivals as Werchter and such on TV.
There’s absolutely no reason for that. Dour’s line-up has proven year after year to be one of the best out there. Providing something for every alternative music fan. Including the thing we focus on, metal/hardcore and other alternative genres!
Starting of on July 15th, Dour lasts for 5 days. In between Mons and France, the settings are just perfect for a fantastic festival weekend. The stage to be at Dour for the fans of hard and heavy music is the Cannibal stage.
We’ll try to sum up some of the bands that’ll conquer that stage.
Kvelertak, Icelandic Sólstafir, My Dilingence, Paranoid London….
Our French friends from Gojira will land on the Cannibal Stage and so will Fear Factory. What about oldskool Anti-Flag? You want it a bit harder? Well then, The Black Dahlia Murder might just be the thing for you. Or maybe you’re more into John Coffey?
Redbull Bedroom Jam winner Wolves Scream, that will play Graspop next week will be there. American beatdowns will be provided by Hatebreed, Agnostic Front, Terror and Suicide Silence. The Aussies from Deez Nuts will glady join the pits in front of the Cannibal Stage. The French connection continues with Betraying The Martyrs. And of course, some Belgian acts as well.
Good old La Muerte is back alive and kicking after their recent reunion. Together with an intense set of Raketkanon the Belgian colors are well represented.
As you can see from the few names above, there’s a lot of heavy stuff going on at Dour! Mix all this with some Snoop Dogg, Lauren Hill and some of the best alternative musicians in the world and you’ve got one hell of a festival!
We have to mention this as well, you can have all this for only 140€!!! Yes, that right, 5 days of music plus camping for only 140€.  That’s a whole lot less then other big festivals that bring the more commercial music. But we suggest, if you wanna hear the commercial stuff, don’t bother coming over and turn on your radio! If you’re looking for a TOP CLASS alternative festival, get your butt to Dour and experience it yourself. We garantee it, you wont have any regrets.



Get all your info via this link -> http://www.dourfestival.eu/home/

Preview Olensfest 2015



Each year the small Olensfest succeeds to amaze us with a smashing line-up. And this year is no exception!

This festival is held on September 11 and 12 in the town Olen.

Friday already kicks of with a great list of bands! We find Storko, Hell City and Funeral Dress on the poster.

And what about Cock Sparrer! These London based Punk Rockers already unleash their riffs since 1972. Many have tried to sound like them but none ever succeeded! Still alive and kicking, on stage at Olensfest.



Also playing on Friday, and not really needing an introduction are our boys in Evil Invaders! They haven’t been around nearly as long as Cock Sparrer but their road to fame is impressive so far! After touring Europe and even Japan, they will now take over the stage of Olensfest to play their smashing oldskool thrash metal.

Diablo Blvd is back in town and they will make sure Olensfest will know it. At the moment Diablo Blvd is doing a gruesome tour and Olensfest is right about one of the last gig on their ever so long list. With the new work released earlier, it will be good to see them in Olen!


Last but not least is Gotthard. These Swiss heavy metallers have been touring the world for more then 20 years and it looks like they aren’t gonna quit just yet! Its the kind of heavy metal that goes in very easy with a couple of fresh beers and good company. Perfect way to end day one at Olensfest if we may say so.




Now, get ready for Saturday!

We start off with Killer, Fenix, Breakfast At Midnight, Diolegacy, Koyle and the BelgianQuoBand.

Tri State Corner is a German based Rock/Metal formation that mixes a very special Greek sound into their songs. It will be a refreshing and new band to check out, to slowly get ready for the more serious headbanging of the night.

Hailing from Belgium, Nightqueen will bring their female fronted Symphonic metal to the stage of Olen. We never say no to female fronted metal bands and we look forward to see Keely and the band at Olensfest!


Did we say we love to see more female fronted bands? Well praise the lord! Olensfest brings Bliksem to Olen! What’s not to like about these 5 metalheads from Antwerp! You tell us… They are touring Europe lately from fest to fest and they will even play at Graspop Metal Meeting this year. And well deserved! We guarantee you, by the time Bliksem has finished their first song, the party will be in full effect!

Refuge , another band from Germany and  just as last year, Paul Di’Anno will play Olensfest. Paul Di’Anno, indeed, you might know him as the first ever lead singer of Iron Maiden. Being a band member from ’78 he got booted from the band in ’81 for drug and alcoholabuse. Since that time he’s been playing with tons of bands, releasing tons of albums. Now he is just known as Paul Di’Anno and band but we’re sure he still knows one or two thing about making great music so we are happy to welcome him at the Olensfest once again.

But now, the band everyone probably wants to see! Kreator!!! Yes indeed, you’re reading it correct. Kreator will be headlining Olensfest! Last year we saw them play the biggest metal festival of Europe (Wacken) and this year we’ll take our bikes to the ever so calm Olen to see the Germans return to are country once again! They will thrash the place, we guarantee you this! It will be the perfect climax for another well-fabricated edition of Olensfest!


For more info and the latest news, go check out http://www.olensfest.com/