Calgary’s DECIMATE METALFEST Announces First Round of Bands For 2018 Line-Up


Announces First Round of Bands For 2018 Line-Up


Gearing up for their first annual year of brutality, DECIMATE METALFEST announces Chaos Being, Accostal, Hazzerd, Widow’s Peak, From The Wolves and Hammerdrone as the first batch of local bands to be added to the 2018 line up for the three night festival descending on Calgary, AB from June 7th – 9th at Distortion Live Venue.

DMF organizer Sloan Voxx comments:

“There is so much incredible talent in our city and we are very fortunate to have the pleasure of working with so many of them. We feel that the locals we have included on the first annual DECIMATE METALFEST are a wonderful asset to our fest and will round this bill out perfectly!”

Weekend Passes available at the following link (single tickets to be sold at a later date)

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Details on performing bands:

These boys are full metal jacketed. With grinding riffs, twice as hard as a coffin nail, and an “all in it together” stage presence, you’re bound to bang your head along with their powerful metal grooves! Calgary-based, they’ve lit the scene up for years, and still got gas in the tank.

ChaosBeing was unleashed onstage May 2016 and came crashing forward with technical riffs, aggressive drums, melodic harmonies and wicked hooks. Immediately, they established themselves as a force to reckon with in the community of original metal bands from Calgary, Canada.

ChaosBeing’s sound is best described as new age technical metal mixed with classic thrash. It is a well-orchestrated blend of melody and monstrosity. ChaosBeing are down to earth guys who are looking to branch out and be heard. They love to play and support the other amazing musicians in the local community!

The next part of ChaosBeing’s journey will consist of producing some videos, writing new material and releasing a full length CD.



Accostal is a blend of old school thrash riffs, pounding fast bass, drums and exciting vocal styles coupled with harmonies that are sure to get your fists in the air.

In early 2016, Accostal found their final line up, playing their first show rather quickly. Accostal came out in the summer of 2016 playing along with Brazilan superstars Hibria and opening Calgary Metal Fest, which brought Canada’s big 4 thrash bands to Calgary.

Accostal’s sound has evolved to a mix of melodic hooks and fast harmonies, high vocal range, with a mix of screams and growls. Each member brings his own preferred style of metal ranging from old school traditional and thrash to metalcore, and what you get in the end is something we are proud of and are constantly overwhelmed by the support of the metal community!

Accostal is truly excited to be added to the Decimate Metal Festival line up!



Hazzerd was formed by Drummer/Vocalist Dylan W. and Guitarist Brendan M. in August of 2012 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The two musicians jammed together a few times before realizing they had something good going. They agreed to join up and form an 80’s styled thrash metal band closely following the roots of thrash legends such as Megadeth, Anthrax, Overkill, and Metallica.

In June 2014, Hazzerd entered the studio to record what was to become their first EP (With Brendan recording the Bass) “Victimize The Innocent” a concept of the innocent people in today’s society being the victim no matter what the cause, Religious warfare, a deal made with the wrong character, all-out nuclear war, and the fantasies of a sick serial killer.

In March 2015, Hazzerd recruited their youngest member Toryin Schadlich at 18 years old he fit the lead position just right.

After months of searching and failing, they finally found a longtime friend and bassist Aaron Mckay who joined in August 2015.

In October 2016, Hazzerd entered the studio to begin work on their 2017 debut album “Misleading Evil.

In January 2017, Hazzerd parted ways with Aaron M. and was replaced by David S.

The debut album “Misleading Evil” released worldwide via World War Now Records on September 22, 2017 gaining the title of “One of the best thrash albums since the late 1980’s”




April of 2016, Widow’s Peak came spewing forth a unique and ferocious assault of death metal delivered through dynamic and unrelenting drumming, dissonant and technical riffs, crushing layers of vocals and blistering solos. Delivered with an undeniably contagious level of intensity, Widow’s Peak demands absolute mayhem in response. This unstoppable assemblage revels in depravity and the obscene. Not for the faint of heart.

In the span of a year, WP has toured Alberta extensively ensuring no stone was left unturned in the local metal communities. Opening for bands such as Archspire & Reaping Asmodeia on their Relentless Mutation tour along with numerous local and smaller touring acts. Not to mention a crushing EP soon to be released in early 2018.

“We are ruthlessly driven and passionate about our music and are driven by an insatiable hunger to succeed. Our unique approach to music and business in general is forged through a persistent work ethic, no small measure of risk taking and a genuine “be yourself” attitude dedicated to becoming an unstoppable war machine. We pride ourselves on delivering an intense and fresh take on death metal that has been turning heads in our direction since day one.” – Widow’s Peak






Calgary reformed From The Wolves brings you hard hitting deathcore with heavy hardcore influences.

While releasing their newest track ‘Necrotic Bloom’, From The Wolves have demonstrated the raw power that they are capable of creating.

Despite only having one track recorded at the moment, their live shows pack a horrific punch that will leave you bruised and wanting more.

Some say From The Wolves is slam, but call it whatever you like; if you do not want to get hit, run the hell away!


Instagram: @fromthewolves



Hammerdrone is a melodic death metal band from Calgary, AB, Canada.

Their music mixes up intense aggression, dark atmosphere and elegant melodies to deliver songs that are both epic and catchy.

Hammerdrone have been compared to the likes of Amon Amarth, early Soilwork, Behemoth and Rotting Christ.

No clean singing, no symphonics.





(Credit: Band bios written by Sloan Voxx)

Decimate MetalFest is the brainchild of Sloan Voxx of Voxx Promotions, which is destined to become an annual Canadian metal pilgrimage to Calgary, Alberta, Canada. With the many yearly festivals becoming part of the national metal heritage, Sloan wants Decimate MetalFest to become one of the best-known events alongside the various festivals located within Alberta, and Western Canada. With Voxx Promos booking and promotional experience, and the support of metalheads internationally, there is nothing to stop them from reaching their goal of bringing in the masses and putting on incredible metal festivals for years to come!” (writing credit – Ingrid Newton)

Voxx Promos was the head promoter for Canada’s Extreme Metal Radio’s CEMR Metalfest in 2017  which showcased a killer line up of Western Canada’s up and coming metal bands such as Terrifier, Planet Eater, Display of Decay, W.M.D, Vile Insignia, Path to Extinction, Tessitura, Anarcheon, Kelevra, Train Bigger Monkeys, Ye Goat-Herd Gods, Detherous, Juliet Ruin, Augurium, Anti-Pattern, Forsaken Rite, Graveyard Nemesis and Benevolent Like Quietus.


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