Album review System Overthrow

System Overthrow


In the vast pool of metal bands, each day we are surprised by new bands.
Today we come across System Overthrow. This 4 piece band is a mix of Belgian and Ducth members and was founded back in 2011.

When like-minded people with the same taste of music find each other, great things can happen. And so, System Overthrow was born. The 4 founding members; Willy van der Kaa on vocals, Luc de Warem on Guitar, Els Emonds on bass and Roel v Helden on drums, all have their own musical backgrounds, different ages and nationalities but they have one common goal that unites them as one: Making real music, based on the past values but with a new kickass fresh angle. Producing a whirlwind of pounding basslines, chopping rhythms, flashing solo’s, big riffs and high-pitched vocals that take you back in time.
The band released their first self-produced work in 2013. It was the Promo CD ‘System Overthrow’ that featured 3 tracks. The Promo CD already received praising words in different countries but it was time to take this Promo CD to the next level.
On august 15th 2015, the band will release their first full-length debut album ‘System Overthrow’. It will be another self-produced CD and Rock-Pix Media had the chance to have a listen.
Unlike many other bands, don’t expect a slow starting intro on this CD. From the moment you hit that play button a roaring metal train takes you for a wild ride, starting of with the title song ‘system overtrow’. There’s barely any time to catch your breath, its an ongoing roller-coaster of riffs, pounding basslines and exceptional high quality vocals. The 4th track, titled Rise From The Ashes just might be the only track on this album that takes a slower path but it fits in there even if it is a whole lot of beats slower. But from there on, the metal train blasts of again taking no stops in between. Being a fairly new band, all of the tracks have this touch of retro-feeling to it, which makes the whole thing sound even better. Technically, each track is written into perfection and listing to the album doesn’t bore you at any point. At the end of this 8-track CD, we find ‘Fallen Angel’. With its 4.40minutes, its the longest track on the album. This song is the perfect ending of the album and in a way recaps everything i’ve written before. Great riffs, pounding bass, flawless rythmssection,…. The song feels like a classic-in-the-making metal song. Oh, in case i forgot to mention it before, the vocals are high quality! If this band sounds anything like this live on stage, we’ve got a band to watch in the near future.

System Overthrow Bandpic
Tracklist: 1. System Overthrow| 2. Cry or Die| 3. Raining Death| 4. Rise from the Ashes| 5. Horror| 6. Pit Fighter| 7. Lycanthropy| 8. Fallen Angel

Overall score: 85/100