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Wedstrijd * ALCATRAZ 2017 tiende editie * WIN TICKETS


Wedstrijd * ALCATRAZ 2017 tiende editie *


Het is zover Alcatraz Hard Rock & Metal Festival 2017 zit aan zijn tiende editie op  11 t/m 13 augustus 2017 

preview Alcatraz Hardrock & Metal festival Sport Campus Lange Munte Kortrijk – 11 – 12 – 13 augustus 2017

Het 2de weekend van augustus belooft weer veel goeds in Kortrijk, want de line-up van Alcatraz Festival is volledig met zeer zwaar geschut. De laatste jaren werden meer en meer bands van niveau geboekt, en ook dit jaar is het weeral prijs! Hieronder alvast een overzicht van toppers die meer dan de moeite waard zijn om te aanschouwen…

Vrijdag 11 augustus 2017 spelen onze Belgische trots  Evil Invaders ze staan klaar om de gitaren op kruissnelheid te laten weerklinken, waarbij zeker hun nieuwe schijf zal voorg...

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Bloodrocuted – Belgian Thrash/Death band release new album “For The Dead Travel Fast” + Giveaway

Bloodrocuted _pe_pe
Belgian Thrash/Death band release new album “For The Dead Travel Fast” + Giveaway

Belgian band BLOODROCUTED launches their new album “For The Dead Travel Fast”  after ‘Doomed To Annihilation’ and ‘Disaster Strikes Back’ and EP ‘Profanity’.

The lineup of the band has changed since 2016 and this has created a total new image and sound to the band . The original members Daan and Jason have already released three albums with Bloodrocuted and and were even several times on European tour with bands like Suicidal Angels, Dr. Living Dead and Angelus Apatrida. The band left some impression with their previous work and so we were very curious about their new “For The Dead Travel Fast” CD.

So let’s discuss this Thrash/Death cd full Belgiums aggression….


The “For The Dead Travel Fast” CD has ...

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All Hail The Yeti – Screams From A Black Wilderness + Giveaway

All Hail The Yeti 2

Lyrical themes: Fantasy, Violence – Connor Garritty (Vocals) – Nicholas Diltz (Bass,Vocals) – Alan Stokes (Guitar, Vocals)-

Ryan “Junior” Kittlitz (Drums)

All Hail The Yeti – Screams From A Black Wilderness

Genre:Southern Metal/Metalcore

The L.A. band All Hail The Yeti release a new album “Screams From A Black”  Southern sludge a la Mastodon. And yes, agian they take the harsh vocal verse /clean vocal chorus dichotomy (popularized by Slipknot and done to death by every metalcore band of the last decade) and do it well enough that it sounds vital again, as their first album…  and if you like their first album

Then is record that makes you scream, howl, gnaw and growl; make sure you don’t sink your teeth too deep in that nearby buttocks.

Tracklist:All Hail The Yeti

1.Before The Flames 05:19


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waves of decay give away


Members of Last Star Down, Hope Erodes, Horny Moses and Inferior joined their forces for a new Belgian band called

*** Waves Of Decay ***  

This band from Westmalle, Antwerp (Belgium) plays a mixture of Death Metal – Heavy Metal with a very spicy and tasty sauce of Industrial and even Thrash.

The earth rumbled, splitting the sea in two. Massive waves foreshadow mankind’s fate, to be crushed by its own arrogance. The sounds of destruction arise from the depths of Heaven, shaping the soundtrack of humanity fading… this drumfire shall be known as Waves Of Decay” 

as they describe their sound, and it is a really great wave of sound…

The band release their debut album ‘Cycloptic’ and Rock-Pix Media may even give 5 CD’s away from the...

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DEADITE – CD review and giveaway…


Deadite – CD review and giveaway…

Eight years ago the Belgian Horror Punk band Deadite was formed in the town of Wamme. The guys released a very good first cd, named Die Flower, on their own label.
Last month the new cd named ”The Damned”, was released on the German ”Undead Artists” label.

Deadite are part of the so called Horror Punk scene. Once made popular in the late seventies and early eighties by the Misfits….who sang about horror and science fiction themes and dressed themselves up as scary as possible. Later bands like Blitzkid, The Deep Eynde, Calabrese, Nim Vind and many others followed this style of music and looks.

Especially in Germany this stream of music became very popular in the beginning of 2000...

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Beyond The Labyrinth – The Giveaway and the winner is….

btl pakket_pe

The Giveaway and the winner is….

Because Rock-Pix Media supported Belgian bands, so we able to give a

BTL-Giveaway goodies package

this is only for our RPM Media likers, and consists of the following items…

You will receive

* One official and signed “The Art Of Resilience”  CD *

* One beautiful postcard *

* A super cool band photo *

* an official Beyond The Labyrinth sticker * 

and a exclusive guitaar Pick


How can qualify you for this amazing goodie package to receive :

Answer the following questions :
What was the very first Beyond The Labyrinth single,
when was it released and who was the singer on it ?

and the answer to the question was:

First single: Shine

Released: 1997

Singer: Geert Fieuw ( He recorded this all by himself)

The Giveaway win...

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Beyond TheLabyrinth – Giveaway

btl pakket_Photo1_pe

Photo credit : Reinhold Podevijn

Beyond The Labyrinth + Giveaway

Beyond The Labyrinth made a successful funding campaign for their 4th album “The Art Of Resilience” , Beyond The Labyrinth have signed to Belgian label Spinal Records who are distributed through Bertus, allowing BTL fans to purchase the album through their regular CD outlet.

The long anticipated follow up album to 2011’s “Chapter III-Stories” features 12 songs and a plethora of guest participations from all over the world. The release of the album is scheduled for March 17th, 2017

Track listing :btl2

1 The Set Up (Innocence Presumed)
2 Carry On
3 Someone Watching Over You
4 Prince Of Darkness
5 Liberation Day
6 Shape Shifter
7 Can’t Get Over You
8 If You Believe
9 Salve Mater
10 Fall Of The Raven
11 Waiting For The ...

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***ALCATRAZ Hard Rock & Metal Festival editie 2016 *** Winnaars zijn bekend…

alcatraz wedstrijd 2016  

***ALCATRAZ Hard Rock & Metal Festival editie 2016 ***

Langs deze weg maken wij de 5 personen bekend die zich bij de gelukkige mogen rekenen, ze winnen namelijk één duo-ticket van het 2 daagse Alcatraz Hard Rock & Metal Festival dat op zaterdag 13 en zondag 14 augustus 2016 te Kortrijk zal doorgaan.

(Sport Campus Lange Munte Bad Godesberglaan 22 8500 Kortrijk)



Onze wedstrijd liep tot 31 juli om 13.00u. waarbij meer dan zomaar 350 personen hun kans waagde voor een duo-ticket van gezelligste metal festival van het jaar, Wij danken dan ook iedereen voor de fantastische respons op deze wedstrijd…


De winnaars worden vanaf 1 August 2016 door de organisatie van Alcatraz zelf gecontacteerd via een E-mail...

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Antwerp Metal Fest 2016 – Rock- Pix Media Gift


Metal Fest 2016 – Rock- Pix Media Gift

Na de mooie herinnering van het AMF op zaterdag, 9 juli 2016 en zondag, 10 juli 2016 , waar menigte personen bloed, zweet en tranen gelaten voor hun favoriete band(s) aan het werk te zien,  en terecht het was wederom een geslaagde editie waar de organisatie zeker trots mag op zijn.

Maar niet getreurd de organisatie is al vlijtig te werk aan de volgende editie 2017 en waar Rock-Pix Media wederom aanwezig zal zijn met wat promo materiaal.

Hier omtrent bekwamen enkele bezoekers één sticker die je zeker nog iets kan opleveren.


1)Wat moet je doen:  maak een leuke, originele groepsfoto inclusief onze RPM sticker en plaats hem op onze Facebook pagina de 3 foto’s (personen) met de meeste likes op hun foto ontvangt een...

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Wedstrijd * ALCATRAZ 2016 * WIN TICKETS

alcatraz wedstrijd 2016

Wedstrijd * ALCATRAZ 2016 * WIN TICKETS

ALCATRAZ Hard Rock & Metal Festival, dat op zaterdag 13 en zondag 14 augustus 2016 te Kortrijk zal doorgaan

 (Sport Campus Lange Munte Bad Godesberglaan 22 8500 Kortrijk)

Wederom als elk jaar slaagt de organisatie er in een geweldige affiche samen te stellen, en ook dit jaar slagen ze met namen rond je oren waar je alleen maar duizelig van wordt.

Dit jaar mogen we de volgende bands performen op de Alcatraz festival weide te Lange Munte.

Within Temptation –  Whitesnake –  Avantasia  

Airbourne – Triptykon  – Soulfly 

Kreator  – Ministry – Korpiklaani 

Lita Ford – Children of Bodom –  Avatar 

  Candlemass – Metal Church – Devildriver –  The Answer 

Flotsam and Jetsam  – Thundermother – Exodus

Gezien deze geweldige affiche ma...

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