Australian thrashers MASON and their new album “Impervious” dropping officially this Friday, October 6th, 2017.

L-R: Nonda T. (Drums), Jimmy Benson (Vocals/Guitar), Steve Montalto (Bass), Grant Burns (Lead Guitar)

Australian thrashers MASON and their new album “Impervious” dropping

officially this Friday, October 6th, 2017.

If you’re a fan of bands like Kreator, Death, Testament, Sodom then you’ll want to check this one out.

Crushing audiences across the globe with their driving force and energetic stage presence, Melbourne thrashers MASON deliver commanding performances that has taken them on tours across Australia and beyond in Asia, Europe plus Canada where they have shared the stage with the likes of Harlott, Havok, Accept, Revocation, Mutank and Annihilator.

Drawing influence from The Big Four and The Bay Area, MASON encapsulates the 80′s thrash sound mixed with fast tempos and a dominating rhythm section.  Their second full length “Impervious” mixed and mastered by Erin Hamidovic (Devin Townsend Project, Sikth, Animals As Leaders, Periphery, Elm Street) will be crashing the gates and kicking the mosh pit into overdrive with its official release set for October 6th. The album follows their three past releases “Unmerciful” (EP) (2016), “Warhead” (2013), and self-titled EP (2011) that have captivated and reinforced their stronghold on a global level.

Leading up to the release of “Impervious”, MASON have teamed up with for the premiere of their next single “Burn”, one of nine glorious thrashing tracks that will be blazing an even bigger trail for this Aussie powerhouse.

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Based in Melbourne, Australia, the thrash metal group known as Mason deliver commanding performances in both
the domestic and international metal scene.
Drawing influences from The Big Four and The Bay Area sound, Mason encapsulates 80’s thrash comprised with fast tempos, technical aggression and a dominating rhythm section.

The band continues to crush audiences across the globe with their driving force and energetic stage presence,
​ stimulating a growing, loyal fan base.

Since releasing their first full-length album in 2013 (featuring Arch Enemy, Nevermore guitarist Jeff Loomis), called ‘WARHEAD’
the band proceeded with National tours around Australia that included support slots for international acts
HAVOK, and ACCEPT, then contuing to tour supporting REVOCATION during the first part of their 2015 Asian tour, galvanizing a more broad audience allowing Mason to dominate and grow uncontensted.

Due to the overwhelming demand of fans asking for more of Mason’s unique blend of Thrash Metal, the band offered a new, powerful E.P titled “Unmerciful” in 2016.
Unmerciful hinted Mason’s ability to evolve and create an original and organic follow up satisfying the growing hunger of a global audience allowing Unmerciful to showcase fast, aggressive and exciting music reinforcing Mason’s stronghold.

Mason continued to tour and grow their fan base by spending 2016/2017 touring Europe and North America in support of the Thrash Metal legends Annihilator thrilling crowds and taking home an even more broad and diverse fan base allowing Mason to walk forward in confidence with the release of their new album IMPERVIOUS set for release in 2017.



Track Listing of “Impervious”
1. Eligos (0:29)
2. Burn (3:30)
3. Tears of Tragedy (4:05)
4. The Afterlife (5:13)
5. Impervious (4:48)
6. Cross This Path (3:26)
7. Sacrificed (4:11)
8. Hellbent on Chaos (3:54)
9. Created To Kill (6:29)
Album Length: 36:08

What people area saying:
“Support comes from Australia’s thrash sensations Mason says Annihilator main man Jeff Waters: “With all the great bands that sent in demos, cds and links, the one that stoof out was these guys. My guitarist Aaron and I sat and listened to some of their songs and realized that this band will kick our asses if we don’t start practicing a bit more! Killer thrash band and genuine.” – Jeff Waters Annihilator

“this really is thrash in its truest essence. If you were around when thrash first broke all those years ago, you have to listen to this record. You’ll be flabbergasted how tracks like Tears of Tragedy and The Afterlife make you feel just like you did in 1984-86, so effectively has the band captured the very essence of what thrash metal should look, smell and, most importantly, sound like. – Sentinel Daily

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