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Alghazanth – Eight Coffin Nails | Stream

The line-up on Eight Coffin Nails is: Thasmorg – vocals & bass – Mordant – guitars – Vexd – guitars – Gorath Moonthorn – drums – Trollhorn – keyboards

Alghazanth – Eight Coffin Nails | Stream

The work on Alghazanth’s funeral album, entitled Eight Coffin Nails, is now complete. This eighth and final offering presents a worthy ending to the band’s 22 year long journey from the clumsy demo days to the forefront of Finnish melodic black metal. Eight Coffin Nails consists of nine tracks with a running time of 51 minutes and it will be released on CD (jewelcase and digipak) by Woodcut records on March 31st. The 2LP vinyl version will follow in early June.

Alghazanth – Eight Coffin Nails tracklist:
1. Self-exiled
2. Facing the North
3. Aureate Water
4. The Upright Road
5. At Their Table

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Wound Collector reveals debut album details.

Wound Collector reveals debut album details.

Finally here are the details of Wound Collector’s debut album “Eternal Bloodcult”.
Belgium’s epic saxophonised death metallers Wound Collector, are ready to release their full length debut album “Eternal Bloodcult” on the masses via Profane Records. The foursome of Peter Verdonck (vocals / saxophone), Kurt Hermans (bass / vocals), Guy Van Campenhout (guitars / vocals) and Ben Van Peteghem (drums) mix an old school death metalvibe with modern accents, a hefty dose of saxophone, triple vocal attacks and progressively brutal songs into a whirlwind of death, negativity and hopelessness.

The music is diverse and challenging while maintaining that catchy vibe...

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New Album “In The Heart of Scarlet Wood” Out April 6th

L-R: Simone Morettin (Drums, Ethnic Percussions) | Fabio “Lethien” Polo (Violin) | Lisy Stefanoni (Vocals, flute)| Matteo Comar (Guitar) | Davide Papa (Bass) | Elena Crolle (Keyboards)

ROCKSHOTS RECORDS is proud to announce their latest signing of

SHADYGROVE for the release of their debut album

“In The Heart of Scarlet Wood”.

Featuring members from Elvenking, Evenoire, and Sound Storm, Italy’s SHADYGROVE journey into our primordial and mythological past for inspiration. Like musical time travelers or aural archaeologists, they have trawled eras beyond most bands’ inspiration to create music from the soul…for the soul!
Theirs is an acoustic heaviness that is truly original and special...

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Rawfoil Evolution in Action New Releases…

Evolution in Action

Rawfoil line-up

Francesco Ruvolo: singer – Lorenzo Riboldi: bass, backing vocals – Giacomo Cappellin: guitar,backing vocals – Ruben Crispino: guitar -Marco Benedetti: drums

Punishment18 Records  – 26 March 2018

Rawfoil were born back in 2009, thanks to Francesco (vocals) and Christian (guitar). The goal of the project was to have fun playing some good thrash metal. Lorenzo (Christian’s cousin) joined the band as bass player right away, while Ruben joined as guitar player. The line-up was then complete with Alessandro at the drums, and the band could start playing cover songs by the great old school bands as Iron Maiden, Metallica, Helloween. After one year Ruben and Alessandro left the band, being replaced by Mattia and Dave...

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IZEGRIM unleash ‘Beheaded By Trust’ artwork, tracklisting & release-date!

IZEGRIM unleash ‘Beheaded

By Trust’ artwork, tracklisting & release-date!

Dutch death thrash ragers IZEGRIM are releasing a brand new EP entitled ‘Beheaded By Trust’ on March 23rd. The four stunning tracks were recorded, mixed and mastered at Kohlekeller Studio (ABORTED, BENIGHTED,..) in December 2017. The cover artwork came courtesy of Kirill Semenov.

IZEGRIM’s Jeroen comments: “A different studio, concept and a fresh approach on songwriting; this Digipak EP marks a new beginning for us! It will be launched as an old-school DIY-release: straight from us to the fans! However, this absolutely doesn’t mean that we have ended the collaboration with Listenable Records. On the contrary, it is just a taste of great things to come..”

‘Beheaded by Trust’ tracklisting:


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The 21-Year-Old Mexican-Italian-American Artist Enlisted An All-Female Team To Make The Video, Which Pays Tribute To The Classic Female Friendship Road Trip Film

“Had Enough” Follows Diamante’s “Coming In Hot” Official Video
Which Has Now Been Streamed More Than 1 Million Times!

“I think especially in today’s social climate, it’s both important and powerful to be able to tell the world ‘I’ve had enough, I’m pissed off, and it’s time for change.” – Diamante

“Diamante has been making a big noise. With a series of feisty, well-received singles…the anthemic “Had Enough” [is] a perfectly timed cover of a song originally released by English alt-rockers Lower Than Atlantis in 2016...

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New video for Thundermother called “Whatever”

Today, Friday February 16th 2018, hardrock-band Thundermother will release a new video. This new video is called ‘Whatever’.


This video is about a girl who takes matters in to her own hands. The shooting was intense because of the freezing cold, but we had so much fun and love the result. The song is a high energy ego boost meant to kick you in the ass when you’re feeling low. Don’t take shit from anyone and don’t let anyone decide for you!


Their new album, simply called ‘Thundermother’, will be released through Despotz Records on Febr 23rd 2018.


Posted by Andy Maelstaf

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20th anniversary of Hard Life Promotion

Hard Life Promotion has something to celebrate in 2018, this because it’s our 20th anniversary. In fact nothing special cause more people or companies do celebrate their 20th anniversary but on the other hand I didn’t wanted to let it pass unnoticed. And since Jan 2018 there’s also a new site:

So, because it’s the 20th anniversary of Hard Life Promotion some events will happen te coming months. These events will happen as being a showcase, which means that we introduce some bands on stage to you. Some bands are/will be HLP-customers, others are not/won’t be a customer.

Here below already the first three ‘Showcases’, from which one is already a special one.

Friday Feb 23rd 2018
Charcoalcity + support Caerus
JH Asgaard in Ghent/Belgium
More info at: https://www...

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New video from Liv Sin “The Fall”

Wednesday February 14th 2018, metalband Liv Sin will release the last video from their latest album. This new video is called ‘The Fall’.

For this video of the song ”The Fall” we wanted to capture the energy of our live shows. It is one of our more faster and aggressive songs so it made sense in that purpose to represent our concerts.

The video was recorded in Stockholm and at the festival Skogsröjet in Rejmyre, Sweden, during the summer of 2017 when the band livestreamed the whole show on Facebook. 

Liv Sin is a heavy metal band and we want our shows to reflect that just as much as our music does. It should be an intense experience full of headbanging, pumping fists in the sky and screaming along in the lyrics...

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EVIL INVADERS Kondigt headline shows aan in Kasteel De Renesse + Trix Antwerpen


Kondigt headline shows aan in Kasteel

De Renesse + Trix Antwerpen

België’s snelst groeiende metalband EVIL INVADERS kwam in september terug met een gloednieuwe plaat “Feed Me Violence” en hun snelheidstrein lijkt nu écht vertrokken! Na een uitverkochte albumshow in Aarschot, een Europese tournee en een Belgische clubtour in december, kondigt de band nu 2 nieuwe headline shows aan in 2018. EVIL INVADERS speelde 2 weken terug nog op Colombia’s grootste metalfestival Metal Millennium en nog voor het einde van de zomer zal de band touren in Rusland en Oost-Europa. De festivalzomer belooft ook weer druk te worden met oa. Show op het befaamde Wacken Open Air Festival in Duitsland...

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