UNLEASHED – sign with Napalm Records worldwide!

UNLEASHED – sign with Napalm Records worldwide!

Photo by Soile Siirtola

If it comes to Swedish Death Metal in its traditional Stockholm-Style and Death Metal in general, there is one band you HAVE TO MENTION: UNLEASHED!

Formed back in 1989 by Johnny Hedlund, UNLEASHED have been delivering supreme death metal from day one!

After recording two demos the band released their legendary debut album ‘Where No Life Dwells’ and toured Europe and the US with Morbid Angel. From this point UNLEASHED has become one of the biggest names in death metal worldwide. Dealing with Viking traditions and values they stepped up their game and became extreme metal trendsetters, musically and lyrically.  UNLEASHED have toured the world with bands like Grave, Dismember, Entombed, Krisiun or Belphegor and became true masters of Death.

Now UNLEASHED rage on with their crucial crusade by signing with Napalm Records!

Johnny Hedlund on the signing:

“Warriors! Unleashed are proud to announce that we have signed a new recording deal with Napalm Records! Our 13th album is scheduled for recording in Chrome studios, in May 2018. We are very much looking forward to this new cooperation on our journey into the bands 30th anniversary (in 2019). Hail Odin!”

Be on the lookout for a brand new studio album in late 2018!


Johnny Hedlund        Bass, Vocals

Anders Schultz           Drums

Tomas Masgard         Guitars

Fredrik Folkare           Guitars



Where No Life Dwells                       1991

Shadows in the Deep                        1992

Across the Open Sea             1993

Victory                                               1995

Warrior                                  1997

Hell’s Unleashed                   2002

Sworn Allegiance                   2004

Midvinterblot                        2006

Hammer Battalion                2008

As Yggdrasil Trembles                       2010

Odalheim                               2012   

Dawn of the Nine                  2015

Upcoming shows:

Sat. 26. May 2018 – Sun. 27. May 2018        Outch Extreme Festival         France

Thu. 14. Jun 2018 – Fri. 15. Jun 2018                        With Full Force Festival        Germany

Fri. 29. Jun 2018 – Fri. 29. Jun 2018              Rock The Castle                     Italy

Fri. 10. Aug 2018 – Fri. 10. Aug 2018             Party-San Open Air                Germany

Sat. 11. Aug 2018 – Sat. 11. Aug 2018          Brutal Assault Festival          Czech Republic

For more info on UNLEASHED go to:






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Finnish heavy metal band Ratbreed to release their debut album, first single out now!

Line-up: Jasmin Anglén – Vocals – Mikko Kaipainen – Guitars – Markus Taipale – Guitars –   Lauri Palmunen – Bass – Mikko Toivonen – Drums

Finnish heavy metal band Ratbreed to release their debut album, first single out now!

Finnish heavy metal quintet Ratbreed have completed the works on their debut album. Formed in 2015, the band have gained reputation this far with live shows mostly in Helsinki area and now they’re finally ready to spit out their first full-length album, entitled “Evoke The Blaze”.

The recordings took place partly at Deep Noise Studios in Kouvola with mr. Juho Räihä and partly at the band’s guitarman Markus Taipale’s private studio. The album was mixed and mastered by Juho Räihä at Sound Spiral Audio (Wolfheart, Profane Omen, Before The Dawn etc.) in Kouvola, Finland.

“Evoke The Blaze” is set for release on July 13th 2018 through Inverse Records and will contain 8 songs of heavy metal madness at its best. The digital version (Spotify, iTunes etc.) will also include cover version of Warlock’s “I Rule The Ruins” as a bonus track.

Watch GATES OF UNDERWORLD video on Youtube:

Album cover by Petri Lampela (free to publish)

Album track list:
1. Escape From The Asylum
2. Hunting High, Reaping Low
3. Decay Of The Mind
4. Blaze From Below
5. Gates Of Underworld
6. Unhallowed Sleep
7. Mad World
8. Through The Flames
9. I Rule The Ruins

(digital version bonus track) (Warlock cover)

The raw energy of extreme metal of SENZAR

The raw energy of extreme metal of


From the ashes of Dublin veterans Coldwar, Senzar have emerged, even more enraged and potent as before delving far into philosophies and marrying it with the raw energy of extreme metal.

Vocalist Trevor McLave explains that, “Inspiration behind the name derives out of numerous relating sources. The argument put forward in Ernst Cassirer’s essay on man, where he argues man is a symbolic animal being one. Senzar, as the mystery of the mystery language, whether this be mythological or not, is in my opinion, in itself a measurelessly potent idea for a name. With regards to Coldwar. That was a project with which the line-up varied over the years. It was consistently transforming. The later Coldwar was by all rights something other than what it had started as. Due to dynamics and politics from within the band it transpired the time was right to allow what was manifesting to become something within its own right. Which is exactly what it now is.”                                                         

The band will release their untitled debut record, an EP on 20th July 2018 via Hostile Media, and today have released the first taste of what’s the come.


McLave adds, “Not to be pedantic but, it’s not a self-titled release, it’s non-titled. We wanted to take our musical ideas a lot further than we were able to with Coldwar, elements of which were hinted at on Pantheist. Creating atmosphere and soundscapes which hold measureless potency, correlating with the lyrics and retaining raw energy and heaviness was our goal. Regarding the lyrics, I guess there are rudiments of consideration regarding mankind’s position in the greater scheme of the cosmos. Beyond that, it really is something purposely devised as being unfixed, thus open to beholders interpretation.”

Characteristically esoteric, Senzar are inspired by the relation of the human condition to the complexity and mystery of the cosmos. Motivated by the obscure yet intelligible patterns of order from chaos and our natural creative impulse, and being influenced by the darker, more challenging cultural output of modernity, they articulate a metaphysical engagement between the self and the natural world.

“The music is an endeavour to explore the unity and multiplicity of Being,” states vocalist Trevor McLave. “Both interpretive and descriptive, it explores beyond the scope of the rational gaze to disclose the world, which, understood as a totality of all things, we are embedded in, and fundamentally related to in ways which are mystical.”


Jera On Air 2018


Jera On Air is het grootste festival voor de Punk, Hardcore en Metalcore liefhebbers in Nederland en bied een vol weekend met de beste bands uit de scene. 2018 is pracht jaar voor Jera On Air ze wisten NOFX als headliner te strikken ! Gelukkig houdt het daar niet mee op. Wat te denken van bijvoorbeeld Billy Talent, Emmure, Stick To Your Guns en Sick Of It All kommen ook naar de 26 editie van het festival.. En er is nog veel meer moois te zien op Jera On Air 2018.

Met onder andere: NOFX, Stick To Your Guns, Sick Of It All, Neck Deep, Emmure, Less Than Jake, Satanic Surfers, Modern Life is War, Being As An Ocean, Bury Tomorrow, Miss May I, Anti-Flag, Lionheart, Nasty, A Wilhelm Scream, Stray From The Path, Touche Amore, Knocked Loose, Blessthefall, Adept, Boston Manor, Adhesive, Bad Cop/Bad Cop, Brutality Will Prevail, Get The Shot en Higher Power

Kaarten voor Jera On Air 2018 zijn te koop via : www.jeraonair.nl/tickets . Hier vind je ook alle praktische informatie over onder meer de camping en de beschikbare faciliteiten.

Forty Shades have announced the release of their upcoming album with the first single ‘Blackstar Diamond’.

Forty Shades have announced the release of their upcoming album with the first single ‘Blackstar Diamond’.

“God and the Idol is the first music video from the upcoming album ‘Blackstar Diamond’. It addresses one of the main themes of the album which is the fight between extremes in life”

The album will be released 27th April 2018.

You can enjoy the video here!

This was followed by 2nd single: God and the Idol!


Forty Shades is the solo project of the guitarist and singer of “Crematory” (www.crematory.de/) Tosse Basler. The band was founded originally in 2007 by the Ex-Xandria singer Manuela Kraller (www.xandria.de/) and Keyboarder Tobias Gut under the name NAGOR MAR.

The original inspiration for their music style were bands such as Nightwish and Evanescene with their predominant female vocals in the Symphonic metal band genre. Between 2010 and 2011, the band evolved their musical direction going through lineup changes.

The situation calmed down from 2012 with the cooperation of the singer Tosse Basler (Guitarist and singer for the Cleanvocals by Crematory). The new Line-up orientated itself musically completely anew and appeared from now on under the name FORTY SHADES.

In 2014, the band recorded their debut album ‘Camera Silens’ and published it early 2015 under the label 7hard (7us media). Their first album received great reviews across Europe by such heavyweights as Metal Hammer Italy (9/10 rating), Rock Hard, and Legacy. It has been labeled best newcomer metal album of 2015. This resulted in numerous radio interviews both in German and French such as influential Swiss radio Couleur3 as well as the opportunity to play as supporting act for bands such as Beyond The Black and Masterplan.

The band signed a deal with booking and management agency EAM in early 2016 to capitalize on their early success. The have just released their latest material “Blackstar Diamond“

The Evolutionist winnaar bandwedstrijd SUBMIT Fest 2018

The Evolutionist winnaar bandwedstrijd SUBMIT Fest 2018
De organisatie van Submit Fest voegt de band The Evolutionist toe aan de line-up van de tweede editie, die plaatsvindt op 26 mei 2018. Uit alle inzendingen is deze kersverse, talentvolle band uit Alkmaar gekozen als winnaar en zal het festival openen. Met de toevoeging van The Evolutionist is de line-up voor Submit Fest 2018 compleet!

Eerder werden The Charm The Fury (NL), Carcer City (UK), Kadinja (FR), Ghost Iris (DK), Death Remains (UK) en Hibakusha (NL) bekend gemaakt.
Submit Fest is het indoor festival met de beste ‘up and coming’ en ‘breaking through’
metal acts van regionale, nationale en internationale bodem. Dit festival wordt georganiseerd door drie Rotterdamse dames die een samenwerking met poppodium Baroeg zijn aangegaan. Deze editie richt zich op metalcore en progressive metal. Kaarten in de voorverkoop kosten 19 euro. Tickets aan de deur kosten 20 euro.

Submit gelooft in de kracht van de Nederlandse metalscene en het talent van de nieuwe generaties.
Submit – Supporting the scene together
Zaterdag 26 mei 2018
Waar: Baroeg, Rotterdam
Zaal open: 14:00

The Charm The Fury (NL, metalcore / groove metal)
Carcer City (UK, progressive / metalcore)
Kadinja (FR, progressive metal)
Ghost Iris (DK, progressive / metalcore)
Death Remains (UK, metacore / hardcore)
Hibakusha (NL, progressive / groove metal)
The Evolutionist (NL, progressive / metalcore)
Tickets: vvk €19,00. Entree €20,00 www.submitfest.nl
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SubmitFest/

The Evolutionist winner band contest SUBMIT Fest 2018
The organization of Submit Fest adds the band The Evolutionist to the line-up for the second edition of the festival, which takes place on Saturday May 26th, 2018. From all the submissions the fresh, talented band from Alkmaar, The Netherlands has been chosen as the winner and will open the festival. With The Evolutionist added, the line-up for Submit Fest 2018 is complete!

The Charm The Fury (NL), Carcer City (UK), Kadinja (FR), Ghost Iris (DK), Death Remains (UK) and Hibakusha (NL) were previously announced. Submit Fest is the indoor festival with thé best up and coming and breaking through metal acts from the local, national and international scene. This festival is organized by three ladies from Rotterdam who are collaborating with venue Baroeg. This edition focuses on metalcore and progressive metal. Pre-sale tickets cost 19 euros. Tickets at the door cost 20 euros.
Submit believes in the strength of the Dutch metal scene and the talent of the new generations.

Submit – supporting the scene together
Saturday May 26th 2018
Where: Baroeg, Rotterdam
Doors: 14:00

The Charm The Fury (NL, metalcore / groove metal)
Carcer City (UK, progressive / metalcore)
Kadinja (FR, progressive metal)
Ghost Iris (DK, progressive / metalcore)
Death Remains (UK, metal / hardcore)
Hibakusha (NL, progressive / groove metal)
The Evolutionist (NL, progressive / metalcore)
Tickets: pre-sale €19,00. Doors €20,00 www.submitfest.nl
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SubmitFest/



The Desertfest Berlin line-up is complete! With 2 more acts to be unveiled soon but playing a very special location on a boat ride, the festival in the heart of Berlin has just announced their daily running orders! With no over-lapping sets on 2 stages and many specials, the daily timetables can be viewed & downloaded here

Taking place between May 4th – 6th at the ARENA directly located at the river side of Berlin, Desertfest has created their best and most special 7th edition to date. The line-up reads as follows and will make every desertrock-heart beat faster:

MONSTER MAGNET, GRAVEYARD, HIGH ON FIRE (20 years anniversary show),
+ 2 more acts playing a special boat ride to be unveiled soon!

Soulline (CH) reveal coverart and tracklist new album “The Deep”.

Soulline (CH) reveal coverart and tracklist new album “The Deep”.

The Deep is our new album in production.
An album that was born from our ‘as-usual” desire to play. A desire that never lacks from that far away 2000, the year of the beginning of our journey called Soulline.

We wanted to create new music to express what we feel inside… and this time our thoughts were “deep”.
The Deep’s lyrics are a full immersion in the chaotic depths of the human soul.
The sound of The Deep” is 100% Soulline: a mix of power and melody, melancholic harmonies that take you into a dark dimension, in the deep down.
In this album, compared to the previous Welcome My Sun, Ghebro will also sing some clean parts. The mix was entrusted to the expert hands of Dan Swanö, Swedish producer who has become an indispensable pawn in the Soulline’s sound. The keyboards of the young artist Enea Adami and the drums played by Edo Sala (Folkstone) give The Deep the right final contribution.

The Fall
Cool Breeze
Into Life
Filthy Reality
Deepest Me
The Game
The Deep End
Still Mind
The Deep will be released in September via Profane Records, the exact date will be announced shortly.

The graphic has been entrusted to Seth Siro Anton: designer, artist and bass player/singer of the Greek group Septic Flesh.
Seth has curated the artworks of many bands on the international metal scene, standing out for its graphics always very “strong” and full of details.
Seth Siro Anton spoke on The Deep:
“This is one of the strongest work that I made, original powerful and with a lot of details. I wanted to make something new, fresh and original. So we have a killer Female Figure which represents totally the chaotic depth of Human existence.”




A Soundtrack and A Game

The Swedish pioneers of timeless slowness are back in top form, distilling the essence of epic doom metal!



It only takes a few short bars of the title track ‘House Of Doom‘ to feel that familiar sensation again: yes, Leif Edling aka the undisputed king of minor key songwriting has returned. With him, he brings frenzied riffing, melancholy made sound and warm Hammond organ tapestries that form the pillars of every CANDLEMASS classic!


CANDLEMASS  is back in top form with this killer doom epic. ‘The House Of Doom’ EP comes with 3 bonus tracks, is raw and in your face and today is available for PRE ORDER!

The Swedish pioneers of timeless slowness managed once again to distill the essence of epic doom metal – and at the same time they make waiting for the next long player (to be released in fall 2018) even harder…

Preorder ‘House Of Doom’ HERE!



  1. House of Doom
  2. Flowers of Deception
  3. Fortuneteller
  4. Dolls On A Wall


Leif Edling: Bass

Mats “Mappe” Björkman:   Guitars

Jan Lindh: Drums

Lars “Lasse” Johansson: Guitars

Mats Levén: Vocals

And there is even more!

In addition to the regular EP there will be 10” etched vinyl with an exclusive 9,5 minutes long version of the song ‘The House Of Doom’.

This 10” will be available to win from April 27th.

The vinyl cannot be bought, it can only be obtained by playing the game HOUSE OF DOOM.

To win the contest users need to sign up to a selected casino through the houseofdoom.com website.

Winners of the contest will be selected at random.  Supply is limited so this will be a very rare and collectible item. You can win other exclusive merchandise by playing the game, including signed t-shirts and more.

For More Info Visit:



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New single from Grimmer: Dödens Dans


Friday April 20th 2018, Despotz Records released the newest and last single from Grimner. This band recently also brought out it’s newest album through Despotz Records. This new single is called “Dödens Dans” and also will be released through Despotz Records.

Quote from the band:

‘Brothers and sisters!  Today we want to present a song to you from our latest album “Vanadrottning”. It is called “Dödens Dans” (Dance of Death), and it tells of an old challenge, in Sweden called “holmgång”. In ancient nordic times, it was a way to solve disputes, and this solution was simply single combat. The winner would have the right to whatever he may have wanted from the loser, but if this challenge was ever denied by somebody, they would be marked as a niding (outcast). It is a fast-paced and energetic song, filled with melodies of old.  Enjoy, friends. And if you already have, enjoy it again!’.

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