Do you remember this? The tragic story of Cliff Burton’s death

Do you remember this? 

The tragic story of Cliff Burton’s death

Clifford Lee Burton or simply Cliff Burton (February 10, 1962 – September 27, 1986) was an American musician and songwriter, best known as the bass guitarist for Metallica from December 1982 until his death in September 1986.
Burton joined Metallica in 1982 and performed on the band’s first three studio albums: Kill ‘Em All, Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppets. He also received a posthumous writing credit for the song “To Live Is to Die” from the band’s fourth studio album, …And Justice for All. 
During the European leg of the Damage Inc. tour in support of Master of Puppets, the band complained that the sleeping cubicles on their tour bus were unsatisfactory and uncomfortable. To decide who received pick of the bunks, Kirk Hammett and Burton drew cards. On the evening of September 26, 1986, Burton won the game with an ace of spades, thereby getting the first choice of bunk. Burton was sleeping shortly before 7 am on September 27 when, according to the driver, the bus skidded off the road (the E4, 12 miles (19 km) north of Ljungby), and flipped onto the grass in Kronoberg County. Burton was thrown through the window of the bus, which fell on top of him, resulting in his death.

The bus driver said that the crash was caused by the bus hitting a patch of black ice on the road, but James Hetfield later stated that he first believed the bus flipped because the driver was drunk. Hetfield also stated that he walked long distances down the road looking for black ice and found none. When local freelance photographer Lennart Wennberg (who attended the crash scene the following morning), was asked in a later interview about the likelihood that black ice caused the accident, he said it was ‘out of the question’ because the road was dry and the temperature around 2 °C (36 °F), above the freezing point of 0 °C (32 °F).

Watch Metallica talking about his death:

This was confirmed by police who – like Hetfield – also found no ice on the road. Ljungby detective Arne Pettersson was reported in a local newspaper to have said the tracks at the accident site were exactly like ones seen when drivers fall asleep at the wheel. However, the driver stated under oath that he had slept during the day and was fully rested; his testimony was confirmed by the driver of a second tour bus that was carrying the band’s crew and equipment. The driver was determined not at fault for the accident and no charges were brought against him.


The first longplayer from the Belgian band “High Inquisitor Woe”

The first longplayer from the Belgian band “High Inquisitor Woe”

Line-up:Vocals : Glenn Stappaerts (ex-Gypsy Lypzz) – Guitar : Mathijs Ignoul (Fleshcarved, ex-Carnyx) – Guitar : Koen Keijers (Waveshape Audio) – Bass : Dennie Grondelaers (ex-Saille, ex-Gorath, ex-Carnyx (live)) – Drums : Benjamin Dommershausen (Escape, Nether, Fleshcarved (live))

On February 15th 2019 the first longplayer Belgian band High Inquisitor Woe, called ‘The Taint’, has been released.

This album has been released through the band themselves so it’s again a fully independent release. “The Taint” is the debut album from Belgian doom metal band High Inquisitor Woe. Expect 57 minutes of epic doom metal for fans of Candlemass, Reverend Bizarre, Sleep, Black Sabbath and Venom.

The Belgian band “High Inquisitor Woe” was conceived as a two piece band in late 2014. Its primary purpose was creating a blend of traditional doom metal and other heavy genres. With lyrical singing, but spiced with other vocal styles as well. This resulted in the 2015 EP called “Liquid Times”. High InquisitorWoe became a two piece vessel for Glenn en Mathijs to vent all of their personalexperiences, each of them hidden behind a cool story. Sometimes funny, often incredibly serious.

Sources of inspiration are movies, comics and literature they enjoyed in their youth when they wanted to escape reality. This includes wizards, great conquerors, crazy journalists, ancient history, kushadelic nights, mythical beasts, spiritual experiences and a certain mistrust of seductive, unclad women. In short, Conan The Barbarian and Hunter S. Thompson.

After the EP, High Inquisitor Woe needed more members to be able to perform live. After some switches and bad luck with unmotivated band members, they fnally landed a steady line-up in early 2018. Benjamin (from hardcore band Escape) took over the battery section, and a bit later Dennie (known for his work with Saille and Gorath) joined on bass duties.

It is with this new line-up that the band started to record their upcoming full length. After recording their EP with Koen Keijers the band went back to him for this next endeavour and it was during this recording process that they asked Koen to join the band on guitar. This new album will boast a more defned sound, beter song structures and new atmospheres. It is an obvious continuation of the EP but also a massive step forward. High Inquisitor Woe has released “The Taint” upon the unsuspecting crowd and is ready to back it up with an epic live show. Prepare yourselves for pounding drums, crushing guitars and witchy vocals!

Short bio:
The Belgian band “High Inquisitor Woe” was conceived as a two piece band in late 2014. Its sole purpose: creating a blend of traditional doom metal and other heavy genres with Conan the Barbarian and Hunter S. Thompson as the main lyrical infuences. They released the EP “Liquid Times” in 2015, after which they took the time to complete a line-up and work on their debut full length. That debut, “The Taint”, has now been released and the time has come for High Inquisitor Woe to claim their place in the music world.




DebutEP from Belgian band Beyond Our Sight


Band:Vocals – Lendert  – Vocals – Michael – Guitar – Michiel – Guitar – Frédéric – Drum – Mattias – Bass – Pieter-jan

DebutEP from Belgian band Beyond Our Sight

On March 23rd 2019 the debutalbum from Belgian band Beyond Our Sight, called ‘The Void Within’, has been released.

This EP has been released through the band themselves so it’s again a fully independent release.This young and new band from Belgium brings us modern metal.

So check it out here…

Beyond Our Sight is a band from Ghent, Belgium, with members hailing from bands like Poseydon and The Breathing Reflex.

Six young guys are ready to bring a style of metal heavily influenced by thrash metal and metalcore.

So expect fast-paced riffs with crushing vocals and intense melodic hooks as they bring you their story and vision of this world.





Decibel Mag Premiere THE FLAYING’s ‘Elegy of Emptiness’ Ft. Cryptopsy’s Chris Donaldson



L to R: Seb – Bass, Wil – Vocals, Mike – Drums, Did – Guitar

Decibel Mag Premiere THE FLAYING’s ‘Elegy of Emptiness’ Ft. Cryptopsy’s Chris Donaldson

For fans of The Black Dahlia Murder, Deicide, Archspire, Cryptopsy, Suffocation – New Album ‘Angry, Undead’ Out March 22nd via PRC Music

THE FLAYING, death metal from Quebec City, Canada will release their second album “Angry, Undead” on March 22, 2019, via PRC Music. Working with Christian Donaldson (Cryptopsy) at The Grid in Montreal, QC, the band has manifested pure mayhem for their fastest and most brutal debauchery to date.
Their second single off this devastating sophomore album is ‘Elegy of Emptiness’, which is being premiered via Decibel Magazine:

“We look forward to this album reaching the masses, from start to finish, we feel it will be a great listen. We put in a lot of effort to choose the track listing to feature an onslaught of both French and English songs. We feel it’s great importance to take influenced international English death metal and blend it with sung French Canadian death metal. We have French tracks like ‘La Valse du Scorpion’, ‘Disloqué’ and ‘Place du Parvis’ along with English assaults with ‘Genuflect’, ‘Elegy of Emptiness’, ‘Angry, Unleashed’ and ‘Angry, Undead’. We feel they all meet the standards of tone and sound of international death metal songs. Plus them being produced, mixed and mastered at The Grid (Montreal, QC) by Chris Donaldson (Cryptopsy), a legend in Quebec and beyond, gave it that extra touch of death.”

Listen to ‘Elegy of Emptiness’ here.

The concept of “Angry, Undead” is an intricate one with each of the eight songs falling under a distinct axis: Chaos (social manifestations); Madness (individual manifestations); and Void (existential manifestations). It is brutal, instinctive, unique, and wicked, and is recommended for fans of Cryptopsy, Archspire, Suffocation, and Deicide.

Album pre-order available on Bandcamp and PRC Music.

THE FLAYING’s first single ‘La Valse du Scorpion’ is streaming on YouTube

Track Listing:
1. Ouverture Écarlate (0:35)
2. Disloqué (3:15)
3. Place du Parvis (3:53)
4. Genuflect (4:00)
5. Egocentric Predicament (0:44)
6. Elegy of Emptiness (3:41)
7. La Valse du Scorpion (4:18)
8. Angry, Unleashed (3:23)
9. Angry, Undead (5:34)
Album Length: 29:28


Album and Live Line Up:
Didier Samson aka “Did” – Guitars
Sébastien Marier-Verret aka “Seb” – Bass
William Murray aka “Wil” – Vocals
Michel Bélanger aka “Mike” – Drums

And it all began with the rope dancer….
Formed in July 2010, The Flaying is a death metal band based in Quebec City, Canada that focuses on fluid melodic construction of songs featuring brutal sections which are further complemented by vocals with both low end growls and hateful high pitches.
Since their first release Unhope (2014), Seb, Did, Wil and Mike are forging ahead in order to adopt a more brutal approach: adding new grooves, a greater velocity, and creating a wider ambiance as well as keeping breakdowns and progressive parts with counterpoints constructing a main theme of anger and a general hate of humanity.
Soldiering on with the philosophy of one band, four individuals, four personalities to collide, the writing process is a team effort initially seeing the band collaborate on riffs and groove ideas, adding a flourish of low-end colors, and blending the whole thing together with flying vocals that create a manifest of pure mayhem. This product of this steadfast diablerie will be realized on March 22, 2019, when the second album “Angry, Undead” is unleashed on PRC Music.


The Heard now unveil the music video ‘A Death Supreme’

THE HEARD; Pepper – Vocals – Klara – Guitar – Nicki – Drums – Ida – Bass Skinny – Guitar

The Heard now unveil the music video ‘A Death Supreme’

After celebrated Swedish hard rock band Crucified Barbara called it quits in 2016, former members Klara, Ida and Nicki wasted no time in putting The Heard together. Joining forces with Skinny Kangur and Pepper Potemkin, the band began work on would become their debut album, ‘The Island’, out now on on Despotz Records.

In the deep, dark waters of the Baltic Sea there is an island. A very peculiar island. At first glance it might seem beautiful and peaceful, idyllic even, but the island’s seductive powers are not all they seem.

The Heard was formed when Klara, Ida and Nicki wanted to keep playing music after their previous band Crucified Barbara called it quits in 2016. Together with Skinny Kangur from Deathstars and the singer and burlesque artist Pepper Potemkin they form the new band that has released two singles on their own. Now it’s confirmed that The Heard has signed a deal with

The Heard is all about the joy of playing music but the sound is distorted and dark. The music is brought to life by all five members through shortcuts and detours with a vision about a place where reality and mystery meet, the haunted island. The Heard’s debut album ‘The Island’ revolves around the characters and places on this mysterious island. “The Island” is a concept album where the listener becomes acquainted with an island that is located somewhere between dream and reality, a place with room for both the ordinary and the supernatural. An island filled with both love and sorrow, where vitality and death live side by side.

The band explains that ” ”A Death Supreme” is the tale of a woman who decided to create a new destiny for herself by moving to ”The Island”. Her past caught up with her though, and the attraction of the nature got under her skin and spread inside her like the wind. It led her down to the water and into ”A Death Supreme”. // The Heard

Ginkgo Dawn Shock Reveal A New Video For “Sadcasm”, First Track Taken From “Inward | Flare” out this week via This Is Core!

Ginkgo Dawn Shock Reveal A New Video For “Sadcasm”, First Track Taken From “Inward | Flare” out this week via This Is Core!

Italian post-rock act Ginkgo Dawn Shock has revealed today a new video for “Sadcasm”, first single taken from the album “Inward | Flare”, out on March 8th via This Is Core!

About the new track, the band says: “”Lacerate with the tongue what my teeth spare’. The mantra of one who has left too often his own inner voice poisoned by the stagnation of impulses and thoughts piled up like slime, temporarily incapable but damagingly active. ‘Sadcasm’, or sad sarcasm. The weapon of those who do not attack openly but offend the unfortunate. The art of not understanding and yet destroying indistinctly. Stop. Every step is a crack on the ground and you’re sinking. Reflect. It is not too late. But it will be in the future”.

“Inward | Flare” artwork and track-listing

01. Sadcasm
02. Klys
03. Mankerat
04. Kyrie
05. Yedinyy
06. Glacier
07. Solar
08. Allistee
09. Ljos
10. No Summer In Ohio

LICE sign with Season of Mist and release new track!

— LICE —

sign with Season of Mist and release new track!

Season of Mist are proud to announce the signing of LICE! The brand new avant garde black metal outfit, including members of SHINING and TEITANBLOOD, will release their brand new album ‘Woe Betide You’ on May 10, 2019. An introduction of the brand new offering can be heard here below.

LICE comment on the signing: “Lo and behold! For there is an overflowing feeling of feverish joy in the Lice mine as the one and only Season of Mist took the required steps, that finally allow us to move forward with mercurial charm from the incubation stage to scorn torrent holocaust upon all things human, and will responsibly amplify and nobly deliver our wise chants of decay to every corner and hole of this magnificent planet.”

In regard to interviews for LICE, please reach out to Season of Mist

1. Beyond Eternal Recurrence (3:12)
2. Layers of Dirt (5:57)
3. Towards Reality (7:45)
4. Level Below (7:06)
5. Roadkill (5:13)
6. Pride Eraser (9:52)
7. …And So the Ceaseless Murmur of the World Came to an End (8:35)
Total: 47:40

The cover artwork for ‘Woe Betide You’, created by Timo Ketola, can be viewed together with the album details below.

LICE deliver exactly what is needed in the current metal scene: Painful Honesty. They mercilessly drag you into an abyss of nightmares and twisted meanings. ‘Woe Betide You’ revolves around timeless topics such as the stunning beauty of decomposition, the everlasting wisdom of the murderer´s knife, the nauseating stench of sex, the mask behind the mirror, the endangered longevity of the well-intentioned sociopath and the soothing devastation of loneliness.

Little is known about the activities of this uneven collective except that Niklas Kvarforth (SHINING) and J (TEITANBLOOD), two fearsome monsters of wise demeanour, became astonished to find such ferocity in the other´s eyes and decided to organize the hunting party right then and there. Not long after, smooth criminal-turned-guitarist Kirill Krowli was taken on board of the sinking vessel and the three Lice made a vow to submerge themselves in the bloody waters of madness with one noble mission: To inflict unbearable pain, misery and suffering upon the repellent creation of God…Woe betide you…

Their debut offering forces you to discover brand new solutions to the human flaw.

Style: Avantgarde Black Metal
J: drums
Niklas Kvarforth: vocals
Kirill Krowli: guitar, bass and effects

Recording Studio:
Jam Studios, KETA Sounds Studio, Holy Cuervo Studio, Brazil Recording Studio
Sound Engineer:
Javier Ortiz, Martin Quinn, Ola Ersfjord
Mix/Mastering :
Javier Ortiz, Brazil Recording Studio

Cover artwork:
Timo Ketola




Available formats:
Digipak CD
Vinyl LP in various colours


Italian Groove Thrash EXTREMA New Single ‘For The Loved And The Lost’ Off Upcoming Album “Headbanging Forever”

EXTREMA is: Tiziano “Titian” Spigno – Vocals – Tommy Massara – Guitars –
Gabri Giovanna – Bass – Francesco “Frullo” Larosa – Drums

Italian Groove Thrash EXTREMA New Single ‘For The Loved And The Lost’ Off Upcoming Album “Headbanging Forever”

Long-running Italian groove thrash metallers EXTREMA are going to release their seventh studio album, “Headbanging Forever”, on May 10, 2019, via Rockshots Records/Universal Music.
Tommy Massara comments:

“It’s a 100% Metal Album that leaves the listeners breathless. The songs are well balanced, there’s a lot of double bass, tempo changes and screaming lead guitar solos like in the old days. The songwriting of the album reminds of something classic with a modern production.”
Today, the band reveals the first single “For The Loved And The Lost”. Listen to the brand new song.

Tiziano Spigno states:

“I’m really excited for “For the Loved and The Lost” being the first single taken from the new album, as it’s one of my favorite tracks. It is a tribute to the friends and the great artists who left us in the last years. The lyrics are full of quotes and I believe that fans will have fun trying to sort them out. The chorus takes inspiration from the Vikings prayer to Odin before the battle and I really hope this will become a great aggregation moment during the next shows, with all the fans raising their glasses of beer, paying tribute to all these terrific artists and their immortal art.”
The album will be available in CD Digipack Deluxe or Vinyl Gatefold Limited Colored Edition. Exclusive Pre-order at Rockshots Records Store here 

For this album, the band enlisted Gustavo Sazes (MACHINE HEAD, ARCH ENEMY, ANGRA, ICED EARTH, GUS G., AMARANTHE, a.o.) to create the album artwork.
Tommy commented on the cover, “We had a list of artists in mind with which we would like to work with, in the end, we decided for two. With one it didn’t work, with Gustavo, after some emails and some ideas exchange, we decided to leave him blank paper to let his own vision and concept-free, and the result is awesome! A cover with a strong impact.”

“Headbanging Forever” has been produced by Tommy Massara & Gabriele Ravaglia. Recorded and mixed by Gabriele Ravaglia & Maxx Canali at the Fear Studio in Italy, it has been mastered by Alberto Cutolo at Massive Arts studios in Milan.

Track Listing:
1. The Call
2. Borders Of Fire
3. For The Loved And The Lost
4. Heavens Blind
5. Pitch Black Eyes
6. Headbanging Forever
7. Believer
8. Invisible
9. Paralyzed
10. The Showdown


EXTREMA’s original line-up was established between 1985 and 1986 in Milan, Italy. In a very short time, the band led by guitars player Tommy Massara achieved a huge success. Tommy is the only remaining member of the original line-up, and over the years he also played the role of artistic and executive producer.
Hundreds of concerts made the band more and more close-knit and open towards a constant growth path, capable from the beginning of welcoming influences external to heavy metal, a consistent choice within an evolutionary framework which saw EXTREMA start from the rebellious attitude of MOTÖRHEAD to later incorporate the style of Californian thrash metal, a scene with which the band shared the utmost care for the technical side of music and a devastating presence on stage.
The band’s reputation as musicians and performers kept growing in a perpetual live context, with extensive tours and the participation to prestigious festivals with the likes of METALLICA, SLAYER, MOTÖRHEAD, and KORN, a.o.
Extraneous from the beginning to political and ideological implications of any kind, EXTREMA’s lyrics have always strived to alternate challenging and contemporary themes with lighter subjects, true to rock’n’roll form.
In May 2017 the band welcomed the new frontman Tiziano Spigno. Thanks to his entry, EXTREMA can finally release all the creativity repressed in recent years: a violent, direct and engaging approach which is – at the same time – also varied, courageous and experimental, resulting in the new album “Headbanging Forever”.

More info:



Rock Alive wordt Alive Festival en krijgt een ‘ander gezicht’


Rock Alive wordt Alive Festival en krijgt een ‘ander gezicht’

Geloof het of niet! De organisatie van het Rock Alive festival gooit het roer in 2019 om en gaat een nieuwe koers varen. Met de voorgaande edities had de festivalorganisatie haar pijlen vooral gericht op de rock- en metalmuziek. Maar in 2019 zullen de eerste stappen worden gezet naar meer themagericht festival, waar muziek, kunst en entertainment een belangrijker rol zullen gaan vervullen.
Thema podia
Met de invoer van verschillende thema podia wil de organisatie een festival creëren waar iedereen samen kan genieten ongeacht muzikale voorkeur. Op ieder podium zal een programma worden gepresenteerd dat bestaat uit muziek, entertainment en kunst. Momenteel zijn we nog druk in de weer om op een creatieve manier invulling te geven aan de gekozen thema’s.
De aankleding van het festival is dit jaar in handen van een creatief team dat samen met een groep enthousiaste vrijwilligers start om ervoor te gaan zorgen dat het complete festival voorzien wordt van creatieve uitspattingen. Het uiteindelijke doel is een bijzonder, gezellig, maar vooral ook een eenheid uit te stralen als festival.


Rock Alive wordt Alive Festival
Omdat de huidige naam Rock Alive de gehele lading van het festival niet meer dekt, zullen we na 5 jaar een ‘kleine’ naamswijziging door gaan voeren. Omdat de focus niet langer meer ligt op de ‘rockmuziek’ hebben we ervoor gekozen het woord Rock uit de festivalnaam te halen. Met gepaste trots presenteren we jullie dan ook de nieuwe naam: Alive Festival. Alive staat voor ‘het leven’, dat we graag samen met onze bezoekers willen vieren. De naam Rock Alive blijft wel bestaan binnen de nieuwe opzet, maar zal de naam van een podium worden, zodat de identiteit die we de afgelopen 5 jaar hebben opgebouwd niet verloren zal gaan.

Dit jaar staat het festival in het teken van éénheid, diversiteit en beleving! Het festival kent een geheel nieuwe opzet die ertoe bijdraagt dat er voor iedereen wel iets te beleven valt.

Iedereen is welkom:
Dat iedereen zich welkom voelt! Dat vinden wij als organisatie heel erg belangrijk. Ongeacht je geloofsovertuiging, of wat je muzikale, politieke en andere oriëntatie ook is. Kom zoals je bent zodat we er samen een gezellig feest van kunnen maken. We werken met vier kernwoorden, die als een rode draad lopen door het gehele festival: Geloof, Liefde, Hoop en Vrede. Want is dat niet wat we toch allemaal nodig hebben? Geloof in de Almachtige, Zijn liefde voor ons en voor elkaar, zodat we op een vredevolle manier met elkaar om kunnen gaan en er hoop is voor de toekomst.

Alive Festival is een festival met christelijke normen en waarden:
Hieronder verstaan wij `De geestelijke en relationele verbinding tussen mensen onderling en de verbinding met God in ons geloof` als integraal onderdeel van het Alive Festival. Hoewel verschillende onderwerpen besproken mogen en moeten kunnen worden, wil de organisatie zich onthouden van enige politieke of kerkelijke denominatie.

Wanneer en waar:
Het Alive Festival vindt plaats op vrijdag 17, zaterdag 18 en zondag 19 mei 2019 op het campingterrein van De Betteld in Zelhem. Overnachten kan op het campingterrein. Het Alive festival focust zich voor de volle 100% op muziek, theater, workshops en sprekers, met een sterke, scherpe line-up waar bekendere namen worden afgewisseld door veel nieuwe ontdekkingen uit de rock, folk, indie, en singer/songwriter. Maar in de toekomst zullen daar zeker nog diverse andere muziekstijlen gaan bij komen. Ook willen we grote en kleinere kunstenaars een kans geven om te exposeren en willen we een platform creëren voor gevestigd of opkomend theater, voor cabaretiers en talentvolle sprekers.

Het fraaie festivalterrein met bos, strand, zwemwater en camping dragen bij aan ons doel: jou een ideaal festival en een toffe ervaring geven.

De kaartverkoop is gestart via Meer informatie kun je vinden op:

Alive Festival 2019
Vrijdag 17, zaterdag 18 en zondag 19 mei 2019 | De Betteld Zelhem, Nederland
Met o.a.: Jerusalem, Paul Field, het Larry Norman Tribute, The Bowery, Rodney Cordner, Detritus en Holy Blood

Aanvang vrijdag: 18.00 uur

PUP Shares New Song “Free At Last” | “Morbid Stuff” Out April 5th Via Rise Records

PUP Shares New Song “Free At Last” | “Morbid Stuff” Out April 5th Via Rise Records

Early praise for “Morbid Stuff”:
Noisey – “It’s raucous and death-obsessed and silly all at once, packed with chant-along vocals and spindly riffs”.
Stereogum – “[‘Kids’] is a fitting follow-up to ‘The Dream Is Over’, their excellent 2016 album which we named one of the best albums of that year. It’s all heavy riffs and nervous energy and an exclamation mark of a chorus”.
NPR Music (Night Shift) – “With singalong ready – yet downright nihilistic – refrains and a pristine punk sound, PUP’s ‘Kids’ has the makings of an apocalyptic anthem”.

Toronto, Ontario’s very own punk powerhouse – PUP – will release their excellent new record “Morbid Stuff” on April 5th via Rise Records, pre-order it HERE. Today the band shares the album’s second single entitled “Free At Last”. PUP shared the song’s lyrics and chords with fans a few weeks ago, asking them to do their best cover without ever even hearing the track. While the band expected a handful of covers to be made, they wound up with 253 submissions and a damn good $25 music video, shot entirely on an iPhone in one night to boot. Listen to the song and check out the instructional music video HERE, featuring PUP fans, including the likes of Stranger Things and Calpurnia’s Finn Wolfhard and Charly Bliss’ Eva Hendricks.

Stefan Babcock on the song and video: “The video for ‘Free At Last’ started off as a very, very stupid concept. Before the song was released, we put out the lyrics and a basic chord chart and asked people to record their own versions without hearing the original first. It was a bit of a social experiment. We expected to receive 15 or 20 covers. We received 253. A lot of them were very… Interesting… But most of them were actually really good.

We listened to every single one front to back (13 hours and 34 minutes), and by the end our brains were puddles of sludge and we couldn’t remember how our own version sounded. We received hip hop versions, ska versions, grindcore, EDM, Mariachi, Ukulele, Polka, and piano ballad versions. Incredibly enough, none of the 253 covers sounded like ours. And even more astounding, no two of the covers sounded the same either. The amount of creativity and love put into these things absolutely blew us away”.

This Spring, PUP will embark on a European tour in support of “Morbid Stuff”. Check out the dates below and grab your tickets HERE as these are selling fast.


“Morbid Stuff” Artwork and Tracklisting:

1. Morbid Stuff
2. Kids
3. Free At Last
4. See You At Your Funeral
5. Scorpion Hill
6. Closure
7. Bloody Mary, Kate and Ashley
8. Sibling Rivalry
9. Full Blow Meltdown
10. Bare Hands
11. City


Formed in Toronto five years ago, PUP – comprised of Stefan Babcock, Nestor Chumak, Zack Mykula and Steve Sladowski – quickly became favorites of the punk scene with their first two, critically-beloved albums, winning accolades everywhere from the New York Times to Pitchfork, from NPR and Rolling Stone and more. Now, with “Morbid Stuff”, PUP have grown up and doubled down on everything that made you love their first two records. It’s gang’s-all-here vocals, guitarmonies, and lyrics about death. Lots of them.

Fitting to their ethos, their new album takes the dichotomy of fun and emotional wreckage in their songs and teeters between gleeful chaos and bleak oblivion while wielding some of the best choruses the band has ever written. “Morbid Stuff” is also a pretty intense foray into singer Stefan Babcock’s fight with depression, and shows, in perfect PUP fashion, how taking responsibility of his own depression lead him to… Laughter. Admitting his depression allowed Babcock to laugh in its face, and the result is that marriage of darkness and joy that made PUP who they are, but in a brand new way.

Indeed, despite its dark subject matter, at times “Morbid Stuff” is funny as hell, even in the music. It’s the most insightful, sweetest, funniest, sickest, angriest, saddest and most inescapably desperate collection of songs they’ve recorded to date. If their self-titled record was the fuse and “The Dream Is Over” was the bomb going off, “Morbid Stuff” is your family sifting through the rubble, only to find you giggling in the wake.

Tour Dates
(with support from Milk Teeth):
16th April 2019 @ AB Club (Brussels, BE)
21st April 2019 @ Upstairs @ Paradiso (Amsterdam, NE)